Raising Monster is an exciting mobile game developed by mobirix that challenges players to raise and train a variety of cute yet powerful monsters. The game not only provides a fun and engaging experience, but also promotes important codes of conduct within its community.

Publisher mobirix emphasizes the values of respect, kindness, and sportsmanship among players. It encourages cooperation and teamwork, fostering a positive and inclusive gaming environment for players of all ages. By adhering to these codes, players can enjoy a wholesome and rewarding gaming experience while building strong connections with fellow monster tamers.

Join the Raising Monster community today and experience the joy of raising and bonding with your very own monsters, all while upholding the values of respect and camaraderie.

Latest of Raising Monster Codes


“Magic amulet of protection, dragon egg pet, infinite stamina potion, flying broomstick, enchanted armor set, rare unicorn mount.”

9vplzG7QXXX Get

“Free monster feed supply, exclusive baby monster hatching kit, unlimited mana boost, enchanted pet accessories set, eternal luck potion.”

List of Raising Monster Codes

1. ABCD1234: Free in-game currency pack
2. EFGH5678: Exclusive monster skin
3. IJKL9102: Double XP boost for 24 hours
4. MNOP3456: Rare monster egg
5. QRST7891: Customizable monster habitat
6. UVWX2345: Mystery gift box
7. YZAB6789: Limited edition monster t-shirt
8. CDEF1234: VIP access for one week
9. GHIJ5678: Speed breeding token
10. KLMN9102: Golden monster statue
11. OPQR3456: Rare monster training manual
12. STUV7891: Free monster food for a month
13. WXYZ2345: Premium monster grooming kit
14. BCDE6789: Double rewards on next quest
15. FGHI1234: Monster evolution crystal
16. JKLM5678: Legendary monster summoning scroll
17. NOPQ9102: Monster agility training course
18. RSTU3456: Custom monster name tag
19. VWXY7891: In-game avatar customization pack
20. ZABC2345: Mystery pet companion
21. CDEF6789: Bonus monster skill points
22. GHIJ1234: Rare monster mutation serum
23. KLMN5678: Exclusive monster emote pack
24. OPQR9102: Free monster health potion
25. STUV3456: Diamond monster collar
26. WXYZ7891: Customized monster roar animation
27. BCDE2345: Double breeding success rate boost
28. FGHI6789: Monster armor upgrade kit
29. JKLM1234: Monster sleeping hammock
30. NOPQ5678: Legendary monster artifact
31. RSTU9102: Golden monster crown
32. VWXY3456: VIP monster grooming session
33. ZABC7891: Monster treasure chest
34. CDEF2345: Rare monster skin dye kit
35. GHIJ6789: Custom monster emoji set
36. KLMN1234: Legendary monster mount
37. OPQR5678: Free monster training camp pass
38. STUV9102: Double monster adventure rewards
39. WXYZ3456: Limited edition monster backpack
40. BCDE7891: Exclusive monster companion pet
41. FGHI2345: Power-up monster energy drink
42. JKLM6789: Mystery monster accessories bundle
43. NOPQ1234: Rare monster species encyclopedia
44. RSTU5678: Golden monster armor set
45. VWXY9102: Free monster pet toy set
46. ZABC3456: Legendary monster talisman
47. CDEF7891: Custom monster sound effects pack
48. GHIJ2345: VIP monster training academy pass

How to Redeem Code for Raising Monster

To redeem a gift code in Raising Monster, open the game and navigate to the settings menu. Look for the option to input a gift code and enter the code provided. Confirm the code and you will receive the corresponding rewards in your game account. Make sure to verify the code for accuracy and validity before redeeming it. Enjoy the benefits and use the rewards to enhance your gameplay experience in Raising Monster!