NameRival Stars Horse Racing

If you love horses, then you will love this story. Rival Stars Horse Racing, this game project gave you stability and several horses. You must bring a real champion out of them, put things in order here, and achieve an incredible victory. Do you know the taste of real racing, big money, and crazy competitions? You have to go through a challenging path from a simple paddock to the winners of international competitions.

Visit cool hippodromes, take full advantage of your horses, and show all they can. You will have trainers, breeders, managers, and other specialists who can raise your business. You will be responsible for everything that happens here, showing all your abilities to become the best.

Your adventure is just beginning, which means it’s time to come to the racetrack to try to restore your grandfather’s stable. Feel the incredible intensity of the competition, solve all the most critical tasks, and get bonuses. You must make the right choice, perform in your first tournament, and be the first. Horse racing will be incredible for you, so it’s time to start your story and develop with each race.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD

I love this game iv been playing and competing and I'm totally in love with this game and there are multiple breeds including more that are coming and I love the steeplechase this game is amazing keep up the amazing work. This games is so fun i think 3 things i hateee one.Pleaseeee add snowjumping 2.I hate when it kick me out 3.Ima be honest, get better tack. They've made some fantastic upgrades and seem to have done a great job listening to their players. The genetics (especially for color) are completely made up, but they tried. Ive played this game off and on since it first came out. Also the fb group for this game can be handy. this game is very plastic but the problem was kripya karke yah aap udhar share Karen kyunki yah problem is game ki bahut hi jyada hai game ISI vajah se like karti hai ki main ads bahut jyada aati hai isliye main kahin sari dikhte Hain isliye main isko rating two star hi de. I'm obsessed with this game!!! Especially the PC version. Great detail with breeding options and race/jumping options. I love that the jockeys don't beat on the horses while racing/ promote ethical breeding and proper conditioning if the horses are able to reach goals in a timely manner. I'm hopeful with new updates that maybe you can expand the horses' family tree to see their offspring when looking at their tree. The only glitch I have had is that the PC version, their profile pictures blank..

Rival Stars Horse Racing APK

I enjoy this game a lot. But the constant crashing is really frustrating. Happens at the worst time. Sometimes makes me just quit altogether for a while. But good game when I can play it. The Game Is Amazing Graphics Animations Foals Every Little Detail Is Just Perfect I Love That You Recorded Actual Movement From Real Horses To Make It Even More Fun And Realistic I Just Wanted To Know One Thing If You Could Add Arabian Horses And Quarter Horses I Know We Have The Selle Francis And The Thoroughbred But Those Breeds Are Good Too At Racing And Endurance :). Okay, I have a colt I wanted but no way to feed it. So now I can't have my colt? Come on be real! If I could give you 0 stars I would. No one answers anything! WHY?. need more ways to earn gold. also need upgrades easier to complete. like the game but takes too long to build up and meet goals. would be nice to have a way to train pleasure riding to earn gold in game. it would be great if it would stop crashing so much and still taking energy etc. I play mostly for breeding at this point because anything else and it crashes constantly. it could be way more fun without the crashing and difficulty in leveling. need more energy per level to get anywhere signific.

Rival Stars Horse Racing APK

I love how you can ride and race, and there's actually not alot of adds, unless you watch one on purpose because you want to earn something. In my opinion, I think it's a GREAT game. It's just that there's not alot to do. But what you can do is still very fun, and if horses and racing is your thing, I think you should at least try it out. I like the game.. Enjoy the game a lot. Breeding is toughest part but I seem to get the hang of it. Game seems to know what items you don't own and sometimes difficult to buy them unless you spend $. Always accept any sponsorship items except the silver unless you are in need. Customer service has been quick. Overall great experience.. I wouldn't really, graphics amazing and everything but still to hard to train and that and upgrade. So much work for such little progress thorughout the game, you get to level 11 and ur stuck and i mean STUCK. Pay to win kinda game after awhile, dont pay ur progress if u dont have time like i, will go a very small amount. Same level to this day and been an year!! AN YEAR!. I really really like this game, my only problem with it is, I think you should be able to free ride however long you want without paying for it in Star Club. Other than this it's an amazing game.

Rival Stars Horse Racing APK

It's a good game, great graphics n all. It's just so incredibly unbalanced, and predatory. The missions underpay in gold, like the train a horse to level 21. I got lucky enough that I had the rank 6 stallion that was trained to lvl 16. Still, countless hours and expensive training all for what? 15 gold? Not to mention things can take literal DAYS to upgrade one thing, and you need a MASSIVE amount of gold to skip. Even the little things are overpriced in gold. So much more is wrong, too.. Great game , but I don't know how to contact the developers on the game itself? I've just completed the steeplechase event and the reward was supposed to be 5,000 roses but I have not received it. Please help?. I love the game. I just wish we could custom more horses on mobile phones. And we can also make our stable unlimited stalls or be able to customize our stable Especially for the holidays or we could choose to win gold or silver after races but overall I love the game the 2nd best 10 out of 10 game I've played. It is the best horse game to learn about horse riding, and it helps to learn how to breed and what colour are in the horse world.

Great game,fun,very detailed, and just really good, but twords the middle of the game you start running out of money and it makes you pay for more.. I would say 5 but I am a little agitated that it kicks me out at the most random times, for example when I'm racing, or in a middle of a task, it's not all the time or else I would delete it. Y'all r saying is a good game, so I'll see but the one problem it's because my phone is weak idk if I'll can play ):. Pretty good game can be hard somtimes but still really fun, a few diffrent kinds of races which is nice, you can also breed your horses and other horses which i think is fun, over all i really like the game..

This game was really awesome but now it just crashes every time I try to load it. I want to play but I cant. Please help!. I love this game so much! It's so addictive and I love the graphics. You can never get bored and there is always a quest to do. I love the horse model and the gaits as it is really realistic. Overall a great game with lots of things to do.. Hi i love this game and i had if for a very long time but every time their is a update i have to uninstal somthing im not suure if the storage is under your controll but its anoying and i only have 1 other app left and it wants me to uninstall that app and i just ended up uninstalling this but i really want to play it again if you can help with the storage plz do if storage is not under a developors conroll its ok.. I honestly love this game the only thing is I had this game a few months from now and it was working perfectly now I am trying to download it again and it never works I have deleted everything and it still doesn't work.but overall I love this game.

I've had this game on the Steam version for a while- great version on Mobile too. One reason while i switched to PC is because there's.. 2 currencies? Also it's a lot easier to do stuff on the PC version, for example, when you shuffle the market or studs, you don't need 5 gold or watch an ad, you can just use 1000 of the one currency, which is gold and it's really easy to get. The other reason is ADS. SO. MANY. ADS. other than that, it's a good game on mobile, i would reccomend PC though :D. I play mobile and have one question can u add the custom horses and betting to mobile this would make the game a lot better Thank you. Okay this game is the best horse game ever for mobile I think this should get a five star review I'm obsessed I've been playing this game all day please make more pls but it can be expensive but not really it's optional to pay! I love it!! Edit I still love the game very much and all the updates and quest/goals I love breeding and racing 10/10 love it. I play this game all the time, and I really do wish there was more to spend the money on. Like new hair styles for the horses and boots for them to. And what if the horse walks out on the track before the race..

I like this game but I hate that you dont have gold, but instead you have silver, Idk if you can only have gold when you play on PC but I dont like it. I hate that some things are only for PC, it's kinda lame. Hi,I love this game,but it has issues with horse anatomy in some spaces that's a little easy to notice in the new breed more then the OG horse breed,and you can't really interact with the horse our give it treats or bond with it,and it makes me feel upset cause that's apart of having a horse game, interaction with the horse,feeding grooming it and also playing with the horse. I hope you come up with a update that allows us to do it,thank you. I think ot would be nice if we could breed our mares to our freinds studs, challange our freinds to races, and make a freind list. I would also be delighted to see a height diffrence in the horses. I know the hight is a small detail but it would make the game even more realistic and i like the idea of diffrent height just like real throughbreds.. Its the best horse game you will find I love this game and everything about it you can breed train and race your horses to earn money to buy saddles and saddle pads its my favorite .

Can you make boots for the horses feet and can we costumeize the color of the characters boots other then that I love this game soooooooooooo much. !!!!!!!:))). Overall it is a stupid game, could be great if it had major changes. Leveling up is very difficult after a while, earning gold is difficult (it doesn't give you much either) and color genetics are NOT true to life - if you breed a black stud to a black mare you can get any color of foal which isn't possible with real horses, so you can't breed the colors you want very well. I also don't like that the main dude is Chinese. I mean how many Chinese horse ranch owners do y'all know of? (- _ -). Sooo I think this is a super fun game .. I love it sooo much. I love that there are no ads and I love the graphics. I just wish the horse makes was better, it's not very large and doesn't give many options. Other than that , super fun and injoyable for all ages. I love this game and I've played since 2021 and i was wondering if yall could add hair styles for the horses like button braids or roached mane?but 1000000000/5<3.

I would like to make the horse I would start with like stat's and colour and markings and be able to bet. I play your game roughly 16 hours per day,the game is addictive with lots of levelling up choices.Horses appearance are realistic and true,I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes horses.. Love the game but could you add that people can come to your ranch and stables to see your horses please. very good!I have my own horse irl and i do hunter jumping!this is extremly fun but u should add hunter jumping and can you pls add a thing where you can make your own horse thats not on pc?Like you can pay coins or real money to do it?.

The gameplay overall is lovely. The graphics are great. I really like that it's not one of those 'cute' horse games where you brush their hair and whatnot. I gave it 2 stars because pikpok is the worst ever. You basically HAVE to belong to their Facebook page to know what's going on in the game. Said Facebook page is run by a regime of folks on a high horse that ban people just because they don't like them. But every message in the game just links back to Facebook.. It's a great game with barely any ads, I would say if your a horse lover, you should definitely get this games. There's no bugs, though it is al8ttle slow(probably my phone lol). Too many upgrades in beeding, training weeks to upgrade horses only having to sell them as part of a task. Further on the cost for everything just spirals and prize money for winning races are poor. This could be the best game of its kind but there are still a lot of issues to iron out. Best to contact Everyone with a questionnaire to find more faults. Also, racing your rival is getting ridiculous, trained my best 5 star to maximum and added 3 second winds and the best l did was to finish 8th.. Amazing game really detailed and this game got me in to horse racing so now I'm horse racing for kids.

It's a great game! I just wish that there was a way to level up your horse to a different grade so that you don't have to sell a horse, I always build bonds with them ..

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