NameJapan Drag Racing 2D
Size44.69 Mb

A 2D arcade racing game with drag races. Japan Drag Racing 2D is a fun 2D arcade racing game with fast drag races. In this race, you can participate in exciting racing competitions against virtual opponents with a side view. At the very beginning, you are given the first car on which you will defeat your initial opponents.

The first race can be called training. You will earn the first currency and be able to purchase better vehicles. During the races, your task is to be the first to arrive at the finish line. The drag racing mechanic is simple. Shift gears in time, and you will overtake your opponent without any problems. The game has a car customization system. You can improve both technical elements and change the appearance of the car. However, all this requires money and earning it will not always be easy. Therefore, get behind the wheel and go to the track where the first enemy is waiting for you.

Japan Drag Racing 2D MOD

This game is pretty good. It's just when I race the opponents it's so easy to beat them. I have to shift early to give them a chance. Maybe create difficulties or levels so the game is more challenging and more fun. So that the cars can be faster.. Game is fully offline . Good game but still it is a little bit hard to earn money to buy a new car. Please improve the amount of we get after winning a drag race.. Best car game ever please just add more cars like Toyota Supra mk4 Toyota Supra mk 5 nissan skyline R34 GTR and nissan skyline GTR R35. The game is interesting great time killer but the customization part is kinda good the cars are decent but I think there should be more cars and a set difficulty depends on the hp of your car. Played this game years ago and it was the best jdm drag game on the playstore and i honestly think it still is but the outdated gameplay brought a 5 star rating down to a 3.

Japan Drag Racing 2D APK

My expectations were low but wow, try to go into tuning and it launches an ad. So I go offline, do an upgrade then pressed downgrade thinking it will store the parts, nope have to but them again. 0/10 would not recommend.. My eg6 cant even win a race even though it has 326 hourse power but somehow my 246 hourse power ae86 can win every race. I'd give a higher star rating if I could make the races harder and make more money. I'm not sure if I just can't find the option or what. But I'm winning every race by like 4 seconds and I'm making at the most 81$ a race. Could be better could u make so u get more money a race add more cars and 6 to 7 speed gearboxes please and thank u.

Japan Drag Racing 2D APK

Can't even buy a vehicle at the start I can't even buy a vehicle because they never give you money. Today was a good day. I was getting frustrated on somany things on my mind so i got my self to MOtOTReND+m. On the other things in other productivity i step to my own understsandng, it might not be here it could not be in me; the position i feal is good harder than it quots * glutan free*. Soft as my fealings get somtimes i dont have motive to stimulate my self thoughts to just know the difference of wisdom know the differentals in the transmitted accumilative things than could hold theself. You win low cash on races even if you lose you don't get cash,this game needs more features and maps, be able to see your should be more like drag racing 4x4. I love this game.but there is a problem.there is one map in this game. Kindly update it and install new maps+new cars. Thanku.

Japan Drag Racing 2D APK

Awesome but gtr 32 and 33 is too hard for My EG6 and EJ2 because the wheel grip is too much, make their grip 30% lower pls Thank You. And also # s u p N O O B do you even know that you can get your rev limit to 11000??? We can customize cars ecu bruhhh. 3d will be so much satisfying and better!!! Games like CSR 2 are awesome because of that, everyone would rather prefer 3d!!!. Great time killer,but if you want a super serious drag racing game,like wich you can change between different parts like superchargers and turbos or intakes or even ecu's i recommend you go ahead and install pixel car racer. This racing game is good but y'all people don't know good car racing games even though this racing game is good to me is still half done.

This game is soooooooo much fun and when you add the turbo, it sounds even BETTER!!!! I would highly recommend this game. Anyone out there who's looking for a drag racing game? Then this is the perfect game for you. Nice game but please add more car and different exzos sounds...thanks for this great games...please listen to mu requires. It's a great game,but I wish that this game can add free mode,and just add more cars ,and one thing,I also wish that u can costumize this tachometer s. I hope dev will read this. Wish u good luck.. Make it easier to make money getting a low of 56 dollars and a high of 94 dollars just doesn't work out with cars being 5k + and some upgrade 2k + on the low end.

Can't engine swap or do suspension upgrades. Won't even tell me how much they cost. Fix this and I'll give 5 stars.

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