Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense is an arcade strategy game made in the classic tower defense genre in which you must defend your Kingdom. Recruit new heroes to your team and use their unique skills to repel waves of enemies. Defend the tower, expand your influence, and win!

Latest of Wild Castle Tower Defense TD Codes

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The Kingdom needs your help, so it’s time to gather your forces and fight back the enemies. The game features more than 60 heroes, each of which has its abilities; you need to use them wisely by combining the heroes’ skills to destroy the enemies before they get to your tower. Entering the battle, your enemies will come in waves; use the skills of your heroes to attack them.

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Each wave of enemies will be followed by a boss that can be pretty difficult to fight, so save some power for last. Get gold coins and talent points for defeating enemies, use your rewards to improve your heroes, and castle and unlock new characters.

How to Redeem Code for Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD

To redeem a gift code for Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD, follow these steps:
1. Launch the game on your device.
2. Tap on the gear icon or go to the settings menu.
3. Look for the redeem code option within the settings.
4. Enter the gift code accurately and click on the redeem button.
5. Wait for the game to validate the code.
6. Once verified, you will receive the gift rewards instantly. Enjoy the benefits of the redeemed gift code in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD!

List of Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Codes

1. WCDTDGFT01: Get a free power booster to upgrade your defenses and crush the enemy waves in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD.

2. WCDTDGFT02: Unlock a special treasure chest full of gold coins to help you build and expand your kingdom in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD.

3. WCDTDGFT03: Receive a rare hero card that will join your forces and unleash devastating attacks on the enemy hordes in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD.

4. WCDTDGFT04: Gain access to an exclusive tower blueprint that will give you the edge you need to defend your castle from the strongest of invaders in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD.

5. WCDTDGFT05: Get a free upgrade token that will instantly level up your favorite tower and make it unstoppable in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD.

6. WCDTDGFT06: Receive a powerful spell scroll that will unleash elemental destruction on your enemies and turn the tide of battle in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD.

7. WCDTDGFT07: Unlock an elite warrior skin that will boost your troops' morale and inspire them to fight harder in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD.

8. WCDTDGFT08: Gain access to an exclusive building material pack that will help you construct advanced defenses and fortifications in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD.


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