NameWWE SuperCard – Card Fights
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Collectible card game with epic battles in the ring. WWE SuperCard – Card Fights is a collectible card game with epic battles in the ring. In this game, you need to assemble your team of experienced wrestlers, presented here in the form of cards, and fight against other real players worldwide. At the very beginning, you will be given a small number of randomly selected cards, among which, perhaps, WWE stars will come across.

With this squad, you need to play in the first tournaments, where you will fight against other players’ cards. You will receive various rewards by winning these tournaments, including boxes with new cards. Among the cards, both stars and entry-level wrestlers can come across. The game requires a permanent internet connection. Standard taps and swipes are responsible for control.

WWE SuperCard – Card Fights MOD

This season 10 update SUCKS! The match making makes no sense! You almost have to make purchases to make any kind of winning team. Absolutely horrible game that's so frustrating compared to last season.. The game is alright overall but there are so many bugs in the game my top 8 is broken thinking that a myth card is better than a pantheon card Just please fix the game. The new update killed any interest for me. Moving all the menus around for the sake of change is never good. Even having to watch an unskippable 3 second "XP UP" thing everytime you get a new card is irritating. It was horrible, when I had the super cards I had 102, so I decided to delete the ones I don't care about, than I went to play mitb it said "You have maximum amount of cards" thy might need to fix this.. Campaign mode isn't working, I get tv like lines on my screen.. same as when I play wild Have no choice but to sit out this season .

WWE SuperCard – Card Fights APK

Playing since Season 1 and it's still a go-to game for me. I've managed to grind to the top available tier a few times and within less than a month (on one occasion literally only a day passed) a new tier or several tiers debuted & I was back to having a weak deck. Re S10 update: +, the card value reset and the campaign mode. -, the need for tokens to Fuse new cards is another live service gimmick that is very annoying and probably meant to force grinding and spending $$, frequency of new tiers.. I miss the old statistics, wish they weren't back to the hundreds. Also, I can be more patient about Kairi Sane since she just returned, but how you gonna add people like Dani Palmer in the new season when you're yet to make a Stevie Turner card. Smh, annoying. However it's an enjoyable game nonetheless.. It.Has.Bin.Pending.For.Many.Months.I.Do.Not.Know.How.It.Fills. Like. To. Play. It. I. Wish Downloading.Games. Was. For. Free.And.It.Is.Not. My. Daddy. Sipping. It. Is.Me.His.Son.Sipping.Ismael.And.We.Are.Muslims.From. Africa. Since season 10 launched I'm finding it extremely difficult to play. I've played for the last 3-4 years and never had the difficulties I've found here now. Fact of the matter is adding 3 new rarities has f'd over anyone playing casual. If you don't have at least tempest cards there's really no point won't win anything everyone is so much more powerful than you. Most my cards are summerslam 23 or pantheon and I can't even beat the money in the bank mode..awful update.

WWE SuperCard – Card Fights APK

Don't like this update, been playing for years and it's now poor, can't seem to win war pvp anymore as it keeps matching me with higher rated cards, down to 2 stars now. It has it's ups and downs as much as I want to stop playing at those low moments with issues and what not , I still keep playing. I am a fool though so. My advice don't start playing your in for allot of anger. I have been playing this for ages now just downloaded the latest update and now the game won't work on my Google pixel 7 can this get sorted out please so I can play this game again. Once again it's refusing to download assets three days after the update please fix it so far season ten is trying to end because of being unplayable.

WWE SuperCard – Card Fights APK

I've played this game from day 1 and this new update has destroyed the game for me and I'm very likely to uninstall this game very soon unless it reverts to old style of game play. Booooooo season 10 sux can't even win a war game now the vs match up's are way off don't fix what's not boken add more stuff yes but don't change anything 3 star down to a 2 star now. The new update is actually really gross. I absolutely hate that y'all redid the card values and that there's a new system. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old version. Like yes update some things to make the game better but this made it so much worse. I think I'm actually going to be done playing this game and I've been playing it for at least 8 of the 10 years.. This has been one of my favourite games for years but after this last update you've absolutely ruined it. Every change you've made has ruined the game. The menu change, the game mode change and the worst change is the cards themselves. Why on earth did you think it would be a good idea change the ratings and rarity of every card? When you get a card that could be rating 100million it felt rewarding, now you've made it so it's a couple hundred. Absolutely awful update and you've ruined this game.

New season isn't bad apart from the ridiculous price of a 22 day battlepass. My only complain is I bought 7,000 coins for over 30 the night it started and have still not received them yet the money has been taken.. I know theory a lot of in game glitches but when it comes to money theirs no excuse. New update to season 10 means you baso have to start all over again the games dead now nothing more to it just poo should've kept normal stats I'm a season 1 player and they have just wrecked the game it's not fun hard to win anything now imma uninstall .. Been using the new season (Season 10) and I have to say it is extremely weird to see that you've reset the stats back down to how it was in Season 1 and declaring every other rarity unusable as it kinda demolishes the effort that everyone else has put in up to this point. Also (most importantly), your new campaign mode makes ZERO sense. You aren't allowed to select females any higher than Myth tier even though I have tempests ready to use. Why can't I use higher cards? Make it make sense please.. Been playing since season 1 and I hate this game now season 10 is terrible I've gone from being 1 of the best and top players on the game to being right at the bottom of the barrel.... congratulations for ruining your game I hate this game sooo much now all that hard work and years of grinding just to be thrown back to the bottom.... hate new season and hate cashgrabby.

This game is really good I've been playing it slot but season 10 for some reason I can't open the game up now if this is fixed I will definitely be changing my review. All of the pay to in issues from the last few seasons have been practically removed, however there are pop-ups for everything now. The first time you go to do anything, even if you've played the game for almost 3 years, they throw a pop-up of John Cena in your face that tells you how to do everything. Slightly aggravating for a person who's played the game for a while, but outside of that, the game is still very easy to pick up and play.. I have the recent update and am loving the new improvements, however when I'm playing Campaign I have glitchy squares covering my screen when it comes to picking cards, makingnit difficult to see what I have. Have restarted my phone and did the second update but does not fix the issue. I hope this can get resolved soon. The new update for season 10 will not let me in the game. I have been playing since the common and uncommon cards and have not ever had this issue before. I now have to delete what was my favorite game..

You can have a decent deck for free if you grind and grind and grind and grind... Spending money improves your deck immensely very quickly. The rewards are ridiculously laughable versus the high cost.. Unfortunately, had to knock my rating way down due to the new update causing constant crashes and making the game unplayable. As of season 10, the game won't start due to not downloading assets.. Season 10 changes sucks. Can't train cards in PvP. Fusions are confusing. Survivor mode and campaign mode don't provide draft picks. Please do it better.. Doint like what they done to it, was better before yesterday updated to season 10, was fun now weird and probably get rid of playing. Feel like we playing Pokmon card came , sucks.

I loved this game to death but this new update is TERRIBLE it changed everything moved everything made it SOOO much harder for players especially new players I showed my friend this game and he couldn't figure out a thing after I tried and failed to figure out anything and u have been playing this game for YEARS and they ruined it for me this went from the best WWE mobile game to one of the worst. Since the update (15th Nov 2023) the game is behind a pay wall. They want you to subscribe to battlepass each month at $30. If you don't the game is unplayable as you won't have powerful enough cards to tackle the now online PvP. How can they break a game that didn't need fixing. . S10 is poor why change it from S9 set up when all u done now is force it to a pay to win and pay to beat higher cards .match making has gone down hill too. At first it was 5 stars but the new update is impossible I can't win on anything with these hight rarity cards it's mostly pay to win now..

I love this game but since the update I can't play any more it keeps crashing and tells me that the app stopped working please help the issue because I am so excited to play the new season 10 and all the new features. Wow... I didn't think it was possible to make the game worse... But Season 10 subverted my expectations... They not only made every mode unable to play but stacked the decks against the players... This game went from a fun way to waste time to being just a waste of time and effort... The programers removed the use of similar scored decks to stacking decks with double / triple points cards that are unbeatable... What a travesty of an update and lost a consistent 10 year player... THIS GAME SUCKS. It's not bad, it is 100% f2p, you can pay but you don't have to. The style and graphics are great, the gameplay is simple all that said the balancing is majorly flawed, I faces someone in raw who played all three rounds with cards 3 levels higher than my HIGHEST card SINGULAR. The update has come with alot of new interesting choice but not necessarily good ones. As a long time player, I really don't know how I feel about this new update.. Love it Though there's a bug with the forgeable card thing where I can't do anything because i don't have any cards to forge.

Hey WWE SUPERCARD team after the update of season 10 the game is not working in my device is android 7 and in the description is written that the game is for Android 5 and up versions, so why is not working in my device please give an update to fix this problem please everyone is enjoying season 10 and mine is crashing over and over again . Well season 10 IS here and ya know what, its completely fcukked the whole game. Everything seems wrong and glitches, if this is the new way things are going and not glitches then I doubt I'll b returning as its absolutely horrible new set up.. It's a trash game now what's the point of removing the silver pass !? Just pay to win this game is going to dead in some years worst game of all time they ruined everything. Straight after S10 started, making new review. battlepass gone back to overexpensive. It's 10 more than I paid for gold bp previously. And I am still unable to play wild since u did wild beta and now campaign is just the same unplayable with grey thick lines across screen and about 16 wrestlers on screen.

Season 10 just dropped this game into a sink hole. I would have given a negative 7 stars if I could. What ever made you think this scam was going to work?. The new update is not that great... Every single match I lose now... Before the update I was doing good.... Not happy unable to load it on my lenovo tablet after the season 10 drop yesterday been playing since season 1 very unhappy. I reinstalled for the first time in years and took the time to catch up back up in the last 3 weeks of season 9. But the developers decided they wanted to wipe the slate clean for season 10, so all of the time and effort I spent was a complete waste. Now they've introduced a battle pass, and it seems like it's probably impossible to win as an FTP player unless 5 willing to grind heavily for at least 2 months, and by then, you're so significantly behind the curve that there's no point in trying..

Game is running really well, survivor game mode is really slow tho when other players stop playing or whatever they do, it drags and becomes boring.. Addicted to this game and I'm part of a really great team. If you love wrestling and love rpg's this game is for you! Edited 16/11/23 - new update has ruined the feel of the game, rather than add new features in gradually it's all lumped in on one update and now feels like it's pay to win. Such a shame for a game I have spent many years on.. Still good and all but after the new update it saying I have 351/450 cards but I can't use none of them nor can I use them to upgrade....not liking the new update!. The changes for season 10 have turned what was my favorite mobile game BY FAR into a complete piece of trash. So disappointed they completely ruined the game..

What in the world did you do. This update is horrible. I can't figure anything out. Give made a great game into a circus show. Why do I have to craft cards? Where are the stars I've taken so long to level. Seriously what is this nonsense. Seriously where are all my cards. All the cards I bought or unlocked are gone. Are you going to pay me back all the money I sunk into this game because I think some legal action may be coming. Horrible changes. This is stupid. Don't play this game. The PVP matching Algorithm is not properly configured allowing accounts that have whaled to take advantage and win the pvp's. I don't like this new ranking on the power and abilities. I work hard to upgrade my deck and I don't like it . It sucks and the new mode that they say is to help you level up your deck is not like they said.. One of the worst updates this game has ever seen for 1 the removal of the performance center makes no sense but also the depowering of cards was unnecessary as all your cards from long time ago are not at less than 20 power here's what they could have done have a mode with all the old cards at their original power and have the normal mode with new cards al 100 power but no let's make people who spent money like me upset as now are cards are worthless so in conclusion I will no longer play at all.

New season has made my years or grinding and collecting cards absolutely pointless as now my best cards can't win anything against other players who somehow already have a load of new cards fully ranked up and you know I just CBA to go through all this grind again to even have a chance of playing. It's like starting all over again. Uninstalled.. Reset was decent in idea. It doesn't seem well executed. It's harder to find and get to everything. I think it's too much folded into one update. Now the app is crashing more than before, which is expected, but I do not like the card menu layout or anything. Hopefully I'll get use to it.. Stuck in login screen for season 10 and supercard doesn't saying anything about what happened or what's going on. Everyone having fun with getting cool cards n stuff while me and others are waiting for a response from supercard.. I love how the new format is but I want all of the stats back for the cards because it feels too weird and I love changes but except this one. And also the matchmaking in PVP.

Love ur game from S1 BUT DUDES I REALLY HOPE YOU SPEEDED UP FIGHT ANIMATIONS SINCE 10 YEARS. These fresh intro animations gave me so much hope.. If not, thousands of us still gonna be bored by the grinding process no matter how many new features U give us.. I love this game it is so fun and I can go on and see wwe matches that have never happened now I am arcan now pixle in 2022 2023 the new tier. About to be season 10 and now I am Summer slam. A amazing game, been playing since s1. Never has let me down. Graffics are amazing. Never experienced lag. Always giving amazing updates and the community is wonderful. Would 100% recommend.

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