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Introduction: A Journey Through TENKYU

You will play the role of a cool ball that will travel around the game world.

The Adventure Awaits in TENKYU

Download TENKYU for Android, an absolutely unforgettable adventure awaits you, in which it will be interesting and informative to spend your time.

Rolling Towards Victory

You have to play the role of a ball that will roll around the locations and move towards its important goal. You’ll have to get used to managing your round hero. At any moment, you can run into trouble, be trapped, or in a completely unpleasant situation.

Mastering Maneuverability

It is necessary to maneuver well, move up the crazy steps, and finally find a way out. Only in this case, a cool reward awaits you, with which you will continue to pass each level. Most likely, the first time you will not be lucky; you will run into obstacles and find yourself not in the most advantageous position.

Skills and Strategies

In some cases, you just have to tilt the step, slide your finger across the screen, and the ball quickly rolls to a certain place. If you tilt your smartphone too much, the ball will quickly fall off, and you will start from the beginning. It remains only to prepare well in order to do everything right and overcome all possible obstacles.

Download ( V3.39 )

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