The Greedy Cave iOS Mod 4.0.16 (Unlimited Gem/Crystals/Coupons)

Category Game Mobile
Size 306M
Version 4.0.16
Update: 12/11/2022
Install Original android iphone

The Greedy Cave – users will find themselves in the distant continent of Milton, full of mysterious locations. After loading the game, you need to choose your character. It depends on the player he wants to be: a powerful mage, a powerful warrior or a fearless adventurer not a demon’s brother.

The Greedy Cave

There are several states on the continent, and tourists frequent between them. Everyone has a chance to become famous. The character will start his journey from the barren land of Iblis. A place that people rarely look at. A boy accidentally fell into the abyss. Luckily, he survived and was able to get out of there. I also found the bag of gold! Since then, everything has changed…

Features of The Greedy Cave

Dungeons are interesting in their own right. These are not closed corridors with a route. There is always an opportunity to turn in the other direction.

The Greedy Cave game has:

  • The hero’s amazing adventures – mysterious caves, bloodthirsty dragons and much more await him.
  • There’s no plot, but even without it, there’s something to do. Find treasures, improve your character, fight monsters.
  • The controls are simple, the hints will be helpful for beginners.
  • Great opportunity for character development – ​​change his gear, discover new skills, etc.
  • Every new thing that is worn reveals the hero’s appearance, which also makes you happy.

There are enough opponents and you will have to fight them. Battles happen automatically, but if the enemy is stronger, you can run away. But then in the cave you can find treasures with legendary equipment and other useful items. A drop is also poured from the dead.

The Greedy Cave Mod

Tips and Tricks

Overall, Greedy Cave for android is represented by a world with levels of chaos created and earned protection – move around the world and participate in battle, players will be in multiplayer format , which means there is no pause in the game to rest.

But even in this mode there are some nuances – in the first place, your enemies never enter the battle first, but only defend themselves from your ward’s aggressive behavior. And this feature should be used – you don’t have to fight every monster that appears on your way (in the early stages), otherwise your life will quickly end, and the hero will be buried. literally deep in the cave. Second, before any carnage, you have time to prepare, during which you can shift your most important resources to neighboring access.

Hack The Greedy Cave

Graphics and Controls

A few words about the interface of the game The Greedy Cave – when wandering around the map, on the screen a large amount of diverse information is displayed: the task is completed, the experience points, the life stats and the gold received for the game. defeat the enemy. A map will be displayed next to the info window, allowing you to track your location and navigate your way. At the bottom there is a panel with used items.

The window with the available inventory is very detailed – all of the protagonist’s abilities are shown here, including horizontal damage, dexterity, endurance and other little things. There, you’ll also be able to change uniforms, dispose of unnecessary items or disassemble received ones, as well as accurately distribute skill points to available abilities.

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