NameStickman Spear Legend
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseCuongbeo Game Studio
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Stickman Spear Legend: Battling the Forces of Evil

Help Stickman deal with the devil in an exciting adventure that awaits every player in Stickman Spear Legend. The forces of the devil himself have managed to penetrate our world, and it is up to you to pick up a sharp spear and fight back against all the creatures that threaten your native lands. But fear not, for the Gods will also come to your aid.

Prepare yourself to destroy hordes of enemies, collect unique relics, and drive the devil away from your homeland. Stickman Spear Legend is a dynamic game where javelin throwing and engaging confrontations are skillfully combined. Learn to manage your spear efficiently, annihilate hundreds of foes, and progress with confidence.

Mastering the Art of Javelin Throwing

As you dive deeper into Stickman Spear Legend, you’ll realize that one spear alone won’t be sufficient to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. It’s time to acquire a second spear to enhance your combat prowess. Gather more bonuses, unlock powerful perks, and explore entertaining features that will aid you in your quest.

Immerse yourself in the game’s stunning graphics as you discover a wide array of weapons, armor, and gems that will further elevate your gaming experience. Engage in thrilling battles and strategic gameplay as you strive to emerge victorious against the devil’s minions.

Download ( V1.20 )

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