NameHarvest Land – My Farming Corp
ReleaseWondoo Games

Great farm management game. Harvest Land – My Farming Corp will give us every opportunity to get you into the most serious business.

Do you wish to build your dream farm, harvest a lot and earn more money? It is here that you can realize all your dreams. Expand your farm, plant more crops, process the crops in your factories, and then sell and earn money.

Work with a variety of orders, do your best to maximize your income, and reach the next level. It does not matter at all whether you are online or not, the farm will work all the time. Soon, you will be able to become a world-famous farming business boss. Complete interesting tasks, buy cars, machines, and new equipment, so as not to stand still.

Harvest Land – My Farming Corp MOD

I dont know what you've changed in the latest update but I'm non stop getting ad after ad, it's unplayable. Way too many ads to enjoy the game. Everytime I upgrade something I get an ad. I get too many ads even if I am just jumping on for 5 mins. Like more than 10 ads. Not worth playing unless you cut down on alot of the ads.. Can't play the mini games to progress forward other that that good game so far.. Second level so buggy game will not re open, fix these bugs. Fix the bugs can't deliver any orders. I really enjoyed the game.

Harvest Land – My Farming Corp APK

Delete game still not fixed was a good game until I can't play it.....

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