NameTerrarium Garden Idle
ReleaseGreen Panda Games

Terrarium: Garden Idle is an opportunity to release stress and eliminate negativity. You can relax after a tiring and unhappy day at work in many ways, many of which do not have the most beneficial effects on health. You can get rid of negativity, fatigue, and stress much safer and more effectively: with the help of a fun, creative activity. All these elements are present in a new hobby, proposed to be done after installing a colorful game with a laconic design. It is an unusual blend of arcade, simulation, and strategy genre features, requiring attention and persistence.

Terrarium: Garden Idle is a game that will help your brain exercise greatly, without stress, when you have to complete complex tasks. Everything here is straightforward and optimistic, resulting from the use of cartoon design style and colorful graphics. A mod that earns a lot of money will provide access to all the game resources and help you cope with the quests. Funny ornamental plants of many different designs and types, beautifully arranged on the shelf, will produce oxygen. This valuable resource ensures the receipt of rewards, contributing to the victory. This application will develop analytical skills because the player has to calculate his actions.

Terrarium Garden Idle MOD

Thw game is wonderful but My problem is that that game does not have a feature to save the progress and thare is no update on coming soon world plus there is no possible way to get free crystals in the game. And yeah there's no possible way buy to decorations freely, not everyone person can buy your subscriptions. Please fix these problem . I really do enjoy this game however being able to sell your plants would add a another level to it. And making it easier to reach the other garden levels would be nice too.. Game is pretty fun, but if you skip ad when you level up, it still plays. You just don't get the bonus reward. Which is annoying enough. Half the times it makes you watch an ad the game then freezes and you have to exit completely and lose progress. You can level up pretty quickly and get lots of bonus points for free, if you don't mind the game being 90 percent ads and kicking you out every time you level up.. Calming with plenty of collecting to do. Not the most engaging game for long periods of time but something to do in a daily routine.. DO NOT GET THIS IDLE GAME. I watched more advertisment then actually played this idle game, and some of those ads are over 2 minutes long....

Terrarium Garden Idle APK

My plants are suck in the potting(?) Phase. It's been days and they aren't growing. I even tried to watch ads to accelerate them and it says reward granted but I can't exit the ad. When I close the app and go back in the plants are still loading. I love this game. I bounce around playing it and whenever I do it's always fun. It's super easy and there are lots of opportunities to upgrade fast. I don't think you comprehend space and time correctly. The game is more suited for desktop computers than a phone with a sensitive touchscreen.. This game is exceptionally therapeutic and I love that you can walk away and let it farm currency for you. Edit: I've dropped it down to 4 stars because a recent update has made a specific aspect of the game EXTREMELY frustrating. I can no longer collect level up rewards without getting an ad each and every time. It gets old when you upgrade and level every 30 seconds. I understand the need for ads - maybe just placed elsewhere..

Terrarium Garden Idle APK

Pretty good, couple bugs, though. The one thing that bothers me a TON is that sometimes, when I'm switching between greenhouses, all of the progress on the one that I click on disappears when I click on it. There was 30b+ accrued on it one time, and when I clicked on it, it didn't show up in my tally, just disappeared and reset. Very sad. I definitely paid the $ 1.99 to remove the ads because it was pretty much just ad after ad for more apps... and extremely unenjoyable. NOW, I am enjoying it. I like the OPTION to watch an ad if I choose to, not the constant shoving of them in my face just to grow a fake plant. ;). Ad revenuer. No respect. Ready to watch hundreds of long ads, even when you specifically choose the options that don't force you watch them? You know those ads that play for ages before the little X appears, and then you have to click a second and then a third X? You have to upgrade to get plants. Even if you choose not to watch the ad, you still have to sit through 30 seconds of two and three part ads to level up one time. Change your ad rules and I'll add more stars.. Overall its just a fun game. It helps keep me busy while I'm writing in my prayer book or while my husband is busy doing something I have no interest in lol. It takes a lot for me to like a game too..

Terrarium Garden Idle APK

I really love this game. The noises are also hey satisfying to listen to. Is a really good game and I recommend it to anyone. I come back to this game every couple years. I have adhd and the dopamine I get from this little plant game is ridiculous. The ads are terribly annoying but the brain boost I get when I play is worth paying for ad free. 5$ a month is steep so we'll see how long I stick with it.. It is a calm game can chill you out I think you should get the game it is a really great game that is why I gave the game 5 out of 5. Great game but the ads can be annoying to have to see to get the plants in a reasonable time.

The game could be so fun. But the constant pop up ads kill all the fun. It makes a very relaxing game so stressful. Not impressed.. Game has too much ads. When you level up, you have a "choice" of getting some ammount of currency for free or get 3x of the sum by watching an ad. Whatever you press, you will be forced to watch and ad and its the tyoe of ads you need to watch, the click a button, then click a button again, then wait for the wait timer to pop up, then wait for the timer to end and then once again press the close button. Ruins the complete experiance. I dont want to play a game thats 40% forced ads.. Fun game to relax and chill to, a lot of ads at times but that just comes with the issue of most phone games so that's a given. But other than that fun and simple game to get into and relax to while playing.. The game would be a lot better some of the features weren't so repetitive and stop bombarding the player with ads, other then that the game is overall fun.

Cool I don't know what to say I mean that about it but every time you level up it plays an ad that's about nothing else. So cute and sweet, ita a bordum or even just a daily log in game! So adorable, thank you for making this game . I like it. It's nice. The ads aren't too overwhelming but they def arent the best. You get an ad when you level up. And the leveling up also frustrates me because I have to be playing the game and claim the 'reward' before I can start going to the next level. And I need certain levels to unlock stuff but it takes forever to get those levels. But, I don't know. It's nice if you don't mind that.. You cannot get free gem.!!! are watching lots of ads, which is fine, but then, even when you arrive at level 100, you still cannot get free gem...pity...because game becomes boring and uninteresting..

I used to play this game with real dedication. I think I had it for around 5-6 months then I changed my phone and haha no way to recover your levels when you switch devices so I uninstalled it from my new phone. Ain't doing all that work from scratch again. This incident is so freaking old like it's been 2-3 years, I remembered about the app today out of nowher..... want to play it again but kinda skeptical because it is too much work and patience tbh.. A good healing games, the only downside that I can think of was the fact that this game can't be backup so when I have a new device, I can't restore my progress. But overall, I will give this games 5 stars . So calming! I love that this idle game gives out clean air, which we all need more of lately, right? (:. Used to have this game years ago and decided to reinstall, instantly remembered why I stopped playing. Not only is there nothing to do but stare at plants, the ads are WAY worse than I remember. They REALLY want you to pay your 3 dollars to get rid of them because not only does every level up and boost use trigger one, but there's an ad bar in the way at the bottom of the screen. Some of them are long too..

I love it soooooo much it calms me down really easy when I'm haveing a struggle with stress and trying to calm down when I'm hyperactive love it kind hurts my fingers tapping the plants to get more plants but it's so fun . I would have given a 5 but when I first open the app and you immediately send me to the play store I will close your app and not come back for several days. I have the app on my tablet and it doesnt do this so why does this one do it?. Fun little time waster. Too many ads tho. And they need a new world. I've had to Uninstall and reinstall a few times and still there are no new worlds.. Got the app to get a currency from a different game and ended up loving the app. I will not uninstall..

It's a fun game to pass the time, but after you accumulate many plants, it takes over 3 minutes for the built up number button to pop up, so it can be a little frustrating.. Love this game. The little details are adorable. Its super relaxing. Please add more to those coming soon worlds!! I need more plants!!!. I love this game like it's so relaxing but there is adds almost every 2 or 1 minutes but I still like this game..

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