NameMiss Hollywood Showtime
Size13.98 Mb
ReleaseBudge Studios

Compete in the show and make Miss Hollywood’s bleak orphanage glamorous! Miss Hollywood Showtime – a new game from Budge Studios will delight young players with an exciting adventure. The game takes place within the walls of a pet shelter. At this time, the residents of the cover are experiencing a crisis period in their lives.

Save the shelter will help use a creative approach to the situation. Participation and victory in various talent shows can save the main characters. The prizes will give the top a glamorous look, leading to its popularity.

The player has five pets at his disposal. The essential character is Miss Hollywood – show time. This is a Chihuahua dog that knows a lot about fashion. Helping save the orphanage are the Princess cat with royal blood, the hip-hop lover Crawl Hop, the dachshund Daphne, who has become a hippie, and the local rock star – the black-haired cat of the Yard.

Each hero has an individual character. With the help of heroes, the player can participate in the animal talent show and use beautiful outfits for each animal to perform. For participation and victory in each show, the player receives a prize, which must be placed in the kennel. So the premise in the game Miss Hollywood Showtime will be updated. You can get additional tips for completing applications from the show’s judges.

Miss Hollywood Showtime MOD

This game is not so bad, But i can't access the singing contest. And i just have 1 Character: Miss Hollywood, Please add new unlocked characters in the pet shelter. I don't really rate stuff that much so you're lucky and it's honestly a pretty good game! My favorite is the bunny. it's an amazing game, and I would give it 5 stars but there's 1 isue. it costs money for more pets. this is a game for young children who may want to buy pets in the game not to there parents wish, or they meh not have any money for it.but besides that it's a good game with great features.. It's a really fun game I love playing it but if I could play it all day I would but I can't because I have school school always gets in the way but I love my school anyway it's sooo much fun it's really good for big and little kids. To be truthful it's my favorite game of all time I have played it for 5 years and it's so amazing if you love animals.

Miss Hollywood Showtime APK

What is a good game that I can only have one character I know Miss Hollywood is the main character but you could have least got it gave us like two more to play with it's so boring with just one character but it is a good game and I will rade-it three stars. I like this app bc the microphone is so cool but I kinda had a problem at the start but it's alr now I think budge should do more of these games!:). This game is awsome but there are down sides why to unlock the other pets we must bye them like th barbie dream haus we must bye everting :(. you guys I downloaded it in my tablet and it didn't appear in the screen i hate this game :( badest game ever it even took so much go of mine :( :(.

Miss Hollywood Showtime APK

I LOVE this game but I can't get the singing event to work I allowed microphone but I still can't get it to work please fix this. When I started this game, I was playing the dressing up game. Then when it was the picture taking, IT ASK TO ALLOW ACESS TO MY PHOTOS. Didn't tell me how I can enable microphone but I need to do the event to unlock more characters in the game. Please add the enable microphone button in game settings.. Honestly ngl if this game didn't exist when I was younger my childhood would have sucked this game will always be a Winner and eats up highly recommend for 3-7 years old fun and cute please download.

Miss Hollywood Showtime APK

The game is fun for kids, but may be boring to older teens who want more challenging content. The fashion show is my fave: I really love the idea of dressing up for a photo shoot, but there should be more outfits, accessories, props, etc to mix and match. The game is still almost lackluster even if you buy all the pets. The minigames are fun no matter what pet is used, but there should be more variety. I like the game but there's only one chacter to play with and u have to pay money for the other charters. I think I love this game. Miss Hollywood is I think a catdog. WAIT! CATDOGS ARE NOT REAL!!! I love dress up and fashion. The pets are good, and everything is USA sized!. Great game and all but it's pretty expensive if you want full features. It's also bad that you only get 1 character free. I would like it more if atleast half the characters were free..

I hope we did not have to pay so much money to unlock other characters but you can't win prizes so quickly in other games! The game is clean and the sound of the dog barking is adorable!. 5 year olds and I had been working with them for years but I was not sure if you were a bit worried about your family but you don't know who you have been a couple times and you are up for you/. I like it but there is one tiny thing. I played and most of the characters were locked and when I used to play it was free other than that it's good (minus the microphone ) please reply . I HAVE NO WORDS IT'S TOO COOOOOOLLLLL AH and I GOT A HAND MADE PLUSH FROM MY GRANDMOTHER OF MISS HOLLYWOOD AH SO STINKING CUTE! OH I JUST LOVE IT! Also My Favorite Song Is Either Rachel Platten Small Boat On The Ocean Or Senorita BTW I Made Instead Of Senorita Bean Burrito( Edit: ) Yeah i made this when i was 7 ITS SO GOOD THOUGH!.

The game honestly in my opinion is very very fun if you want to know how to do the singing competition you have to sing louder and long enough to fill up the meter also you need to go to your settings and make sure your microphone is on on the game just FYI.. Just gave me creepy vibes. I couldn't help but feel like this app was listening and watching my every move. Especially when you play the little singing kinda-side game.. i like this game this is my favorite Hollywood game thank you budge studios for creating this game i will rate you4 stars because i dont know how to open micerpon. It's a great game but I am having issues to unlock the microphone can you tell how to unlock it.

It's stupid and dumb it never works there's only ads ads ads over and over again there's no point of playing this game give it 1 star. Its okay I use to love this as a kid and now all the pets are money which kinda annoys me. Very coool game i just could not stop playing this game on singing it told me to enable microphone then i did and then it worked!!So please make another one!Love it. I hate this cause in the dress up I only get STAR COSTUMES! AND I CAN NOT MAKE ANYTHING ELSE THE TALENT WILL TAKE FOREVER.

Why would you make children pay for things in the game.......that low...lower than me actually playing this game at 17. I dont play as much anymore, but when you finished rooms, you get badges and not more stuff. At least get some clothes for the poor animals.. I like this game this is like the best day ever and the holiday is amazing and you just make now is the perfect babe and I call her Mel cuz she's like the best holiday ever the mouth says to me and I know my real name is mouth but I just like but you will be good to be her nameMaI. !Answer please! Paid $15ea to unlock everything on here and another Hollywood one . It keeps going back to being unpaid. ***Does it require the Google account to remain signed in?*** If so, it's impossible to use what's been paid for because I need to sign out of Google account to avoid child making purchases/ browsing store. Sick of having child locked out of expensive unlocked games!.

This game is good game but I don't love it because it is kid game it is good for kids my small sister loves it but I love the kids because I have small sister and my small sister loves babies thank you for listening me l finished talking. Thanks for all the time of booking and money when you are looking for an hour or more of them are looking page and click on the way, and the other day. Last time I rated this game I gave it a 5 star rating now I am going to give it a 2 star the Mike dosen't work anymore and I have tired to enable it 17 times.. I love this game but it costs money to get the other pets and I am a kid and my mom will not give me money for it please make them free.

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