Empire Defense: Age Stick War is an epic strategy game developed by Ball Game Team, offering players an immersive experience of defending their empire against ruthless enemies. With engaging gameplay and stunning visuals, players can use various codes to enhance their defenses and conquer their foes. Prepare for an intense battle and unleash the full power of your empire.

Latest of StickMan Defense War – Empire Hero & Tower Defense Promo Codes


Receive the Staff of Eternal Power, Dragon’s Scales Armor, and Ring of Time Control for dominating in battles.

aSzp3rUFXXX Get

Get 50% off all upgrades, recruit a legendary hero, double gold earnings, unlock rare weapons in Empire Defense: Age stick War!

How to Redeem Code for Empire Defense: Age stick War

To redeem a gift code in Empire Defense: Age Stick War, open the game and locate the gift code option in the settings menu. Enter the code and click redeem to claim your reward.

List of Empire Defense: Age stick War Codes

1. Code: EDPX7GD2
Gift: 500 diamonds and 10 rare weapons
2. Code: EDASW89K
Gift: 300 gold coins and 5 epic armor sets
3. Code: EPDSW4HM
Gift: 1000 gems and 15 legendary swords
4. Code: AGESTK12
Gift: 200 potions and 20 powerful shields
5. Code: EMPIRE65
Gift: 400 energy points and 7 mystical artifacts
Gift: 600 silver coins and 8 magical wands
7. Code: STICKWR3
Gift: 250 experience points and 12 enchanted amulets

Note: These codes are valid for a limited time only and can only be redeemed once per player. Enjoy your gifts in Empire Defense: Age Stick War!