NameSlime Hunter: Wild Impact
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseCom2uS Holdings
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Slime Hunter: Wild Impact

An Exciting Quiz for Smart Players

In Slime Hunter: Wild Impact, players are in for an exciting adventure filled with surprises and challenges. The game developers have crafted a unique experience to celebrate the global launch of the game, creating an opportunity for players to enhance their combat power in a short period of time.

Competitions and Character Development

By entering competitions within the game, players can work towards creating the strongest character possible. The challenge lies in reaching the maximum level in a short amount of time, testing your skills and strategic thinking. With multiple pathways for character development, players can enjoy the game while also increasing the pace of gameplay.

Immerse yourself in an intriguing game world where creativity knows no bounds. Build new equipment, explore pixel art in a fresh style, and experience the thrill of side-scrolling adventures. The game boasts breathtaking graphics, vibrant skills tailored for every player, and a plethora of exciting solutions to uncover.

Download ( V9.3.0 )

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