NameVersus Fight: CCG BRAWL
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Unique in every sense turn-based fighting game.Versus Fight: CCG BRAWL you have to be in a real battle and use a certain deck of cards.

To begin with, you should choose a cool character for yourself, and then enter into confrontations with a variety of players. Your opponents will come out in turn, and you will be able to combine your decisions so that you plan your defense or attack well. This is a very exciting project that is set up for the battle of cards and your strategy. Enter into confrontations with 17 heroes who have their own fighting techniques.

Each of them has its own talents, combat abilities, and many interesting things. Experience more than 80 skins, and defeat any opponent. Your rating will grow steadily, and you will rise up in the standings. As soon as it starts to rise, you will immediately gain access to other consumables. It is worth preparing well in order to deliver the most devastating blow to the enemy. A large number of characters, complete satisfaction with the battles and your own choice. It remains only to prepare and enter into exciting confrontations.

Versus Fight: CCG BRAWL MOD

Makes me fight player with infinite health and damage they literally have op gear, after I attack poison activates before vampiric heal, never was this problem in first versus fight please fix because I die with full HP makes no sense. This game stopped working years ago, I miss both versions of the game :(. I played this game for a long time and have spent money on it but now I can't log in...just says connection lost reconnect every time I try to open the game. Even Uninstalled and reinstalled it.. Can't even play the game it says I need a stable internet connection I do have one even if I'm on wifi or not it just gets to 9% asks to re connect and does it all over again. I have full bars on a 5G Network and the game won't connect because "stable internet connection requires". The game won't even load up. Doesn't even get pass 1% on the loading screen. No thanks. I'm out.. Imagine downloading a game with 50 mb/s line only for it to never load because you 'don't have a stable internet connection'. What a waste..

Versus Fight: CCG BRAWL APK

I played this game in the past really great decided to come back to it now can't get to load. Ive played for a while i really like game but a month ago it stoped logging in . my phone at 9% loading says" lost connection " reconnect? But it wont connect or reconnect...i feel bad i am sure it must be my android lg phone but i cant figure it out . uninstalled and reinstalled countless times enable game permission....i dont know what else to do.. I really liked this game and had a fun time playing it last year. I tried redownloading it today but I can't get into the server. Plz help, it goes to 10 percent and then says reconnect. This game took my money and now will not let me connect i down loaded this game had it about a year finall decided to put money on my accoumt now its been 3 days amd no connection!!!! This is my second post will ot disappear like my first!.

Versus Fight: CCG BRAWL APK

I just bought a character and now the game wont even load, it just says retry. I know my internet connection is solid.. This game is the best game ever.I wish the nightmare was a man also I wish there was more characters. Potentially a very good game, the mechanics work well and the combat is fun, however there are many problems, firstly it hasn't been updated in over a year! Keys do nothing, different characters are not unlockable and the matchmaking at times can be rediculous, I've spent money on this game to get good items so the least you could do is give us some new content.... I love the game. Some people get it and some don't. My advise learn many different strategies this game literally throws crazy artillery at you so many combos. Right know I guess it's safe to say I'm a high level good player (43 currently). But yeah I threw away some cash into the game but I'm pleased with progress. By the way it is absolutely not necessary to spend $.01 at all of course you'll have to grind like and of these games nowadays but tipping the developers should be a given as well..

Versus Fight: CCG BRAWL APK

I used to enjoy this game now is just boring because of the updates you guys removed the keys, after I had made a good purchase and was saving up, that's cold.. Haven't played in forever downloading right now. I used to like it I Couldnt find it for a while now 6 months or longer. I finally found it I thought it was called VS. Well If it is It's one of my favorite game glad I finally found it hopefully it's upgraded since last time I played I have actuall card from game. I really love this game and I want to login to save my progress, but every time I login Facebook says that the app or website has an implementation error. Fun, colorful, competitive, interesting and at times intense. I recommend giving it a try if you like card battle games. it's a new take on the genre in my experience..

Blatant p2w game. Even the tutorial and the damn daily quests tell you to buy consumables to win against a better opponent lmao, they don't even try to hide it.. dodge to win. and pay to win. if I could give 0/5 stars I would. every update only makes it more pay to win. Horrendous game. Becomes more pay to win with every update. Great fun game to begin with but all in all not enough going on to give this game a long life span, if your looking for a fill in game this ones for you, otherwise you may want to save the space on your phone.. The game is very much pay to win. People that you will mostly go up against will probably one shot you because they bought OP gear. If they had a system for casual players to just play against casual players, instead of a gamble with a pay to win try hard. If pay to win wasn't a thing in this game it would be very popular, but as of now it may be getting money but not popularity..

Good so far...but only been in it for a hour so we will see when the money wall comes. This a awesome game, I can play with my brother in my club and verse him, I rarely find games that me and My brother can play but I got lucky with this one!. Total scammer with all AI players and scamming ads, and of course phone hacking virus is also detected and now the dev is running away after being summoned by court.. Ok,I play the game for a month now and here are my thoughts. BAD first : Game is clearly pay to win,and the gear is terribly overpriced in the shop, matchmaking can be bad paring you with ppl who just oneshot you every time,and oh yes who thought Deactivator is a good idea in a game where you pay for gear should be fired (that's bugging me the most) GOOD:Grafix are good,narrator is epic,I love all different strategy and builds,if you put some money in,game is generally fan to play and addicting..

it's a rather fun game but it will not allow me to log into FB. It says there is an issue with log-in implementaion.. I spent 3 dollars on a pack with 1000 spare parts. I clicked upgrade 1000 on an item then canceled and it took my spare parts and didnt upgrade anything. Can i get my spare parts back?. I spent 2 dollars on a pack that had 1000 spare parts. I clicked upgrade then cancel on an item and it took my parts away and didn't upgrade the armor. Can i get my 1000 spare parts back?. I felt so bad wiping the floor with someone who had paid so much money for items, but I did....

Should concentrate on gameplay and low graphics for online vs mode games for low data usage and good data flow, even block based stages. Example : Making small but versatile games similar to King of fighters to enable showing 1 dimensional good game skills of worldwide players.. Hard to progress in story mode stuck forever, plus matchmaking is broken, pairs u up with ppl way higher than u, game can be great but devs to greedy. good game but the open all chest option has a problem. I need for example 91 diamonds to open all chest at once and i have 99 when i press the button the game says i need more diamonds. When you fix that i will rate with 5 stars. Really love playing this game..i would request the developers to kindly update this game with more characters snd better graphics....

A card game based on luck, but you have characters that break that concept. This is the type of game where you can have 150% dodge rate, but still get hit by everything because of a character you don't have, Vs the character you thought would be good as long as they could dodge. A card game based on luck, using 5 gears, but you can only get 2 gear slots (of 5) free. I'm just saying, card games are usually won with cards, not wallets. Once again, a perfectly good concept ruined by greed. And ads.. Terrible match making. And kind of pay to win because you'll lose 4 out 5 pvp battles if you don't buy any premium hero and at a point story mode also becomes too difficult to win. Don't bother to download this game if you don't want to waste your money in this stupid game.. The game doesn't allow you to change your account I'm stuck with one account on 2 phone's .cant reset the game in any way that needs to be fixed and there is no Google account log in just Facebook also that need to be fixed. It's fun, but not sure how anyone has any chance to win against a player 4 levels higher than them. Hard to progress when you constantly get matched with higher level players in the same league..

really good game that all i really recommed this game to anyone really fun and not pay to win either. you get a 2 star rating cause the game is fun BUT I can't play it Why you ask? well it constantly comes up with StAbLe InTeRnEt CoNnEcTiOn NeEdEd and clearly that's a server glitch so pleas FIX IT!!!!!!!!. the game could be it is its actually a lot of fun....problem is no matter how good your internet connection is you will still lose signal on a regular basis....thats a server issue devs....not on our end...i can literally stand next to my wifi router and still lose connection in the middle.of a battle...happens quite often...fix it!!. In 1vs1 combat same player with whom winning not possible consecutively getting even 5 times!!! Which should not be more than two times. Again in group fighting players with huge difference in power is shownup. So, 1vs1 or group fighting becoming meaningless and waste of time. If these issues solved, I feel it could be revised as 5 star..

Typical pay to win game. After completing first set of stories, all fights are unwinable unless you spend money. So enjoy the game for the 15 minutes you can play without opening your wallet.. the game is good no questions asked, the problem is your accounts are not actually saved / linked to facebook correctly.. after uninstall and reinstall you have to start again completed tutorial then seen login with facebook which if u do you don't get your original account it saves the new one to your facebook id recommend using google play rather than facebook.. yoou get emailed with transaction id etc.. as not know the player id and get no replys . please fix my account. I like it, but its scammed me twice. I havent paid anything, but the in game currency has been straight taken from me. I went to upgrade something and cancel, so it canceled but took the money. Then I bought 2 seasonal boxes at once and got 1. No big deals, but kinda annoying.. Awsome game, great graphics very fun to play. sometimes though I think matchmaking can be quite unfair on opponents that you get. can come up against players that can 1 hit kill you...

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