NameRace Illegal: High Speed 3D
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ReleaseEJ Games LLC
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Race Illegal: High Speed 3D

Rev Up Your Engines with Race Illegal: High Speed 3D

Drive a crazy car and pump it with nitro! Now you need to start real racing races around the city. Use your smartphone as a racing platform. Now you need to take strength into a fist. First, start pumping a new car in the store. Use nitro, buy other accessories. The most important is nitrous oxide. The fastest cars drive at infinite speed. Use convenient controls to drive on different tracks. Visit the streets of the city at night or the sand dunes. Go to the islands of Bali and arrange street racing there. Opponents will be real live players, not virtual robots. It will not be possible to overtake everyone just like that. They know how to think and will not let you take a single step. It’s time to download Race Illegal: High Speed ​​3D for Android!

Use clever tricks to overtake your opponents. Long races and fun gameplay will make you put a ringing smile on your face. It’s really fun and you want to scream when you knock another enemy out of the way. The most dexterous will be tested for strength. Here you need to go around the same obstacles on the road, and they are spread out very epic. Cool physics of destruction will enchant any born motorist. Buy your dream car and go on a trip around the world. Nobody forbids to live beautifully. Hurry up to download Race Illegal: High Speed ​​3D for Android!

Experience Thrilling High-Speed Racing Adventures

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience with Race Illegal: High Speed 3D on your Android device. This high-octane racing game will push your driving skills to the limit as you compete against real players in intense street races. Customize your car with nitro boosts and other accessories to gain an edge over your opponents. With realistic physics and stunning graphics, Race Illegal: High Speed 3D offers a truly immersive racing experience.

Choose from a variety of tracks and locations, from city streets to desert sands to tropical islands. Each race will test your reflexes and strategy as you navigate sharp turns and obstacles at breakneck speeds. Use your wits and cunning to outmaneuver your rivals and claim victory in every race. With its addictive gameplay and competitive online mode, Race Illegal: High Speed 3D will keep you coming back for more.

Dominate the Racing Scene with Skill and Strategy

In Race Illegal: High Speed 3D, success is not just about speed – it’s also about skill and strategy. To truly dominate the racing scene, you’ll need to master the art of drifting, drafting, and nitro boosting. Plan your moves carefully, anticipate your opponents’ actions, and seize every opportunity to gain the upper hand.

Upgrade your car with the latest performance enhancements and customizations to make it a force to be reckoned with on the track. Fine-tune your driving skills through practice and experimentation, and learn the ins and outs of each racecourse to gain a competitive edge. With perseverance and determination, you can rise through the ranks and become the ultimate racing champion.

Embark on a High-Speed Journey of Excitement and Challenge

Race Illegal: High Speed 3D offers a high-speed journey filled with excitement and challenge. From the moment you hit the accelerator to the final stretch of the race, every moment is filled with heart-pounding action and adrenaline-fueled thrills.

Compete against the best racers in the world in a variety of racing modes, including time trials, circuit races, and drift challenges. Test your skills in different weather conditions and environments, from rain-soaked streets to scorching desert sands. With realistic physics and dynamic AI opponents, every race is a test of your skill and determination.


Get ready to experience the thrill of high-speed racing with Race Illegal: High Speed 3D. Download the game on your Android device and prepare to embark on a journey of excitement, challenge, and adrenaline-pumping action. Race against real players, customize your car, and dominate the racing scene with skill and strategy. Are you ready to rev up your engines and take on the ultimate racing challenge? Download Race Illegal: High Speed 3D now and start your high-speed journey today.

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