Discover the epic world of Three Kingdoms Tempest with exclusive codes from publisher Gameduo! Immerse yourself in the strategic gameplay, intricate alliances, and fierce battles of ancient China. With these codes, unlock powerful heroes, rare items, and enhance your gaming experience. Join the adventure and conquer the Three Kingdoms with these exciting bonuses!

Latest of Three Kingdoms Tempest Codes


Unleash the Gift of the Ancients: Obtain legendary armor, wield god-tier weapons, and summon mythical creatures to battle foes!


“Unlock a legendary weapon, gain 100,000 gold coins, or receive a rare armor set in Three Kingdoms Tempest! Redeem now!”

How to Redeem Code for Three Kingdoms Tempest

To redeem a gift code in Three Kingdoms Tempest, open the game, navigate to the settings menu, select the "Redeem Code" option, enter the code provided, and click "Claim" to receive your rewards.

List of Three Kingdoms Tempest Codes

1. Code: TKTDJ389 - Unlock the legendary sword, Qinggang, for your general.
2. Code: TKQRX572 - Receive a gold ingot bundle to boost your kingdom's economy.
3. Code: TKYJK895 - Summon the mystical dragon, Chi You, to aid you in battle.
4. Code: TKLPQ746 - Claim a rare armor set for your most trusted warrior.
5. Code: TKWZB413 - Acquire a secret scroll that grants wisdom beyond measure.
6. Code: TKVCF624 - Obtain a special bundle of resources to fortify your stronghold.
7. Code: TKHDP957 - Gain a powerful war horse to increase your mobility on the battlefield.
8. Code: TKMWB821 - Unlock a hidden map revealing treasures waiting to be discovered. Use these codes wisely to dominate the Three Kingdoms Tempest!