NameMermaid Evolution
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Mermaid Evolution the incredible power of evolution to learn absolutely everything from this story. You will have to connect the same sea creatures, strange bacteria, incredible plants and also animals. This is done in order to simply evolve and move towards more complex development. In the near future, you will be able to develop more complex creatures, explore the world of the future and have a great time in your free time. You can create a funny octopus, a huge blue whale, and a beautiful mermaid. An excellent project in which the development of marine fauna will occur. You also have to mix a variety of creatures to get to the golden submarine.

Quite an interesting toy for all lovers of evolution. For mermaids, the Stone Age is just the beginning. Further, it will be even more interesting and you will be able to create real cyborgs, and then populate this entire planet. So this new era has come, when absolutely everything is possible and hardly anyone will refuse everything that happens. Beautiful graphics, sea monsters, and everything else can amuse any player.

Mermaid Evolution MOD

I had purchased ad removal, but i had to reinstall the game to get it working again, but when i click restore purchase, its like it forgot that i paid to remove ads already and asking for more money. Really annoyed, fun game, besides the ads.. i love these games because as an artist i gleam inspiration from many of their crazy whimsical designs... but come on guys who put their poop fetish into it?... at one point the creatures all laid eggs or otherwise and the designs in game reflect those eggs. but someone changed it to all the mutants pooping. PLEASE SAVE US FROM THE POOPING. i like eggs, eggs are nice.(canonically eggs to sell the mutants back to us is far superior game design option) but yoh like poop.. this game specifically, of all the evolution games these people have made, is my favorite. I used to play it on vacation because it was the only game I could play without wifi as a kid.. The game makes the ads less bad by paying you for them, but they are just so frequent that it isn't worth it. Every minute or two, there will be an ad, and what's worse is there are berries that give you a short amount of time to do really helpful things, but the ads just waste the entire thing because their effects wear off during them.. Kept having problems opening the app. It would come up with an error message anytime and it would take me over 5 tries to open it. Overall, I like these games but I couldn't even play it because it wouldn't let me..

Mermaid Evolution APK

I love this game it is a good time passer. But if you had any of their other "Evolution" games you know it is pretty much the same as any other of their apps just different names and creatures. Younger members of my family love to take my phone and play this game. If you are looking for a great time passing game that is simple and fun then this is the game for you but if you are looking for a game of Variety and more on the difficult side of apps,not for you. :). I'm glad that you maid this game can you not put these mermaids in boxes cause they don't fish it . This game is really ok. It is laggy and you already know what's going to happen. You just keep merging the mermaids together.. I'm not just speaking for this one I'm speaking about all the cats wolf's fox spiders snakes shares racoon Phoenix etc etc they all bring a smile to me and I don't need internet and I really only need one of them to keep me intetained 5 stares at least!.

Mermaid Evolution APK

I love this game there's not a lot of ads and you dont need internet to play and it's a fun game to pass the time. my 3 and 8yr old daughters loved this game until it wouldn't open anymore.. unin and reinstalled 4timea and still wouldn't open.. keeps closing on it's own.. wouldn't even load!. Please fix the game glitch that freezes the game when players try to color the character in the game. It takes all the fun out of playing the game.. All the mermaids are adorable and I really love it. sometimes you'll get quite a few ads but normally they're skeptical and 10 or less seconds. All in all an amazing game and I definitely recommend it..

Mermaid Evolution APK

It's ok I only got it because I was bored but it's fun hen you don't have anything else to do.. So I've downloaded this game and many others from TAPPS and I'm very happy with everything. What I dislike is that you can't colour the MUTANTS until you rate the app and give it a STAR rating. It's annoying but besides that I LOVE IT.. I love this game! Except theres a bug where I try to put hats on my mermaids in the dressing room and I can't press anything. Please fix this problem. Anyways great game! . A really good app! It's so addictive! But there are quite a few ads.... but other than that it's amazing! Download this game now!.

I waited extremly long to get this installed and when it installed it did not work which really made me mad i ould have chose any game but i chose this and it didnt work.. I like this game it has coral colors. This game a good mermaid game better any other mermaid game i have ever played.. Cute Memaid's !Yes very cute of this game also these mermaids look beautiful! I like how they act so cute And Some of you needs to try this game!! #LoveMyLittleMermaids. I downloaded this game for my child she is very happy when shes playing. She has many other games to play but her favorite is this game..

Its really fun and u can play it when u dont have Connection so for instance when u go on a plane trip u have no internet;-; u play this beautiful game so yeai think u should download it lol idk. This game is so cool I am downloading every single game that's like this. Do I have a problem? Cool game and good job!.

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