NameSnowbreak Containment Zone
CategoryNew Game
Size1009 MB
ReleaseSeasun Games Pte. Ltd.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a thrilling and intense game set in a frozen wasteland. The game takes place in a dystopian future where a deadly virus has turned humans into vicious creatures. Players are tasked with navigating through the snow-covered landscapes and surviving the hordes of infected creatures. The gameplay focuses on exploration and strategic combat. Players must scavenge for resources such as weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to stay alive. They can also craft various tools and items to enhance their chances of survival.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone features a variety of challenging missions and objectives that require players to use their wits and agility. They must be constantly on the move, dodging attacks and using the environment to their advantage. The game also includes intense boss battles that require precise timing and tactics to defeat. The graphics of the game are stunning, showcasing the desolate and icy landscapes. The sound design adds to the immersive experience, with chilling audio effects and a haunting soundtrack. With its immersive gameplay, challenging missions, and stunning graphics, Snowbreak: Containment Zone offers players an intense and thrilling gaming experience in a frozen and dangerous world.

Snowbreak Containment Zone MOD

The game is fun and has potential. For the past few months of updating the game, it has improved, but it's not quite fully there yet, one aspect I find weird is that it takes a decent chunk of campaign chapters to unlock the rest of the features, it doesnt have to be that long to be unlocked, the combat and maneuver is fun but it could be better! There are just some moments where I feel stiff or limited when in combat, I wanna go wild, like doing backflips, running on walls, explosions, etc.. This game is great but when i look for update size 4to 5 gb please reduce this upto under 1.5gb or less than 1 gb lot's of user dont have wifi and most of the user have 128 gb storage phone and 1 more thing please dont expand storage under 10 gb is good but when it get higher lots of user avoid please do it for community. Since the last two patches, I can't play co-op because there is input delay when dodging and shooting. Please fix this. Game is good ,fun to play in PC and mobile. They only problem is log in into steam using Mobile is terrible. I cant sign in to steam . I have steamguard on, so when I try login in they only want me to approve my steam guard in need to go out from game and check my steam mobile . Back to game and BOOM ,guess what it back log in again , sign in , request steam guard again and endless recycle. I can play using another method log in but I play both PC and mobile. When I away from PC I use mobile.. If i increase rendering i don't get fps and vice versa so i wish this game could be as optimised as aether gazer.

Snowbreak Containment Zone APK

Mobile client is horrible, play the PC client instead. The game is great, fluid combat, dorm look amazing, good UI, fast dailies, devs response to feedback. Characters and weapon fragments are farmable(you need to have 1 copy first). Cons: weapons and characters rate are low at 0.7% and you need to fight 50/50, game play can be boring after some time, each gears(except weapons) have one rng stat with rng value, fragment farming is very slow, you need 8.5 months to max 2 characters.. Used to play this game from beta test. I have high expectations of this game but now MEH. Your resources download will failed and starting all over if it failed, no background downloading. I have a great experience overall, It's a game where I can put my time on and then leave without worries, very well paced. It doesn't pressure you. I have a few complaints, first is the presence regeneration is somewhat slow which is vital since you need alot of it to progress and farm meterials to grow your characters I hope they add a few more baldr inhibotors on rewards somewhere that's daily, lastly the event right now is somewhat hard to push through as a new player who just unlocked it.. Returning player, just to see if there were any overall improvements, and I can safely say, there were no improvements and it's gotten worse. The 3 star weapons are rubbish if you want to deal a lot of damage, I can stream a 4K video seamlessly with 300mbps, but this game has loading issues when navigating around the menus. And let's not forget the terrible matchmaking when trying to play co-op with other players. Takes forever to find anyone. It would appear that they've given up on this game..

Snowbreak Containment Zone APK

was interest at first, but the fact that i have to play as a boy (i usually choose girls e.g. Stelle, Lumine) made me NOPEd. i guess im not part of the target demographic (sapphic) . Looks great, plays ok with touch screen but they've added controller support and that's great and all but some of us like to invert the Y axis without having to invert the X axis at the same time?!?! I mean inverted aim has been a thing for a long time now, it should just be a thing done in every game now and not a hard thing, why does it still seem a difficult thing for some devs? I mean who really looks left by turning right? Anyone? I'll keep the game and up the rating when it's fixed.... Giving the game a second try and many things got improved. I will stick until your 1st anni to see if i wanna commit with this game, cause i played Gun Girl Cafe and it end up short lived. So devs, keep it up with the good works.. This game is like Dream to but the money just some its almost A lot real monet is to get But I will still play but I wish they could lower the cost for the Gems too buy.

Snowbreak Containment Zone APK

Played on the new Galaxy S24 ultra. Gameplay is a catastrophe! It lags so bad I'm playing in slow motion. Un-installed!. It's a really good game I especially like how you can change the buttons around it helps with comfortable gameplay, the character designs are so pretty too :). It's a good game, but the controls on mobile need some optimisation. Using a sniper feels clunky and just controls on mobile in general could use some work. Edit: I sometimes can't move my crosshair on Android: Samsung Galaxy A73. Please fix this, I'll rate back to 4 stars when it's fixed. Quite a big issue making the game unplayable right now for me.. If you decide to play it on mobile, you better hope your phone can handle it. My moto 5G's battery drained fairly quickly. The UI is very cluttered on mobile screens. This game is definitely not meant for mobile, despite it being available on mobile. Not just the UI, but even just aiming and shooting at the same time on mobile, is a nightmare sometimes. I can't give it a bad rating though, because I firmly believe it would be a much better experience on PC. Great 3rd person shooter action rpg!.

Best shooting game ever with cute girls I will give 5 star for sure. And if you read my comment can you make the graphics better I put it in extreme but still it don't show veey realistic so hope you make it better with future updates . Great game. The latest patch really did make a step up. I love Katya a lot. Also missing the English dubbing. Out of all the games I played, snowbreak has the highest quality of dubbing. I love that the characters seems more in character because of the accent. I love the game. Very underrated. I hope they keep getting better. And as a recognition of their betterment, I always support the game by topping up.. Devs do something your game have a lot of potential but in this current state it's unplayable I just try your game with a snapdragon 865 8 gigs of ram and the framerate is horrible uptimise this game to be playable please I will still waiting for updates regards. Very fun and enjoyable. I'm still new in this game but i think it's already fun for me. Keep it up! And Update this game more..

I liked the game when I was able to play it, especially on PC. Would've liked if it was more optimized for my phone. A giant problem I'm having now with the game is that the loading time is way longer than before and that after waiting for the loading screen to finish, it automatically just crashes. I can't even play it anymore.. The rates are so horrible. After three times of rerolling, I have gotten not one SSR character. What's the point of giving away so much resources if the rates are so bad. A complete disappointment. Even with the graphics on the lowest setting, my Galaxy S20 is hot enough to cook pizza rolls, and I'm still only averaging 5 FPS. It's literally unplayable for me in its current state. Fix your darn game.. I haven't played in a long time, but I remember that this game was amazing! But the only thing keeping me from 5* is that the game play is hard if you don't know what you're doing, and that happens a lot. Also, there are wrong translations and/or english pronunciation, and the text cuts off sometimes, so you can't read what the character is saying. But other than those little things, the game is amazing! .

It's always lag when i get the story mission, very disturbing to aim to the enemies. Please fix it. I already enjoying this game. This is beautifully crafted and fully functioned asset. Kudos to Devs on working on such an amazing game. One thing I would say... If devs could add different Walking Animations for all the Characters it would've given them more personality.. Just like in other games eg. Genshin or TOF. I hope devs add this cool feature in an upcoming update. Rest.. This Game Is in My Top 5 list of Mobile Games. . I'm playing this on mobile and the events are hard, some bosses have abilities that are not easy to dodge, 5 star char in standard banner felt like a 4 star. I have a good Internet but somehow I'm lagging in coop. Although the game is generous, it's not friendly towards new players, which makes it hard to keep up with the content. My only wish Is for the events to become easier and not complicated otherwise I'll miss out a lot of content. I'll stay but if there's no changes I might quit. Game has been great so far. Main complaint is that they stopped English voice acting a few updates ago. Daily objectives are easy to accomplish, weekly are too. If you do it right, you can do pretty well as a free account.

A great 3rd person shooter with good graphics and storyline. Precise controller support and fluid gameplay. I can pay for play and a reasonable price (real money) to get upgrades. Just get the 30 upgrade monthly, and the devs reward rewards you handsomely. I hope you can crouch or do prone in-game. Also collision on cover has bugs. Overall it's a remedy for those longing a good 3rd person shooter.. One star coz per my investigation there's supposed to be male characters lololol but there aren't anymore coz devs let incels take over HAHAHAHAHA. Quite fun for what it is. Lacking a bit in endgame activities, but the devs are setting the foundations for atleast one(Paradox Labyrinth/roguelike mode).. It 1st it's 583mb but before you can play it it's another 7.4gb so be warned 8gb in total just to play the game.

PC ONLY! I'd give this game 4.5 stars on PC, I just wanted to try it on mobile and the experience is worlds apart. If your lucky enough to have a pc, this game is massively recommended from my side. If you guys can optimize better for mobile then I'd play it on mobile. But pc is the way to go for this game. Game not optimizated enough. During tutorial you can't alter the graphics setting of the game that leads to slow performance this can be easily avoided.. This game improved a lot and striving to fix itself. We have end game content. Bit grindy but worth it. Fair rate of pull and charector reruns make it worth even for F2P. Probably one of the least monetized gacha games I've ever played. I find myself spending money on it purely because I want to support the developers. I've played so much of this game and have never felt the need to purchase anything..

The game is very fun. I highly recommend using a controller to play because it plays like a very fun shooter with a good controller. The game is good but goddamn does it run bad on low end devices, the graphics are basically block shading on my phone, it's great on phone tho, but please let it run on low end phones I wanna play it there. After downloading some resources i tried to play and it's unplayable it's lagging too much even though I have good device i played genshin with high graphics 60fps run smoothly but this game lagging too much idk why. Fix the "Draw Distance". I keep hitting invisible obstacles but i can see the enemy behind, also i can't see explosive traps from far away even i used sniper..

The name of this game are "SNOW-BREAK" no Wonder my phone become hot charcoal to the point it can BREAK(melt) the snow ... . I really want to like this game but it's hard trying to aim and control the characters movement playing on a phone, this game would be perfect if it was on consoles and pc, the graphics, story and characters are good.. From 4 to 5 stars, no bugs so far, good gameplay good pull chance devs listened to the part that the resources like presence (energy), silverbuck (in game store currency) etc are very hard to earn, with the update as of feb 1, devs added an event im where a surge of resources are claimable, I hope this continue to happen in the future. Sorry dev but this game is not my taste. The gacha & rewards are very generous and i like it but the pain is... The gameplay is very GENERIC for shooter gacha. You should learn from Warframe dev how they make a shooter game and beat em up. (No melee, that's suck!) At least, this game support controller & gamepad! That's AWESOME! Sadly, i can't stay playing and thanks, dev for amazing game. Can't wait for your next game for PC, Mecha BREAK. Bring it for mobile devices too if possible. Cheers!.

At first i rated this low, but now? The updates and changes to the game are superb! I love the way the characters look now! The update tonight giving Katya buffs and a FREE new outfit making her fully "human" (removed prestetic leg) was a huge win. You've done an amazing job! Love this game! Time to spend all my money on Katya!. Boring cash grab of a game. Everything good is obviously locked behind some sort of transaction. The core gameplay is boring and repetitive. Gacha as usual is horrible with barely any rolls to earn. You're better off playing literally any other gacha game on the playstore. I've seen Genshin rolls more generous than this game.. I dont know why but the game glitches on my phone, if it's because of my poor phone I will switch to another platform. most reviews spoke about the poor technical issues, the writing, the localization, the ui and controls, etc. those are all issues that i believe can be fixed. but in my experience the game has a fundamental flaw that ruins the entire thing. it's splitting the gacha into two: a character and a weapon. this is an extremely hostile practice that was made popular by mihoyo. so my recommendation is to hold off for now. it might get better..

really unique for a gacha game and the artstyle i lowkey love because it's kind of dark? overall, i'd say a must try game. Is there any possibility of bringing the game to PlayStation? i really love the game, so i hope you gave it some thought. Thank you. Been playing this game since it launched. I must say this game has horrible bundle packs prices and not to mention they don't give that much free premium currency when there's is a new event. Currently I'm having a blast playing for the first time but it gets harder as you move forward and you'll need to grind unless you opt to go whale. The NEW OPERATIVE got me acting up & you aint wanna miss out on that..

Im having problems downloading the additional resources it keeps retry to download and the download loading always decrease I hope you fix this devs cuz i like this game and i want to play it sooner as possible thank you. Why reverse control direction on a gamepad reverses right/left and up/down combined?! It should be separated, like in all other games. Unplayable for me.. Horrible. I can't even play the game. Every time I try to play ot starts downloading and upgrading for hours. Every single time I open the app every single day. I'm deleting this stupid game.. I adore this game. If you like a very lewd game that is extremely well made and fun, please download and support this game. Seriously. Please do it!!! Simply put, this is the best game I've played on mobile and PC this year..

Definitely got a chance of breaking game market. It's just need some marketing or ads or something similar. Day 1 player here, and I can see a huge prospect to this game.. It's nice that the silent protagonist talks now, but please don't use the corner illustration, it pop in and out so often it's kind of distracting, even if it's not as distracting as takt op.. First start with PC version and I can't buy anything. so, I swithced to my phone. . Spend the money worth of 1 month of food for gacha. and GOT NOTHING!! . THIS GAME IS TOTALLY RIPOFF!!. It would be best if reward is more good enough to grind and if isn't tiring to play the event is much more fun.

Edit 2024 update: You get docked a Point because you added Forced Stealth Missions. Forced Stealth Missions, escort missions and Sewer Levels are the worst sort of things you could add to a game. You've given me weapons let me fight if stealth fails.. So far so good. Third Person Shooting with waifus is amazing, and the BGM is also impressive. I quite like the style of the graphics, and the optimization is better than many other mobile 3D games. This game has won my bucks.. Good game. Not enough energy to go around. Rate up is so so which kinda sucks. And it takes a week for you to do puzzles then wait again. This is more grind than enjoying the game. This is basically favourable for those who want to spend money. Not worth a penny.. This game should add more gun and character mechanic and animation like tactical sprint, tactical reload and normal reload, move the chamber while shoot lol There are so many things missing in the shooting game experience that I can't list them, but I hope they add them in the near future.

Well seeing the new character trailers I can see where the direction of the artstyle is going, good luck snowbreak it was alright for the time being. Edit: Well with the new patch notes I notice the game general direction is going from bad to worse, well then good riddance, I hope for the best.. Having fun but the resource farming is hard, it takes too much to upgrade and you get a little with your daily energy. Edit from 3/5 to 4/5 for the Katya update. The pc client has received multiple QoL updates as well as better server state for Gigalink (though still have the occassional server hiccups during co-op). Additional gameplay stage in paradoxical labyrinth (essentially honkai impact tower) is a welcome addition but needs some polish..

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