NameToilet Monster Battle
CategoryNew Game
Size113 MB
ReleaseTiger 30 Studio

Toilet Monster Battle is an intriguing game that brings an unconventional twist to the world of video games. In this unique gameplay, players find themselves engaged in epic battles against terrifying monsters that emerge from toilets. The objective is to protect the world from the invading monsters by utilizing an array of tools and weaponry at hand.

Players start by choosing their avatars and building a team of fearless warriors to take on these monstrous creatures. As the game progresses, players must strategically position their warriors on the battlefield to prevent the monsters from causing chaos and destruction. The monsters themselves come in various forms and possess different abilities, adding depth and challenge to the gameplay.

To conquer these foes, players must understand each monster’s weaknesses and devise tactics accordingly. Upgrades and power boosts can be obtained by collecting special items throughout the game, enhancing the abilities of the warriors and increasing their chances of victory.

With stunning graphics and immersive sound effects, Toilet Monster Battle provides a distinctive and entertaining gaming experience that defies conventions. It promises hours of thrilling gameplay as players embark on an adventurous journey to rid the world of these pesky toilet monsters. So grab your plunger and prepare for an epic battle like no other in this unconventional game.

Toilet Monster Battle MOD

It got stuck at level 70, where there is nothing to merge and no space to add new cards. Don't know what to do.?. So I think that I I'm at the end of the game but I love it good enough for the players who agree with me YOU'RE always going to be a smart man / men ok l like the game I'm a t level 84 or 86 I play all day and your game is going well and your game will have a good time to play but I'm sad I'm at the end I'm so sad. I like it goes with the storyline and it's not like one of those apps that promise music but when you install it it does have it and also I would like if you put the music that plays when the cameraman wins when you win that would be soo cool!. in level 16 it lags so much that i always lose because of the skibidi toilet and delete that mine craft units. I like it but level 12 is broken, when the road turns it shakes all the characters and it makes me lose..

Toilet Monster Battle APK

It was really fun at the start but at level 16 on a chasing level it glicht out constantly and I was never able to complete it if any suggestions then let me no I think that you should not waste you time and play a different game again really disappointed and know way to skip levels . Bag of the year old girl I don't know what you think about what you think about this game is a new job at the beginning. The original creator already created one and also I've seen do many games like this did just copy them you just turned it to skibidi toilet. Can't beat round 12 my guys don't shoot at them I reset the game still didn't work please fix this bug.

Toilet Monster Battle APK

There are other characters from other games that are not In skibidi toilet so it's not good and it's dumb. There's some characters that doesn't even exist in the skibidi toilet and level 16 is so laggy that it's unplayable like fix your damn game L devs. This game is not the worst or the best because whenever I play the game it starts lagging but still there are more horrible games.And the people who have made this game and are reading these bad and good comments just remember it does not matter what other people think it is about what you think.Well done to the people who have made this game but I think you guys can do better. One more thing I am starting an NGO for cleaning and I won't care about think what people think I will just ignore.IU. There is a bug at lvl 12 that as soon as the road turns there a earthquake starts my guns that the cameramans had turns and game lags and i lost.

Toilet Monster Battle APK

The worst game I ever played cuz everytime I get a bunch of people the game lags and makes me lose. Sab se Ganda game hai ad mai dekh ya Gaya Titan spkearman ki ja ga Titan washing man hai Omaga Ya game gu hai. THIS GAME IS AMAZING GAME ONLY YOU HAVE TO GO AND MERGE . BUT PROBLEM IS SOMETIMES IT LAGS ALRIGHT I WILL GIVE 8.64/10. There's puppy playtime characters, that's not even in the camera toilet stuff for something like that. So this is why I'm giving it 2 stars. I like it, but it's still like, not cool..

Download ( V1.0.5 )

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