NameStuff Sort – Sorting Master
CategoryNew Game
Size101 MB
ReleaseGriffon Game

Stuff Sort – Sorting Master is a game that challenges players to classify various objects based on specific criteria. The game provides a virtual environment where players are presented with a variety of objects and are required to sort them into different categories. This might include sorting by color, shape, size, or any other characteristic.

The game offers a range of levels, each one increasing in difficulty and complexity. As players progress, they encounter more challenging sorting tasks, requiring them to think quickly and make accurate decisions.

One unique feature of Stuff Sort – Sorting Master is its option to create custom sorting criteria. This allows players to tailor the game to their preferences and add more variety to the sorting challenges.

The game also incorporates a time limit, urging players to complete the sorting tasks within a set period. This adds a sense of urgency and encourages players to develop their decision-making skills under pressure.

With visually appealing graphics and intuitive controls, Stuff Sort – Sorting Master provides an engaging and stimulating gaming experience. It not only entertains players but also enhances their cognitive abilities, such as attention to detail, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Overall, Stuff Sort – Sorting Master offers a fun and educational gaming experience that challenges players to sharpen their sorting skills through a variety of captivating levels and customizable criteria.

Stuff Sort – Sorting Master MOD

I type in a simple name for my account, it tells me it either contains special characters, which it does not, or that it is less than 3 characters long, which it also is not. This idiocy is not letting me select a name for myself, I am not amused.. Upset that the way the game is played in picture is not the way it's played when installed. I just Uninstall as soon as l see it is not played as pictured. I have Uninstalled LOT of them.. I am done with this damn adds game, that's all you play on here. You can't play the game for having to play adds all the time. The game is fun other then the so many adds.. I really like the game but I feel you owe me money back to my Google account. By trying to buy more gold so I wouldn't have to deal with ads . I purchased no ads I purchased three treasure chest I purchased one extra gold on you purchase I know part was my own stupidity bot rhe way it looked one treasure chest had X 2000 The next two was looks like you are supposed to get X7000 Which none of the gold showed up anywhere I really feel I need some money refunded Thank you Carol Jackson. Love sorting Thang's.So yes I love this game.And if you like sorting you will love it too Give it a try...

Stuff Sort – Sorting Master APK

Relaced my previous favorite as my favorite new game. I'll sit through an ad for hints and help to advance. I've even purchased the limited time no ads. But I know seeing some ads is inevitable and if I see that disgusting ad with the oozing sores again, I have to uninstall. It's completely offensive, makes me feel like throwing up, and I can't close fast enough. Really, it's horrible. It's a shame that it has ruined what otherwise has been an enjoyable game.. Way to many commercials. Mid game commercials to unlock parts of the sort puzzle plus to go into it and come out of that. And each puzzle doesn't take more than a few minutes while you're watching triple the time waiting on 30 second plus commercials to finish. Uninstalled.. I wouldnt bother. They cheat like cra,y, they take e v e r ything. They take your 5 points the Spin, dang!!!. Im on level 17, but the time is toooo short.. even if i try to use all the tools but still too short time... Too short... Please make it at least 10 minutes for each level.

Stuff Sort – Sorting Master APK

love the game, but way too many ads. the ads last as long as the game and after each game.. Was loving this game but since getting to level 40 none of the ads work right. Keep getting black screen after ad ends. I've played level 41 about 7 times now because of this issue. Will come back and try again after next update.. I enjoy this game for the most part. I like a challenge. But lately the ads, specifically the angry birds one freezes or glitches and I have to restart the whole thing. I know ads are necessary, but ones that don't crash would be helpful.. Ads nothing but ads after level 10. Have to watch ad to watch an ad. Your going to watch more ads than playing the game. Waste of time.

Stuff Sort – Sorting Master APK

I have only just starting but so good so far let you know more as I get into it cheers.. I love it! Ads don't interrupt game, they just give you extra time. It's not so hard that you feel like giving up but some can be challenging. Really good game. I like that I can play offline.. The game glitches way to much to play. Also ads don't play. Just a solid black screen that you have to close the app to restart. I am deleting the game.. the game itself is a lot of fun HOWEVER I have to uninstall it, I don't mind watching ads but after every level, well it's a bit much ,so I don't want to play. sorry not worth it to watch the same ad over & over & over & over & you get the jiff of it OK BUUUUUUUUY.

just installed so far nice. actually this was the 7th sorting game that I installed I don't have much issue regarding the ads unlike the others so this game is better....

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