NameThe Greedy Cave

An exciting story that will be interesting to go to the end. It was a very long ago when one large continent, Milton, lived in our world. It was on it that something incredible happened with the help of a sword and magic. Everyone decided to become excellent warriors, smart wizards, and real adventurers. Three kingdoms were divided by certain borders, but it was time to unite. But as it turned out later, not everything went as smoothly as we would like. Our whole story starts in the kingdom of Iblis, and this is a place forgotten by God. It’s a terrible land, and the inhabitants dug it all for minerals for the south. Sometimes travelers get here, but they will not stay long.

Our main character wandered here one fine day and returned with a large pile of treasures. This news spread all over the area, so the kings from the south sent their armies here to clear these places from everyone. There are many hidden treasures in the caves, but people always go missing there. Now you are tasked with finding everything that each of the aliens is looking for here. The toy, three in a row, is well-known to everyone, and playing it with other bells and whistles is always a pleasure. It remains only to download The Greedy Cave for Android, and you can experience it yourself.

The Greedy Cave MOD

I would give 5 stars but after dying, the game won't let me revive via ads, I have to give up. I wanna play more!. A good game, but caveats about data safety. There's no guarantee the cloud saves will continue to function when swapping devices, currently lost progress AND purchases having to move phones, it is not tied to account. It's a bit disheartening to know that there's no restore purchase option.. This game is a pay-not-to-lose. When you kill a boss, you've to consume some "money" to get the real loot, or you get nothing but junk. So. You pay or you lose what you wanted. Ah, the fun part. Once you realized that, you can't go back, and this is lost forever. Because you get ONE SHOT at that.. The game is based on collecting as many potions as you can and finding a better equipment for bossfights. So, the main mechanic turns out to be organizing the most efficient resource management, so that you don't run out of potions. That leads to potions being the key resource, which makes the game a potion collecting simulator. Skill tree hasn't got a huge variety of skills, to beat a boss you only need one or 2 of them. Good that the game doesn't crash anymore and it is more pleasant to play. (edited) Five star, satisfied with the new update regarding the new map and red equipment, still hoping for the auto button for grinding or movement speeds for boots to ease in grinding..

The Greedy Cave APK

I like the fact you can change hair and face, and not just the armor you have on. When it comes to customizing the character I can get into it. I think you should be able to change the skin color or hair color of the specific hair you want.. The only thing don't like about your game is that after you exit the dungeon you loose all your armor and you need to refind new armor.... armor you have you should keep why loose it. DON'T DOWNLOAD-Full of bugs. Bonus videos don't play, when return to town u have to restart apl to continue, movement within town is backwards & badly built. A 3 year old could of built a better app.. I cant play my old account cuz it keeps sayang error on cloud how can i fix it, i want to play it again.

The Greedy Cave APK

Please fix the asatos purgatory I don't know it is a bug or not I'm using power he 1 shotted me before reaching his 600k HP and he did not charge when he 1 shotted me my burst power is 180k please fix this I want to finish the game thank you. The game feel dead,right now it just feels like one of those idle game you come back once in a while to play for a few hours and then forgot it again , can you please add circular control instead of the 4arrow control, thanks.. I really enjoy this game. But I was getting tired one day and trying to push further than I should have, and died. Didn't notice my health getting low, so for the first time dying I thought oh cool I can play an ad to revive. Except the button did nothing except stop the countdown timer. Please fix this, I got a lot of nice loot and opened diamond boxes. I'd really rather not have to go through all that again. Other than that wonderful game.. My final toughts for this game is that the community is dead, there's not enough guide to complete item sets. I DEFEATED THAT WORM BOSS A HUNDRED TIMES, YES A HUNDRED TIMES OR MAYBE MORE CUZ I FOUND A GLITCH THAT YOU COULD DO IT SO QUICK WITHOUT GOING THROUGH TO 31-41 REPETETIVELY ANYWAYS I STILL DIDNT GET THAT COHEN'S CAP AND MY LUCK IS 117. And I even got a new item set that wasn't even in the fandom so for sure there's no way I could complete that btw the item is called "Shadow Klobuk" helmet.

The Greedy Cave APK

Problems with ads,cant watch them havw to close app watch 2 ads for gems and repeat,same goes if i die in cave but it works 50 50 sometimes i get revives sometimes i lose progress. Hi, the wheel won't spin for me, I'm not sure why and I don't know if I need to just click it, spin it myself or shake my phone but the daily wheel spin just doesn't work at all. Please fix this!!. I have found something strange, the selection of difficulty in Ghost island is not working? Changing it to ordinary difficulty but still the bosses stats is they same as they're in upper level, i found it very annoying because i cant farm there like before. This game is truly amazing!. This game crashes still randomly. Tas this game have this kind of error where the layout of the interface becomes messed up, the potion buttons up, the map no longer containing the character, and this all happens when checking the inventory. Please tell me this is not a device only problem. I like this game tho, but the error just is not tolerable since it messes up my sense of directions. And my saved game cannot be downloaded, idk why that happened... Now I'll start again from scratch..

Disappointed. This game was one of my favorite games to play since 2017, I recently tried to play it again, but now it always crashes when I barely start it up. Can you guys please fix this issue??. It's just terrible. Getting a full set of gear is just a whole ordeal. Especially set parts like boots and pants that only drop from boss drops. It takes an average of 7mins with danger knee boots --80% movement speed boost-- to get to the boss room just to get nothing, even though you'd be rocking a 350 luck Stat. Terrible and frustrating trying to farm those parts. It's just not worth anybody's time. Value yourself and your time better. Stop playing this game, even if you have enough money.. I have spent hours playing it. Loved it Edit: I love the game, but now it crashes everytime I open it : ( I cleared its cache, uninstalled it, installed it again, etc. Nothing worked : (. This game doesn't start up,I have now on 2 seperate occasions tried downloading it and every time it opens the start up screen for a second and then just closes down. I have the following phone Blackview Oscal C80 and I would very much like to play this game again as I have had it before on a different phone.

Game won't start. Last patch may be the issue. Hopefully there will be a fix soon. I did really like this game in the past but now it seems to be broken. Will update review after this issue is patched.. It's a garbage game , won't even load up on my $1000 12g of ram phone what a joke. Can't even begin to play it.. Can't play have bine playing since it came out, and now all I get is a game that only crashes when trying to load it. Fix the game uninstalled till fixed. LOVE IT 4-9-2023 tried playing it and it won't load. Tried uninstalling and reinstall it and still tells me therea a bug, even deleted the cache files. Still nothing.

Finally after 8 years of search i found it. I love this masterpiece since i was 8. It just got deleted and i forgot the name. I played some similar games like this but this is the best above all games that i played. I enjoy playing this game , would you a easy acces of changing set so that i would not always open the inventory to switch on my luck set whilr im griding plss add it like in the side of the map just clicking it it will switch set 1 to set 2 thank you. I love this game. And the style, love how many levels there are. And it's a good challenge, although it's kind of repetitive so it gets boring sometimes, but other than that it's great.. The game can be fun but, it seems like anytime I take a break from playing and come back to the game, my progress is wiped. I don't understand that because I have not changed my phone or account settings, etc. I'm not wasting my time yet again to start over. Uninstalling..

So game doesn't really crash for me, sometimes on startup but try again and it opens without any problems afterwards. Pretty fun to farm when offline. never bought anything, watched a couple of ads only for revive after silly deaths, and completed the game easy peasy. But I take a star off because game stats (esp luck) and skills and other extra mechanics (aka pets, cards) have no tutorial or explanation just ended up power stacking and brute forcing my way through.. Play'd a bit again and again, and that was because of phone issues on my end, I enjoy'd my short time playi g, hope to play further.. The game crashes when i open it, kinda disappointed ngl...Sorry for the 1 star, but this is sad, that this game is pretty old and still have this kind of problems.... While i really enjoy this game i cannot really recommend it; -crashing on startup since months -missing text -wrong descriptions -cloud saving barely working -weird, unexplaines hole at the last bosses room, which leads to a crash and fake successful beating of the boss. instead of fixing these issues the developers just add a timed event which obviously cannot be played by many anyway. their only current "Solution" for the startup crashes is the non working clear cache solution..

I played this game when I was younger and absolutely loved everything about it...oddly I can't play it at all now since I can't even enter the game?this seems to be a common issue among most is it still not fixed?. I loved the game and spent quite a bit of money every week as well. Disappointing that an update has resulted in it crashing on startup for over a month. Even updates have not made it playable. Too bad. Two months later... Have been waiting a long time...hope the fix for the startup bug on Android gets fixed soon. I have been playing this game for years and I love it...but for the last months everytime I tried to open to play it crash on startup doesn't even get to the title screen...tried erasing it and reinstalling and nothing...just losing hope to play it again... I got a Galaxy Fold 4 maybe it is not optimized for it... I hope they fix it because i really like this one. its been a while and there are few improvements but not the store, i mean i want to spend more but im seeing less on the iap store...

It's cool but it crashes if I open the wifi when I start the app and when I do enter the game offline and try to open either wifi or data it doesn't register the internet so I can't enjoy neither the events nor the ability to think of buying anything, and the app also has tracking in it for different companies and selling information to them (Facebook, Google .. Etc) which is really annoying. Fix internet crashes, I can't join the events, they are meaningless like this.. The basis of the game is great! I love the concept. However there is lots of flaws (bugs, spelling errors,bad scaling, a somewhat p2w model, etc). One major issue I have is not being able to upload my profile to the cloud with no help from devs or anyone involved. After updating to the latest version I get a message stating "Unable to upload profile, switch to the right version". Not sure what this indicates.. I got a new phone and I'm unable to play on it due to this issue.. I just got my new cell phone i stopped plsyinh this game coz i dony have a phone. My old acc (almost 2 years grind) lost. Now im disappointed and feeling depressed rn all the memories and stuff... Update: Played it again from the start still addictive and stuff the game goes boring when there is no updates and stuff still worth of top ups wish they can bring some new good stuffs. Fix your game... Its always crush how many times you reinstall it, its still crash.. I love this game tf .

Bad app. Crashes at startup every time. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still happens. Pretty sure all my progress is gone now along with my in-app purchases. Don't download until fixed.. Why tf does my character always get deleted..when i don't play for a while, i even keep the game installed...why? Sucks. Revisiting this game because it was the only game I remember as a roguelike rpg game. Pity it crashes all the time at start up. Look, imma give this at least 4 stars once the bugs and crashing issues are finally completely fixed. Yall said they fixed but noooo. The moment I clicked, it won't open..

Played this game on and off for years. Loved it. After this last update just crashes constantly. I'm on a Samsung Note20 if that makes a difference.. Potion buffs keep on disappearing when I reopen the game. Somehow I get an EXP buff eventhough I didn't use one. This game looks like it would be fun, but I can't even open the app... I see this has been going on for over a week as well. A shame really.. Loved this game at the start...but now it's another cash grab...have to buy premium package in order to participate in certain areas of the game...was originally 5 from me but now I'm dropping it to 2. Still fun tho..

The chance of getting a set armor is so freaking hard thou , maybe you'll complete a set after you played this for all over a thousand times, so i quit playong this game. This is an amazing game but after update game wont launch. It closes on loading screen sadly. I did force stop and other stuff but that did not help.. The games itself isn't bad, but after the most recent update the game just crashes on startup. So until they fix the game so it's openable, I will have it rated as a 1 star.. I like the game, but now it just crashes when I try to launch it. Clearing the cache did nothing to help. I might try reinstalling, but I dont want to lose my progress. Edit: The "dev" has just "responded" saying that I should try restarting the game and clearing the cache. Things I just said I tried. Thanks .

The game is pretty great, but the game sometimes crashes and stops that irritates me, and can add more quality rank to the equipment no just having the highest quality equipment Orange rank it's just too boring when you get the highest quality equipment at the early game, and I think adding cursed equipment with debuff but great stats equipment will make the game more dungeon feeling and fun. Also please add classes on the character like a mage or a ranger. The game has big potential, but, unfortunately, it is not properly made in terms of balance. First 4 bosses are possible to beat, unlike EVERY other, you either need to spend countless hours/money on getting perfect, and I mean PERFECT loot, or you just won't make it past that boss. Again, the game is very good, but, it is either untested, or relying that you play with unlimited money cheat. I love to put in many hours in the games that I play, but here it just doesn't pay out with anything. Sad. Love this game but I swear if I don't play this often enough it'll reset me and when I load my last cloud save it's an old save which is very low leveled even though I've cleared the normal difficulty years ago. I've regrinded 4 times by now. Please fix this. Great game ads are not obnoxious, controls are easy, no bugs I can find, deep RPG with much variety and many build options and piles of cool loot to equip for you and your pet. Honestly what more do you want from this sort of game?.

I love this game. I always come back to it when I need something to play. I appreciate the developers for releasing this gem. Is it just me or is getting cards from elite monsters become very difficult? I havent gotten any cards yet on nightmare. Please help. I miss the old version where you don't have to f'king pay real cash to get a loot from boss, how this game fallen is saddening me.. It's a pretty decent game, there's a dozen games that are almost identical. The major problem with this one is equipment forging is completely useless. It's an absolutely massive chunk of actual gameplay but is made worthless because you out grow the equipment multiple tiers before you have resources for a tiny improvement..

Fantastic game it has only one problem when I connect to the internet it stop working keep crashing fix please. Quite enjoy this game but the occasional bugs really ruin the experience. As well as the incredibly poor level of English writing really makes the game feel cheaper and unfinished. The balancing and distribution of item drops are a little too inconsistent, with sometimes you going through 10 levels finding nothing. And other runs where you have way too much to carry. It really feels like this game is really new and still missing a lot of features or patches, but it's actually quite an old game.. Welp, this is pretty much a shameless rip off of "The Enchanted Cave 2" with added on features. The story, and main gameplay aspects are pretty much the same, but I'll give credit where credit is due, they did mostly a good job with it. Although this is a shameless rip off, I'll still praise them for their art style, that looks like it came straight out of "Don't Starve".. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cool this game is for a phone game, and the efforts put into making it! I mean sure the English isn't perfect, but who cares, and the ptw aspect is a little bit too much at times buuuuut, the dev team gotta eat too as money does not grow on trees unfortunately, be that as it may,you CAN still play and enjoy the game without paying a dime.. Thank you guys for such a cool game keep it up .

I suggest to have the indicator for the shields effects in forcefield skill or any grant of shield to be able to see if the shield are going to gone. Edit: My issue isn't on gauging when to escape. My issue is that if say someone calls in sick & I have to suddenly cover a shift I either have to waste an escape scroll just to save or risk losing the save file by not escaping. Only thing I would want added is a way to not lose progress mid-run in case I have to deal with things in the real world.. Sadly i can not enjoy this game anymore. I was actively playing it, but the last update ruined it. I feel like my progress was thrown back. Bosses that I was fighting on the edge got 50% tougher and it feels like this was made to force pay2win. The new 'dancing' feature makes no sense in this game. I am sorry but this is it for me. Will check in a few months for some new content but its likely endgame for me.. "NEEDS WORK" I have over the past week found this game to be charming, I love the witty descriptions (minus spelling errors) with funny fighting noises+amazing art. After a while I found the game a bit repetitive but collecting and finding new parts to the game like ghost island was interesting and I am still playing despite numerous glitches (I have pics), WHICH, ALSO GOT WORSE, when I spent some money..... I think this game could go far if it improved in fixing numerous errors and glitches..

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