Embark on a whimsical adventure in the Room Escape Game-Pinocchio, brought to you by NAKAYUBI CORPORATION. Immerse yourself in a world of codes, puzzles, and mystery as you try to unravel the secrets of Pinocchio’s enchanted world. Use your wits and cunning to crack the codes and escape before time runs out. Are you ready to unlock the magic?

Latest of Room Escape Game-Pinocchio Gift Codes


Gift gold coins to unlock new escape rooms, magical keys to solve puzzles faster, and a genie lamp for hint hints.

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Unlock secret passage, obtain magical key, escape with treasures. Win free hint, skip puzzle, find hidden treasure. Embark now!

How to Redeem Code for Room Escape Game-Pinocchio

To redeem the gift code for Room Escape Game - Pinocchio, open the game and locate the "Redeem Code" option in the settings menu. Enter the code accurately to unlock special features or items.

List of Room Escape Game-Pinocchio Codes

1. Code: ESCAPEPIN01 - Unlock the secrets of Pinocchio's room and break free from the enchanted forest.
2. Code: ADVENTUREPIN02 - Embark on a thrilling adventure with Pinocchio as you solve puzzles and escape in time.
3. Code: PINOCCHIOQUEST03 - Dive into the magical world of Pinocchio and outsmart the puppet master to escape.
4. Code: ENCHANTEDPIN04 - Experience the enchantment of Pinocchio's room and unravel its mysteries to win the game.
5. Code: PINOCCHIOESCAPE05 - Navigate through Pinocchio's challenges and find your way out before time runs out.
6. Code: PUZZLEPIN06 - Solve intricate puzzles in Pinocchio's room to reveal the path to freedom.
7. Code: MAGICALPIN07 - Unleash the magic of Pinocchio's world and unlock the door to your escape.
8. Code: FREEDOMPIN08 - Earn your freedom by conquering the challenges in Pinocchio's room and escaping to victory.


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