NameTruth or Dare
Size18.1 Mb
ReleaseMarco Studios

The best game for a real party. Truth or Dare, this game project hides a considerable number of tasks, as well as crazy questions. This is where you will need incredible courage to do everything that the developers have prepared for us. You can play with the most original questions of the game project and the most exciting tasks.

You can enjoy unique privileges that only the application owner can use at any time. You can add any tasks and questions yourself, make them more professional, and, of course, frank. Here you will meet five categories, select certain ones and begin your action.

You must play honestly, not succumb to provocations, and boldly complete tasks. You can create voice tasks and listen to them altogether. The app can be customized with unique backgrounds, bottles, and more. Try to complete all the tasks, share them with your friends and get complete satisfaction. Throw a memorable party with your friends, and you will never forget this day. The authors tried, and you can experience this application for yourself.

Truth or Dare MOD

It is awesome, I get create dares or truths but one problem is the adult and couple mode is locked, so please unlock those last two modes. I really enjoy being asked questions and being told to do a dare so yeah it is really fun to play with family and friends. This game is so amazing and l got no problem with it l saw it on my friend's phone and played it ,it was so good that l told myself I should download it. I love this game me and my family and friends are enjoying the game it is not a waste of data. its interesting but I gave it 1 star because it doesn't really know your answer someone can make that they did the dair but they just sat there.

Truth or Dare APK

this game is awesome and is cool this game can be funny because we get to do funny dares and in arising Hahaha so funny. When I wanna enter the game it says open app again, close app or send feedback so I would rather give this game 15 stars plz fix this game with immediate effect plz or else the game will have less people playing it. I am gonna try to enter the game 6-10 more times, if it doesn't wanna play I am no more playing this game ever again. I am not being mean or anything else. But plz help me if the game has no problem, that means my phone has to be restarted again. Asking properly plz fix the game.. not and it do have a good mode of game so it only 1 so it will unl dumb t or d b if havw more it sooo not good don't l pls don't it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo trash. It'd say it's OK for my opinion but u might like it I think it should be first player 1 then player 2 but what it does is first player 1 but gives it like 10 questions then 10 questions to player 2 or so.

Truth or Dare APK

i love this game because when i play this game with my bestie she likes this game very much and she says i also download this game in my mama mobile phone. I was playing truth or date in teen mode and it said "become the slave of another player of your choosing for 5 min" I do not think that's acceptable or appropriate. It's very disturbing and disrespectful. I expect you to change this dare as soon as you see this. You know what you was doin.. I like it I love it I even got my friends to download it and when I was facetiming my cousin I asked her if she wanted to play truth or dadre she thought in IRL but it was the game so she wanted to download it and she said 'is it like red and orange' and I said yes. Paid 3.69 to unlock the adult section yet it has not been unlocked and my money is been take off hence why 1 star.

Truth or Dare APK

If I could I would give it a 0 it kept doing only one person's name and the dares ain't fun for teens. the game is over really nice of you up to this weekend or next to the door and it was very nice of her to be happy with it was the same to the same place to get a hold of the same as last week I have e I think it's easier I think it's easier I I love you. this game is very very nice I love this game in my free time I will play this game you should also try this game. It a nice game but when i choosed kids one it started given hard dares and truth you need to fix it.

i think that someone tell truth or dare and and that will take video and that person called completed your dare and me don't complete so I will be punish. It is not bad but I rated a 2 because there is no any cheering music . And also only the computer gets to ask like I thought we could play with people around the world and ask them turn by turn and have to show it in the camera game as well. As a game explorer I had high hopes for this but was not worth it..

Download ( V19.5.0 )

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