NameSmithing Master
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ReleaseDHGames Limited

Smithing Master is a popular mobile game that revolves around the art of blacksmithing and crafting various weapons and armor. In the game, players take on the role of an aspiring blacksmith who must master the skills required to create the strongest and most powerful equipment in the realm.

Players start by learning the basics of forging simple weapons such as knives and swords. As they progress, they unlock more advanced techniques and gain access to new materials, allowing them to create more intricate and formidable weapons. The game also offers a wide range of customization options, allowing players to personalize their creations with unique patterns and designs.

Additionally, Smithing Master includes a challenging combat system where players can test their creations against powerful adversaries. The game takes players on epic quests filled with dangerous monsters and formidable bosses, rewarding them with rare materials and resources for successful battles.

With its immersive gameplay and stunning graphics, Smithing Master offers players a unique and engaging experience where they can harness their creativity and strategic skills to become the ultimate blacksmith in a fantasy world.

Smithing Master MOD

Once you run out of mithril you literally cannot play. You just close the game and wait for the next day. Mithril should recover similar to trove kerosene but make it like an idle function. An idew: as you progress in the campaign make it give rewards per hour Don't the devs want us to keep playing instead of logging out because we can't do anything? Updated to 4 stars because there are a lot of ways to get kerosene. Still having issue with mithril. I really enjoy the game.. I absolutely love the "Smithing Master" mobile game; it's incredibly cool! The combination of crafting your own gear and embarking on epic monster-hunting adventures is a gaming experience like no other. Designing and customizing my weapons and armor is not only satisfying but adds a personal touch to every battle. The thrill of facing powerful monsters and discovering their strengths and weaknesses keeps me engaged for hours.. It's a good game. I just don't understand the constant load times and delays when clicking anything. Not sure if it's my internet or the servers. Played hundreds of games and this is the only game that does this. There's a 2 to 3 second delay when clicking something. It's honestly annoying.. The game is alright. But oh my god, I LOVE the art in this. 2 of the stars are just for the art alone.. Such high paywayll early so most players quit and leave servers dead. Updates every other day, still not fixed unresponsive ui. Only way to enhance pets is to spend 70bucks in various events, and by the succession rate of other enhnancements, prolly a huge waste of money. Everything is ridicilusly expensive, and you get nothing. Youll fast run out of mithrill (most important in game), they dont recharge, and can barely win/buy in game. Balance of npc and pvp is worst ive come across in my life..

Smithing Master APK

I actually really liked this game but all of a sudden I can't get it to load. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still not working. The game is fun, but whenever I try to upgrade my wings or weapons, the rate is too low and sometimes, I lag so much that the game just kicks me out. There are too many ads so I think you should fix it. Having legendary pets are fine, but I think that you should increase the rate for getting rarer armour and pets. Whenever I try to get skins for my armour, it cost too much and sometimes the quest takes me too long to complete and it gives bad rewards like mithril only. Please fix the problems.. Changed from 3* to 5* Is a p2w game, but free players have a chance to enjoy the content. Some offerings are hilarious, the price is more than an AAA game on pc or console. I wonder if anyone buys that. Auto hunt you could improve with gems or add, the way is it now it is boring and it stress my finger. At some point i will have to create a rpa that clicks what it should on blue stacks. Good luck in the future. Hope you make free servers (with adds only) on your games with 0 microtransaction. No play button just login button. Login is for one's that have many devices so I can't play until you get a just play button..

Smithing Master APK

From 1 star to 4. Thank you for weekly updates of the game. Its a heavy pay2win. We just need to accept that. But as f2p player i can enjoy because alot of free materials are given weekly. Thank you. More free mats pls. Not suitable for Free 2 play. There are hundreds of thins in game you can spend money on - there is no reason to make/keep "auto hunt" locked for f2p. You just either risk the players to leave or to use autobtapping software. Just make it that at lvl 100 or so it also becomes unlocked for ftp. At that point you would have an active player there. Servers are empty so those f2p players add value to keep thebserver running.. Nice gameplay for about 1 to 2 weeks but you'll hit a ceiling pretty quick and almost everything is Ranked and RNG and P2W. So DON'T play this game if you don't want to Topup.. While the game is fun, from a casual perspective, it's not too friendly. The pay wall on this game is very high if you want to stay in contention. Almost everything can be obtained through playing, but limited items generally require paying or already being in the top of several servers. The game play itself is satisfying, though, and the builds can be whatever you find most enjoyable. Would recommend more if the pay wall gets dramatically reduced..

Smithing Master APK

A great game so far my only problem is when you reach lvl100 onwards you will have a problem about not having enough mythril and you will be stuck because you can only get few and the percentage of item which is very low and sometimes if you get a high grade item its stats is lower than what you already have so lvl 100 onwards is hard for non ptw players. Boring. Gameplay really declines the further you get in levels. Would be better if it had capabilities to continue progress while game is closed, but having to keep it open for hours to days for forge just to be able to progress to next dungeon/boss/map really takes any fun out it.. Spent over $200 on this game, they switched over to Google accounts and it deleted all my items and progress, I wouldn't trust this company. Would be 5 stars but the Mythril for Forge runs out too fast and doesn't replenish without buying or finishing quests which can't be done because the equipment isn't a high enough level. Please fix this so it replenishes over time..

The game is okay if you're just looking to kill time. Rng is random to get fear when clicking anvil. Rating would be higher, but I am unable to interact with certain things. I can not interact with the welcoming events tab and certain times in the shop. Overall, the game isn't bad, but it's definitely not in the top 10.. Oddly satisfying game especially given it's premise and gameplay. Yes you make stuff (weapons, armor, rings, necklaces) as the theme of the game to level your character but it's not boring. There are other things to do as you get more powerful but everything comes down to you making gear and upgrading stuff. Can be played competitive but also very casually and still be fun. Seriously, I was shocked at how much I liked it.. It's okay... Fun at first then drags for a bit, just waiting for the smithy to pop out better gear.. Changing my review from 2star to 1star. I would give it a 0 but cant. The biggest problem is the paywall. New events that get added are EXTREMELY pay to win. Its heavily catered to p2w players. If you dont spend money, you get left behind EXTREMELY fast. "buy packages to further myself in game"..

The game is super lag even if I have high speed internet connection I can't even play properly. The game always load, such a waste of time.. Edit: Adding a star - contrary to my original statement, a lot more new ways to get rewards have been added, and they are pretty good! ---- The game itself is fun (though not without issues like many pointed out), but some updates seem to make the rewards worse than before. Anytime the developer says they "adjusted" the payout or rewards, that means rewards keep getting worse.. You need to add a "level reset" option for the pets in exchange for upgrade materials. I have a lvl 23 epic that i don't need coz i have a legendary. If i could convert the epic into materials to use for upgrading my legendary that'd be awesome.. Excellent game! But there is just one flaw...YOU CHANGED THE MUSIC TO BE MORE BORING AND WORSE PLS PUT THE OLD MUSIC BACK yeah that's the only flaw but other than that it was a good experience! Edit: +1 star for dev response.

Changing this review to 1 star because of the devs dumb reply. In this game you run out of resources unless you want to buy more. You get maybe two hours of game time a day if you drag it out long enough. Telling me I'll be surprised if I'm patient? I've been playing the game, there's nothing that can surprise me. YOU RUN OUT OF RESOURCES TOO QUICKLY. Maybe listen and you'll be surprised.. Im lovng the game so far but i cant able to join the game today it stays at start screen is there a problem with the game also able to join with facebook account cant with google play account. Sorry but please pass on this game. Thank you for doing so, but if you wish to play this game please note that this game is not a full version. It is less fun to play if you didn't started playing from week one. I am a high level player of this game and suck at this game, +I paid up to boost my character stats and still suck at this game. Grinding at this game WILL get you nowhere. You will have to pay Thousands of your money per weel/month to be the best in this game or to just suck at it...RUN. Good so far, might increase the rating later when I've actually played more. The "rate us" prompt was a bit eager..

The game is so slow. It almost seems like the server is busy. And the sensitivity of the buttons accepting the action is also bad.. DON'T make an accidental purchase and DON'T let your kids play this game. I let my 9 year old daughter play, and she made a purchase of $14.99. I requested a refund and because of the refund, my account was banned. I was told to email them my in game name, to check the status of my ban, and I haven't heard back.. Edit: gem bounties are insane. I only got one of them completed yesterday and today it threw 3 purple bounties where I had to gather multiple of each of specific purple rarity gem and I haven't even gotten one. How do you expect people to find multiple of something so insanely rare that you can use all of the energy for the whole day and not even find 1 let alone 2 or 3 to complete a quest? Then the quest resets each day so even by some miracle if you do find one your progress gets reset. I love the game, it's super fun. Would be 5 stars if the game wouldn't crash on me at least 10 times a day..

Let me tell you the real name, Wallet Master. Only gonna get far if you spend. So p2w, the chances on pets are stupid. The story is stale and the dungeons are boring after 2 times. Very repetitive and small gain grom events unless you whale.. I like the overall experience of the game. It's a grindy game that you can play on your free time and it's fun. I'd like to suggest that you add a guild leaderboard <3. Was fun until I realized the tutorial quite literally teaches you the 4 things you can do without spending money. There's so much of the UI not explained and most of that has a price tag or some premium currency other than gold attached to it. You learn to Smith, adventure, upgrade, sell, and then past that it's end game content, events, and cash grabs without even explaining how any of it could help so even looking to spend money or time on the game feels like a waste.. Requires account to play it. I don't want/need to give a game access to my phone, camera and gmail account.

the game is perfect for me in every way just theres a bug where if i equip an equipment better than my old one if i had any display equipment they would get replaced with my current equipment for an example i equipped a legendary shoulder pad as display and when i equipped a common it removed the display and changed it into common if anyone knows how to fix this or anything please tell me. This is a great game. It actually seemed to move extremely quickly, unlike some other reviews have stated, in the early part and has slowed down only after I have become very good at it and am easily in the top 100 players across all servers. Really hoping they will beef up the social/chat aspect but other than that it is a high quality game with a ton of things to do and they are adding events and other things almost constantly.. An idle game that doesn't let you idle. Terribly balanced and resources are so minimal you find yourself stuck on the 3rd day. What should have been an easy grindable dungeon, scales with your level and become harder and harder to beat, making resources even harder to obtain. Leveling your forge takes DAYS to complete. This quickly becomes pay to win.. Please add the option to split-screen I want to be able to multitask with other apps. When that feature is added I'll give 5 stars!.

The most boring gameplay I've ever experienced. The game is about smithing armor and fighting monsters... smithing can be automated and fighting can be skipped. What's left? Go play cookie clicker, it's more engaging than this.. !!DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!! Good time waster but game mechanics are inconsistent, full of bugs and poorly documented if at all, sometimes you get a warning other times you dont, so one wrong click and all your resources are gone along with any money you spent.. Extremely pay to win but fun being the strongest in your server then they mix you with older servers with same leader board to encourage even more spending its clever. It is kinda ok game but no settings besides volume. And auto forge doesnt work when phone is off. It makes no sense since this makes the game no idle. And the prices to buy staff are very expensive for getting very little. In other games if i pay 10$, i get way more staff. Its a game that sadly makes me very fast bored. Its pay to win game!.

The game is fun, but after level 90 just feels like a play to with, and I think something needs to change when come to upgrading the secret stone and artifacts and pets, takes to long and it takes the fun out of the game, and needs more events to do you, finish your pvp and dungeons and you have nothing else to do beside grinding at the anvil, gets boring fast.. I almost fell asleep playing this because until you reach level 15 it is nothing but clicking since for some reason they decided that the auto feature was locked until level 15 when most games like this have the auto feature unlocked at level 2 and I feel like there should be some auto feature for the adventure thing. I thought this game could fill the void of my heart of sword quest but the game is too laggy I couldn't enjoy it. Like everyone else described. Buttons are totally non responsive. I'd stay away from such games cause they may just shut the game down anytime wasting your invested time..

I think this game is super fun. If at all possible we should be able to spend coins for mithral.. The screenshot and video they represent as app advertisement are completely false, and they lure children to use money on the game with their enticing low-budget false boosts of power I hope they will review themselves and their marketing team. This review was a warning to those people who were enticed by the false advertisement.. What was a really cool game has unfortunately become super glitchy overloaded with constant updates and new features It was fun to do the daily quests however has now become a daily grind with the expanding features and options. Its addicting. But half of the time i have to click 3 times to select something. You run out of mithril really fast. Rn I'm stuck on every single level (dungeon, adventure etc.) Without any mithril to progress further. The people in chat are kind though and theres no censors on words which is surprising. The adventure levels are very unbalanced and you always get stuck on 10-20-30 but breese through the rest. Pls fix this..

Not a bad game. Just I absolutely refuse to pay real world money..and alot of it..for some useless cosmetics or materials. Especially when the chance of success is very low. The balancing is way off. Rewards are nowhere near enough to carry the game forward. Charging $10 to auto hunt the trove? Absolute trash. Might be free but its definitely p2w. Stop with the cash grab and I'd be more willing to spend a few bucks.. The item rarity makes no sense. Elite items are worse than excellent items??? I'm uninstalling for this lazy low effort trash game.... Very cool game,positive comunity and everything,it is pretty hard to find guilds tho,but everything else us nice,solid 10/10. just started so can't say much yet.. will update later in the game. so far a good impression but enhance materials seem hard to find so have to swap an epic item for a common if higher base stats. but only lvl 8 still so maybe later gets better? also auto forge is at lvl15 so expect a lot of clicking at first. no storage chest so it's either wear it or sell it.

No good if you dont want to login to something to play a game its funny google facebook are useless things for game creators to use make a good game why login to those pkaces when as consumers we have no idea whats being used by the login on your end. Not worth playing at that cost. EDIT Yeah its quite simple you dont explain before i download so much data that you have to login with a google account......... It makes you game usless to me i never use google accounts.. Game is great having fun with it, but every thing is pay to win, all events pay to win now they made guild war and in guild war i must pay every day 32$ to win this? It's a very bad joke... developers please think when making things like this! It's a war of guilds! Not war of wallets! I'm really tiered of this game it was last chance. Thank you for making easier to uninstall game. I'm top 1 of 58 server. How i must ask other players from my guild that to pay money every day to win guild melee???.

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