Soda Guys APK Mod 3.2 (Unlimited Stars)

Last update November 23, 2023

NameSoda Guys
Size37.22 Mb
ReleaseHoptimist Games

An exciting toys against each other. Soda Guys is the most colorful game in which you will go through the rounds. Play against your opponents, try to win, and earn your first bonuses. Increase your competition, and beat any opponent until only one player remains. It is vital to overcome incredible difficulties, compete with your friends, play according to the laws of physics and get a little closer to the crown. Soon you will be able to gain experience, and you will defeat any opponent and move on. Make a revolution in this beautiful world, fulfill the conditions, earn bonuses and beat any opponent. Go through many exciting levels, and develop during the game to get more pleasure from victory. Improve your abilities, become more productive, and win every battle.

Soda Guys MOD

I found this bug where 1 person only qualified but it said I got eliminated please fix this And also there's another bug on The second level l Went through the finish line It didn't say qualify then I got eliminated please fix this. Hello J. I am telling you that don't play this trash game instead of it if u have PS4 then u can download it from store it is free!. And. If u don't have PS4 so on pc it's free on epic games store. Hope it's helpful for you. Who the heck will play this this is not great game forst thing ur skin can onlay be soda only thing u can change is colore secend when u start game its garbage do u call this ultimate knockout. I'm pretty sure that you are copying fall guys but you add sodas vuts it's a fun game but I have 2 problems 1 .sometimes the game teleports me to the spawn idk why 2. Sometimes the bars glitches around its a bit funny though. plz fix it. This game is so frustrating it's easy on the first level but on the third level I keep glitching through the floor also there is very few maps like only three maps I have played the real fall guys on computer and it's alot better.

Soda Guys APK

This game is actually horrible you can't move the characters properly the screen crashed it makes you jump when you don't want to jump and it doesn't have that much levels my advice is DONT INSTALL THIS . I love the graphics, but when I touch someone in the final round, they end up being ragdolled, can you make more maps as an update and a multi-player game, ok. Bug 1: Some players could fall, but they end up being alive, so that's the orange players. They could be alive for 7 minutes, and they fall off.. I'm giving this a am a star because it took 3 minutes to do everything I thought that that might been a Turturro but no it was the whole just more fun levels pls it was a good game tho. I want different camera angles and a better graphics. After every round a ad pops up make it multiplayer and remove the adds..

Soda Guys APK

This game is awsome. Just some stuff to share. In fall guys u can prob add the map from fallguys. Its called whirlygig. Is my fav. And i also found a awsome bug. U know that round 2 at the end if u jump at the right time u can go to the crown. Btw u will not qulifi. Idk how to say it.anyway good game. This game is like fall guys and its very fun. Mabey u can add the game whirlygig. I think thats what is called. Its from fall guys and thats my fav game on fall guys. Or u can add muitiplayer. Or u can change the bots to be easy, Meidem, or hard. And u can add tasks for stars and have costumes Plz do one of these thing in next update. Sorry if u are by your self. Anyway good game. They're not real they're fake number one is on my Samsung it says single player and offline number two they always know where you are and number three on round 2 it's pretty obvious because they just go straight and finally number four it's way too easy to win and then look I almost win all the time. The bots always follow you when you have the crown never download this game I hate it and is a knock of fall guys.

Soda Guys APK

This game have ads and non laggy but it ok when you play it it just hilarious and they sound and fall just play it now. This game is stupid you have alot of ads that messes you up and its not fun to play. and in my opinon they should remove the game. and not all people are mobile players like what kind of game only allows mobile people the REAL fall guys lets computer people play this is my opinon and if you dont agree thats your problem.. I hate it! Yes, it's non-laggy, but it comes up with CONSTANT ADS! Never download this game unless your a person who enjoys ads!. I can say that the game is alright, but it is because it is literally Fall Guys. Even the game's name is the most rip-offiest stuff I've ever seen. If this game isn't a joke, then I wonder why you would literally make this when Fall Guys is cleaner in gameplay, animations and models. Which, talking about models, these look almost completely identical to Fall Guys' models. Wow, just wow. I wouldn't recommend, unless you don't have Fall Guys and you're desperate to get it..

I hate it 0 stars Frist the 2nd level I can not beat cuz of the controls second it's offline and third only three levels can be played 0 stars stupid game. It works so slow and when we in my screen everyone runs fast If can you fix this then it would be a great gsme. Almost impossible play! I wish I could rate it 0 stars. Same game repets over and over again. I don't recommend this game. Again 0 STARS!. It's a pretty good game I you guys made just hoping there's a grab button and more maps in the next update but still it's actually really good.

Photo from your home and other number of dutyl is the same thing I am not the world and a I have no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no yyyyy no oo p l l. i dont like competition when we have games which create , give us games which create and have a design in it which could be shape forms example a game where i create homosexual feminine males which are very beauty and create a world and a social world. Great idea for a game! For me, it could use a teeny bit more on the tutorial. I can see with a little bit more engineering this game will be quite addictive. But full ads straight after a match might be a bit excessive and turn away potential players. Score boards, incentives and something a tad more inviting and engaging on the opening page of the game might keep players coming back. Great game idea for sure!! Good job devs. Bless. Mal juego, no puedes mover ni la camara, tambien ni lo actualizan y ni se nota el empeo que lo ponen los desarrolladores, 0 estrellas se merece.

It does have a good concept of the game but the plank its a bit on the smaller side meaning that I'm playing on my phone and its just hard to walk straight to the other side.. I like this game and reading the description especially around the end wants me to give the game a higher rating then 5 stars I would probably hive it six, because I like how it said "if one map or anything is copyrighting fall guys tell us and we will remove it right away." Can you make at least one new map, I know it is hard to make and develop a game.. This game is one of the worst fall guys rip offs I've seen! (Not like any of them are good except for stumble guys)the "players" always go for me!update the game make it online and then maybe I'll edit my review to give you guys a rating of 2 stars! (Even though it's not much of an improvement)entertainment is what everyone what's that plays this game! (Except for the people that gave 3 to 5 star ratings)I would highly recommend downloading stumble guys then soda guys! Also soda is a broad band. Dance monkey dance monkey dance monkey oh oh oh yeah its a cool game i guess never seen anybody do the things you do before 4 out of 5 which is cool my dog julie died.

I have played a dupicate of fall guys and it's name stumble guys It does not look like a dupicate game It's just very nice But in my nani's phone it's not so storage so that's why I can't download that. this game is very boring so i thing no need to download it. Just three levels If i would be able to give it 0 stars with description it would be very nice Hope this game some updates Or no need to download it . This game so good.... so what if it has only 3 levels, but the levels are enjoying. You always win in every level also the game is so funny ... I hope you will make more levels... I prefer you to download this game.... I love the game. Tooooo nice. Add more levels pls pls, next make the characters move fast. I am waiting. Hope the developer makes the updates ASAP..

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