NameBloons TD 6 NETFLIX
CategoryNew Game
Size161 MB
ReleaseNetflix, Inc.

Bloons TD 6 is a popular tower defense game that is available on Netflix. In the game, players must strategically place towers to defend against waves of colorful balloons, known as “bloons,” that are trying to reach the end of the path. Each tower has unique abilities and upgrades, allowing players to craft their own defense strategies. The game features a variety of levels, modes, and challenges, providing hours of entertainment. With its engaging gameplay and vibrant graphics, Bloons TD 6 on Netflix is a great choice for fans of tower defense games.


This game takes too long to update like i waited 5 days for one update to drop on the Netflix version even though the update has already been released in the normal version of btd6 but still good nonetheless. great game, but for some reason most of the online content and playerbase is extremely off from the actual game servers (probably because its based off netflix), as well as extremely outdated updating time (as of right now it should've been 41.0 but its not updating). It's an amazing game but it loses 1 star because its updated a few days after the other updates and its really frustrating cause you cant play the update. I really like this game but on mobile sometimes i cant do anything in the game unless i leave and come back NK please fix this for mobile users or it might just be me,but still this is a pretty good game!. love the game and the experience but wish the updates could come like 2-3 hours after initial release if this changes I will give a five star review have to give only low rating due to update 41 still not yet out.


there was an error when I tried to play with a friend. We couldn't play, that's why I give 4 instead of 5. Really good the same as btd6 it's an update behind right now it's only an update 40 it's supposed to be update 41 but it a good game. This it literally my favorite game I have ever played and I'm not exaturating All you have to have is a Netflix subscription for this game and bam instantly signed in. And the real btd6 in 6.99 and this if FREE. not only is this an iconic flash game, and a quintessential tower defense, but its close enough to the original mechanically as well as remastered for the state of the art, multiplayer, and free to play..


Free, and fun game but has more limitations, updates come late. Still unable to get sub Paragon and I also cant buy anything from the store because it is an unavailable feature.. Great game to play, fun to play casually, or if you want to grind the game and max it out, that's an option too, I've played this game for a while but lost my save, but even with the new updates the game is still as amazing as its always been. bon t, also please make it so that you can sell powers, i accidentally bought too much banana farmers to use. (i was gonna use the money on cash drops and i had 2000 and went down to 166). It's exploit game. About first month you will anjoy for play and won but after a lot month ago you don't win again! I'm sorry for my young game! I just deleted it. It's fun but so serious after .


Next best thing but most people are free to play so I wish btd6 was free so more people can play. This is basically the real btd6 but free. It is really good and have most of the features in vanilla btd6 like extras Costume maps and Multiplayer. Pretty fun, definitly should get if you have a netfilix accuount, but you should not get a netflix account just to play this.. Fun monkey game I recommend getting this game and it doesn't need internet so you can play it any time you want.

I never got to play the official BTD6 but since I have Netflix I can play this one! I am loving this game so far it's very well done, I did not even see any problems yet. I highly recommend this game for people that like strategic games. Well done.. Best mobile game by far made free. It's updated frequently and I love this game so much. I play it all the time. It's somewhat addicting LOL. I love this since it's the same game for free if you have a Netflix account I guarantee some fun. Amazing game I used to play number 1, 2, and 3 but I'm on a 1+7 android phone and the game crashes here and there, plus the special abilitys on the bottom left corner I have to keep pressing them constantly to work because it's glitched, I'm assuming td6 is ment for a newer phone but my phone is only 2 years old.

(Yo MA FAV GAME MAN) THIS IS SO COOL THAT ITS ACTUALY MA FAV GAME IV SEEN MY FAV YOUTUBER PLAY THIS GAME SO EEEEEPPPPPPIIIIIIICCCCC MMMMMMMAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN. This game is great and has great ideas for the game. What makes it so good is that you can have your Netflix profiles have different accounts, FOR FREE! It's also offline, which you can play without needing to have wifi. Has a lot in the game so you can do a lot of things for a long time without getting bored overtime. Playing this for a bit makes me want to play this game more. Good luck on future edits or changes and updates on the games, ninjakiwi!.

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