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## Introduction to Solitaire: The Classic Card Game

The well-known classic solitaire game with good design.

### Overview of Solitaire Game

Solitaire is a classic solitaire game with good design for Android mobile devices. One of the best card games for brain training, Solitaire offers beautiful graphics, funny animations, and the ability to play offline, making it an excellent game to pass your free time.

### How to Play Solitaire

The rules of Solitaire are exactly the same as in the standard Solitaire. The main task is to arrange four layouts according to the descending or ascending value of the cards. Players can customize settings such as how many cards are dealt per turn – one or three. With 52 cards in one deck, Solitaire is played using only one deck.

The rules are simple and straightforward, and players can always refer to the help section for a quick refresher if needed.

Download ( V16.3.1 )