NameSUV 4×4 Russian Off-road
Size53.87 Mb
ReleaseF-Game Studio 1

Another project where you can experience the most sophisticated SUVs. SUV 4×4 Russian Off-road it’s time for you to plunge into the world of SUVs and incredible off-road. Here is an excellent off-road driving simulator that you can now experience on your smartphone. Watch the behavior of your SUV, ride over boulders, through deep puddles, and other very difficult places. You are driving a real Russian SUV that will be able to drive on the most difficult tracks.

3D graphics are very realistic, and an incredibly large map will open before you and the last doubts will definitely go away. You will sit behind the wheel of a powerful car, there may be UAZ or other Russian cars, explore this huge world, and find such difficult places that are quite difficult to pass.

Improve your car, buy new parts for it and make a cooler truck. Feel all the difficulties of such incredibly difficult tracks, get into the narrowest crevices and overcome impassable places in your Russian SUV. It will be a real offroad game that you can play for a very long time.

SUV 4×4 Russian Off-road MOD

Graphics are pretty impressive. it's a pity you can't customize the vehicles, and it would be even cooler if you could use low range and differential lock. Can be a bit glitchy; steering can pull to the right sometimes and glitches such as this worsen from maps 1-3, in 3 it's unbearable. Incomplete game, just like a demo with a few vehicles on few terrains without main story/campaign, also it's not something that feels like real off-road.. In this pictures showing last version but after download it is new version I like last version I want only that version. The entire games is amazing. But the grammar is a little wacky. But don't worry. I saw games with worse grammar.

Download ( V3.0.52 )

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