NameTower of God: New World
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Tower of God: New World is an exciting and immersive online role-playing game set in the world of Tower of God, a popular webtoon series created by SIU. The game takes place in a vast tower that consists of numerous floors, with each floor containing various challenges and obstacles for players to overcome.

Players can create their own unique characters, choosing from a wide range of classes and abilities, and embark on a journey to climb the tower. The gameplay involves exploring different floors, battling powerful enemies, and completing quests to progress further.

Tower of God: New World also incorporates strategic elements, as players must strategically utilize their character’s abilities and powers to overcome difficult challenges. They can join forces with other players to form alliances, compete in PvP battles, and participate in exciting guild wars.

The game features stunning visuals and graphics, bringing the Tower of God universe to life. The lore and storyline of the webtoon series are seamlessly integrated into the game, providing fans with an immersive experience that expands upon the original content.

In conclusion, Tower of God: New World offers fans of the webtoon series an exciting and interactive way to experience the world of Tower of God, providing hours of thrilling gameplay and exploration within the tower.

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The game is good but after the last update,i always got physical error when playing element training,always network error and i am always force to restart the game... The one and only gacha game that did everything right i mean literally everything u can think of in a gach game except 1 thing the pvp arena limited to 5 times per day that's why i am giving a 4 stars other than that it's a great game. Maybe you guys will add landscape mode on the future and thanks for the great game netmarble. Honestly feels the game gets slower every patch playing on s22 ultra, most likely bad optimization or maybe server issues. At this point I question the longevity of this game, experience has deteriorated since two months ago, constant lag and crashes and now even login issues ~. The game keeps crashing over and over on PC, and playing on the phone is a pain since I have to keep my phone turned on for hours just to deal with all the daily activities.. Ok gameplay but another sadly waifu game like billion others games out there, with none stop sexual references and provocative girls..

Tower of God: New World APK

Summon rate getting worse and worse. I just do 110 summon and got 0 SSR . Wow. Only thing that make me still playing is Mylove to TOG series. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU WANT TO BE REWARDED WELL! I can't stress enough how ATROCIOUS this game's drop rates are. I NEVER get the SSRs that I chose to have increased drop rates, let alone actually getting an SSR in the first place. Oh, and too bad for you if you want a specific SSR. YOU WILL NEVER get the one you want unless RNG decides to give them to you. I went to SSR+ hard pity (200 pulls) TWICE, all 4 attempts it gave me the wrong character. I've since uninstalled the game.. Good idle game with nice animation. Though i had to reduce my stars to 4 since the summon rates right now have become so bad. Please fix. Good game. (God loves you. Repent of your sins and turn to God. Hell is REAL. Believe in His Son Jesus and be saved. YouTube: 30 Days Touring HELL).

Tower of God: New World APK

Gets boring after a couple weeks. Events are boring and very geared towards paying players. Only played and gave 3 stars cuz of the anime but ugh this game. Basically a 2 star game.. It's a game you'll need to play every day in order to progress. Characters have many tiers of evolution and different upgrades with more evolutions and levels. Not to mention your account progression. You'll probably never see a maxed out character without spending ungodly amounts of money. Although it's F2P friendly, if you don't mind grinding dailies for a year or more. I love the original IP so I can overlook a lot of issues, such as those above, or menu buttons and UI being slightly delayed.. Ssr+ are incredibly hard to get and way too weak. I finally got one and all my other SSR outclassed him by 10000+ combat power.. Yea there are no ads. But they balance that by having insanely high costing micro transactions. The gatcha for getting characters really doesn't feel fun either! Got to level 80s and really don't recommend playing this! Even if you wanna see the story they put in the game, it's not worth your time..

Tower of God: New World APK

Having great fun with this game. Quite challenging for f2p, but daily login and quests gave lots of resources. Updated frequently. loved 7dsgc i knew ill love this game too. only one tiny complain would be the ui; didnt put as much effort as in 7dsgc. And i love the amount free suspendium u can get thx netmarble.. The game is very good Anyone from india ? 100 days ho gaye mujhe khele iss game ko lekin netmarble ne kabhi nirash nai Kiya h Must try wala game h grind hard . So far the game is good, the additional stories in the events are interesting if you a a fan of the manhwa..

Best moblie game of 2023, a must play. Just can't wait for the second season of the anime, which is also a 2023 relase. I'd like it if they make a switch 2 and ps5 game.. Great game imo, but they really need to give the gold coins more use to buy things in store like the enhancement extracts or something. Drop rates are a bit messed up the further in the game u get b4 I used to get ssr nearly every time now I don't get even after 40 summons, so it makes it quite hard for f2p, and even if some1 wanted to lightly buy u can't really as most things are quite expensive for wht u get, other than tht its still enjoyable and a nice game to play.. Too much latency. Loading loading loading loading. When you click on anything it will take a while before it actually do anything. No apps running in background . And i got plenty of storage on a high end phone.. This is a very good game,character design are also quite nice and adaptation too. But after the new update SSR rate is the same but getting the SSR is difficult now, 153 pulls and getting only 1 SSR is quite BS. Please fix that..

The skip button is for decoration never press it. The "Only show me once today" is only for decoration. They spent time on the art and animations and you are going to see it regardless of how you feel about it. Plays great. You can't skip anything it's a myth.. I love the designs of the characters plus the abilities and graphics are just amazing. But theres just one thing that bothers me and its the button delays its just so annoying but overall its a good game.. It was great till the new update. Now it's slow, laggy, and downright unplayable. Fix it, please. I had 0 issues before, running in very high settings on my galaxy fold 4. Now if I press once, it responds after 1 minute. Didn't have this issue till the update.. Best Game ever. Im a huge fan of Tower Of God. I hope you can make device optimisation and add new character.

It's a pretty good game that requires a lot of space but besides that it's a great on everything as music and art.. I do like the game. the story and the artworks, splash designs, characters! everything I love. but there's one problem with all of the constant loading screens. I actually dread going through an entire 30+ fights for each chapter/floor. I would rather turn the game off than go through 55 loading screens just to get to another chapter . Nice game, BUT the summoning bonus bar reset after the update. I was 5 summons away from getting the SSR bonus! What kind of ROOKIE MISTAKE is this?. The constant loading is horrendous. No i don't need to clear memory. I have 2 games on my phone. The game is just incredibly slow going through maps and different sections of the game. They need to fix this slow asset loading. It makes me not want to log on. Edit: lol i told you i dont need to free up any memory. I have no apps running but the game. Your game is just terriblle in loading assets. Read my review before posting a "fix" i already said doesnt work..

Pretty generous for gacha style game. Definitely generous with the gems and tickets I have yet to spend any money on the game but have reached a wall around the 12th level. The exp you accumulate in the background isn't proportionate to the amount needed to level up. In 24hrs worth of exp on the lower levels I could easily gain 15+ shinsu levels, now I'm lucky to get 3 and my power is equal to the recommended so it's either spend money or weeks accumulating exp.. Love playing it on my phone, but I also wanted to try in Google Play Beta the problem is it shows unavailable, any fix for this on PC?. ACTUALLY is one of the very few games that I have stayed engaged with. There are lots of opportunities to acquire gems and tickets to summon, no stamina system, so play as long as you want, and it is just a simple game with a lot to offer. My only gripe, though, is that it is impossible to draw an SSR+ character. I have probably near and above 2000 pulls, and I have never naturally pulled one. They have ALL been pity pulls.. They broke the summoning odds not too long ago and now the games not worth it. You need dupes to improve units, but if i do 55 summons and get no SSRs how am i supposed to improve anything? Rates seemed fine until about a month ago but since then this game has been a waste of time. You grind for hours to do a few multi summons to maybe MAYBE get 1 SSR that's probably off wishlist and doesn't improve your team until you pull 9+ more copies. Stay far away from netmarble games unless you spend $$$$.

Its a great game, much improved! Tge events are good source of everything needed to upgrade guys. Gache odds are middle road. Good rewards. Really cool game only problem I'd say is progression is definitely a little slow hope the game will also get ways for f2p players to get alot of summons aswell. The odds for rolling in this game are so bad, used 60k crystals before getting a SSR minus the pity freebie. your typical afk gacha. f2p experience isnt bad but since your power level is directly tied to how much you roll on gacha pulls, it is very pay to win. sometimes grinds to a slide show and you gotta reboot. if you like afk gachas youd be happy with this.

It seems that Tower of God took feedback from every other gacha and built a much more solid game than others. The UI is not overbearing or complicated, and has good explanations, being able to pick my SSR featured is amazing and the pity system of giving an SSR+ eventually is perfect. Not having stamina for the adventure and other events is great. My only gripe is the microtransactions, I would spend money the bundles dont seem worth the money. Other games have the same issue however but worse.. so far it's another auto gotchya. But the storyline is second to none out there. Makes you want to progress just for that.. Was awesome, bought a pass and now have gone over 80 summons without an ssr dupe.. im not spending another red cent and seriously considering quitting a once awesome game. Ok, just got 4 dupes in 30 pulls...I would knock this game back up to 5*, the visuals are awesome...but the spotty rng especially the summons holds it back.... Tower of Gods, please at least attempt to balance your game. Yihwa being the dominant dps is so fun when no one else comes close. Like, are you afraid to nerf units? I don't understand..

The game is good, although once I've gotten to level 70, for some reason, I haven't been able to pull any ssr's. I've done over 150 pulls, and I've just ran out of luck. Now it feels like a pay to win. Really don't like that tri-essence is divided in 3 instead of exact character. It contains too many important stats that would take forever to get and increase. Would have been better if I could max carries instead off all characters at once.. Great game, I love the characters and their unique personalities and characteristics, I also love the peak details of the game, overall for what I thought would be in it is a 10/10. Is there a way to retrieve previous account, I deleted this game to get some space but I reinstalled it again. When I installed it, my server got restarted and I had to start again but then I checked if my account was still there, and it was. Please help.

I've been so incredibly addicted to this game they aren't stingy with resources so you can summon a lot without spending which makes the game more fun and makes me want to spend because this game isn't greedy. This game also made me watch the show on crunchyroll and it is a fantastic show quickly became one of my favorites.. hundress of pulls not a single ssr. disgusting loading times and loading screens at evwry click. uninstall. u can take ur standard "we re sorry" reply and shove it.. Gatcha but playable for free! I am fully caught up in the ~600 chapter webtoon and am very excited to see where this game goes. As of right now there are tons of opportunities to get summon crystals for free and the graphics are INSANE for a mobile game. Also it follows the webtoon to perfection. I am waiting patiently for Yama and Doom to be released. The Baylords are my favorite characters. For now enjoy the ride, it's a great mobile game.. bagus cuma untuk login dll susah waktu pake wifi, tp waktu pake data bisa lumayan lancar. pdahal main game lain stabil pakai wifi.

I had a not so good first impression with this game. Everytime i open it, it's just full white screen atfirst i thought my phone is having a problem then i checked if it's stopped working, it didn't so i tried waiting for a more than 5 mins hoping the game will work now but it didn't so i tried reinstalling it and same problem occured again. I hope this will be fixed soon.. This game is great and I like it, I hope it will improve more in the next updates, thank you.. Very good fighting gacha game with many ways to modify gear/ teams/chars, etc. My only gripe atm is that sometimes it lags and kicks you out when cycling thru your chars equipment. Atm, I can't relog in, and I was forced to turn off/on the phone and uninstall/reinstall.. The art style and animations are very nice, and the gameplay seems interesting so far. I also like that you can choose which units have increased drop rates for summons. My only complaint so far is that the SSR+ drop rates (not to be confused with normal SSR) are rather low compared to equivalent rarity units in other gacha games..

Sick and tired of this lame game constantly interrupting my videos. It's a boring, uncreative gatcha auto battler. I'd give it 0 stars if I could.. The returns on summons have gotten slower and it seems to take longer to get SSRs even with wishlist. You just get a bunch of trash SRs.. It's an alright game. It just gets pretty boring after awhile waiting to summon dupes to make your character stronger. Idk how many total dupes needed to max one out but it seems like a ridiculous amount.. Fun game, unique theme, no annoying farm building or long troop training wait times. More attack controls in combat would be great, nonstandard level up proc. takes a little getting used to, but overall worth trying and playing a bit. Nice graphics and sound affects music is not bad either. Overall worth a tryRuns well under my pc emulator..

I'VE JUST FOUND A PERFRCT GAME , I CANT SAY ANYTHING BUT TRY THIS GAME AND YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT, I LIKE THE STORY,GRAPHICS,GAMEPLAY, AND THE MKST IMPORTANT IS THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY JUST TO LVL UP, I'M LOOKING FORWARD FOR UPCOMING UPDATES HOPE THERES MORE CHARACTER AND ANIME COLLAB.. great but Honestly it's not pay to win Or another gotcha game. I gotta a lot of stuff without spending like premium stuff.. Very good story telling as if you are watching the webtoon/anime. But there is no gameplay. Auto battle boring after a week. Some of the functions in this game are joke...arena especially i havent found single enemy near my level 99% of them are 40 levels or more above me.

I wish there was an easy way to claim all the rewards at one go instead of endlessly switching between tabs just to see if I'm missing anything. Great story! Can't give 5 though due to loading and repetitive things needs to be done. I hope quick results will be added on all modes.. May not be the best idle game (yet) but it's still fun to play. Team put lots of effort in animation and i think the only game that changes intro animation every major patch. And with the story mode, it makes users re "live" the tower of god manga. I wish they add more QoL and optimizations. One thing in the arena, they should really just skip the fight rather than making us watch some avatars doing something. If we say skip, we really want to skip it. Thanks and more success to this game.

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