Runestrike CCG is a fantasy-themed card game where players summon creatures, cast spells, and use equipment cards to defeat their opponents. Each player starts with a deck of cards representing different factions and abilities. The goal of the game is to reduce the opponent’s health points to zero. With numerous strategies and tactics, Runestrike offers a deep and engaging gameplay experience for all fans of collectible card games.

Latest of Runestrike CCG Codes


The “Divine Loot Chest of Wonders” surprises Runestrike CCG players with a majestic Dragon mount, a powerful Artifact card, a legendary Battle deck, a rare Cosmetic skin, and a secret bonus: a personalized voice pack to enchant battles and boost your luck!


“Enchanted Coupon of Runestrike: Win a magical pet, a legendary weapon, or summon a powerful ally! Unleash your coupon at the Forge of Wonders and let fate decide your fantastical reward!”

How to Redeem Code for Runestrike CCG

To redeem a gift code in Runestrike CCG, follow these steps:
1. Launch the game and go to the main menu.
2. Look for the "Redeem Code" button and click on it.
3. Enter the gift code in the provided text box.
4. Click on the "Redeem" button to submit the code.
5. Wait for the system to verify the code and once successful, you'll receive the corresponding rewards in your account.
6. Enjoy your new gifts and continue playing Runestrike CCG!

List of Runestrike CCG Codes

1. Code: RS01GIFT - Get a free rare card pack in Runestrike CCG, filled with powerful cards to enhance your gameplay.

2. Code: STRIKE22 - Unlock a special cosmetic skin for your favorite Runestrike CCG hero, making them stand out on the battlefield.

3. Code: MAGIC75 - Receive a generous amount of in-game currency to spend on new packs, decks, and upgrades in Runestrike CCG.

4. Code: LEGENDARY10 - Unleash the power of legendary cards with this gift code, granting you a randomly selected legendary card for your collection.

5. Code: RUNE25 - Boost your deck-building options with this code, granting you 25 bonus rune points to unlock new abilities for your heroes.

6. Code: WARLORDS50 - Summon mighty warlords to your aid with this gift code, granting you 50 warlord shards to unlock and upgrade new hero units.

7. Code: STRATEGIST12 - Sharpen your tactical skills with this code, granting you 12 strategy tokens to strategize and outsmart your opponents.

8. Code: MYTHIC5 - Harness ancient powers with this gift code, granting you a random mythic card to add to your Runestrike CCG deck.