NameFruit Splash Mania – Line Match 3
ReleaseGood Logic

The most colorful fruit adventure. In the fun Fruit Splash Mania – Line Match 3 project, you will be connecting bright fruit lines.

Pass exciting levels, solve tricky riddles, and do something impossible. Try to match three or more of the same fruit to earn enough points. The more conditions you fulfill, the more points you can get. Destroy more and more fruits, and get bonus points, which will come in handy. Here you will find great controls that will blow your mind. Over 300 crazy levels, multiple boosters, and more. Lots of sweets, significant effects, excellent animation, and crazy game features. There are leaderboards where you and all your friends can be. Get high scores, high-quality performance, and entertaining game features.

Fruit Splash Mania – Line Match 3 MOD

This is very similar to the game JELLY Splash so I really liked it. However, it has a LOT of bugs/glitches. For example, I have passed level 309 at least 4x and it still says I failed and is taking away lives, some levels are rigged so that they are literally impossible to get more than one or two stars on, they make it seem like you can get more or less than 100 coins in the chest at the end of each level but you always get 100... Just to name a few.. I liked it until I got stuck on level 309, too. I complete it, then the Failed message comes up. What's up with that?. Edit: Because of being stuck at 751, i uninstalled it a while ago. Then when I installed it again, it failed to log in. Still is failing. So now level 309 is stuck like 751 with no escape. I pass it and then it says try again. Stuck 751 because the eyes on the wall won't open up. It's impossible to clear the level because there is no way how. How do I get past it? Or is it just a scam to get us to pay?. Wow I love this game I remember this for last time I never seen this game for long time at 2017. WHAT'S THE PURPOSE OF BUYING BEDS, SOFAS and FURNITURE? When you complete it, YOU'RE ONLY out of STARS & COINS You get only one choice to move...THEIRS scroll down or over to another board, they've changed or REMOVED to another location..CHEAT Getting Ready To UNINSTALL.

Fruit Splash Mania – Line Match 3 APK

Complete scam. Level 309 fails when you complete it. You pay 79p to skip level and it doesn't skip it. Disgraceful.. This is very fun game. It is very cute. It reminds me of the fruit splash connect. I think that what it was called. I love the game.. Made it to level 751! But it seems impossible to beat this level because the "eyes on the block wall" won't open! Frustrating I made it to this level and will have to uninstall the game! This is my favorite game!. Gave it 4 stars cause it's a little too soon to tell. But so far so good. It's pretty easy so far, I'm up to level 4 or so.

Fruit Splash Mania – Line Match 3 APK

Fun game until level 309 where it won't advance to the next level even after winning. I see another person posted the same problem over a month ago.. From what I've seen this past week I have a lot of fun to watch and see what happens to me and it doesn't mean that i'm not sure if it is a member Romero Romero of. Pretty decent game until level 309 keeps telling you you've failed it even though you very clearly won, then won't even let you pass it after you've spent the 99 cents to "skip this level". . Cute fun game. You decide if you want to watch ads for additional rewards, they're not forced on you to watch..

Fruit Splash Mania – Line Match 3 APK

Ads to much right in the middle of ending a level add pops up know way I'm uninstalling right away you all ready have enough as ads why can't you wait until the level is completely ended before you pops a add up . For all the people who get this game and then it wont start again,like it did to me three times. The answer is don't push Google or facebook because it doesn't work. Just push play and that does the trick and will play each time you want to go back to the game.try again as it's a great game.enjoy.. THIS IS A VERY GOOD GAME, IT'S FAST PACED AND REALLY FUN EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY THE GAME!! I'M HAVING FUN!!. i have a problem in this game i reachee level 309 or less but they told me to repeat that level even though i finished it why is that?.

Game is pretty unresponsive. Took multiple tries to get the very first match (in the instructional bit). Sliding a finger over the pieces did nothing for 5 tries. Uninstalled before finishing first stage..

Download ( V9.1.3 )

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