NameAnna’s Merge Adventure
CategoryNew Game
Size116 MB

Anna’s Merge Adventure is a captivating game where players merge different objects to create new ones and progress through various levels. The game begins with Anna finding herself in a mysterious land and needing to merge items to survive and explore. The primary goal is to merge objects of the same kind, like plants, animals, and resources, to upgrade them and unlock new ones. Through merging, players can unlock valuable rewards, discover new areas, and solve puzzles. The game offers stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and challenging tasks that require strategic thinking and planning. Anna’s Merge Adventure provides players with hours of entertaining and addictive gameplay, making it a must-try for lovers of merge games.

Anna’s Merge Adventure MOD

This game starts out being fun. However, after repeating the same processes over and over, the repetitive actions get boring, and it takes forever to reach any goals. Or, as Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." This game is insane!. The ads end and go black then you miss out on your rewards. It's frustrating and has happened quite a few times the last few days. I'm tired of it. I'll probably uninstall and find a different game to play.. Your ad dumped me right out of the game so I had to reload it and it didn't even give me the reward it promised. I do not play games that rip me off so you are fired. I do not recommend this game. The only reason I gave you one star is because it wouldn't let me give it the ZERO it deserves. FIX THE GAME.. So far it's a lot of fun but I hold judgment until I advance to see how the difficulty changes some developers are pretty bad but we'll see. I left the game because 1/ they want access to your google account 2/ the ads are too long and 3/ there are so mant icons on the screen it makes gameplay difficult. Having to kill the game every so often because things like shots just take over. DO SOME QA!!! And now a new screw up watch an ad for a couple of days (not really) but it never comes back. More need for QA but seems that they don't want to create a working game. Just an update, 5 times the ad doesn't work, DO SOME QA!!!!!!!! Make 7 times.

Anna’s Merge Adventure APK

Such a great little game, really having a good time with it. Her dialogue of "oh my g*d" is not my favourite but otherwise, cool game. Really enjoyed this game hit level 18. This past weekend, I went through ads and nothing. It would start up again, so I was receiving the energy to keep going. Reluctantly, I will be stepping away until I can continue the game. I believe the ads should be worth more points in the special games. I need 30 energy getting 10 at a time and putting up without receiving any from the ads as really tested me.. Payout/Rewards are less than than other games of this genre. Energy & Production is also lower...MEH...."Whatever" in regards to your response. Here is a game you can play for hours. I have been up all night, and I haven't spent a dime..

Anna’s Merge Adventure APK

So far, it is a fun game. Takes a long time to move to a new area without using the keys. I want to keep them to get higher levels.. FINALLY GOT RID OF THIS BORING GAME, NOTHING NEW FOR THE GAME BUT THE SAME OL STUPID USELESS UPDATE. GOODBYE YOU JUST LOST A PLAYER, ALL YOUR DOING IS GETTING RID OF THE BUGS IN THE SAME OL UPDATE.. I really love this game - the graphic, plot, mechanics... but there is one thing that annoys me really bad. There is an ad about game kings choice, after which i will not recive reward if i decide to watch it. The game crashes and my reward is gone. Please do something or i will stop watching ads, i will not waste time seeing something for nothing. Thank you. I will change my rating if you gonna corect it bcs it worked really well last week.. At level 34 the game has no tasks, no new mines or buildings or characters.. just a very slow tribal thing. was 5 star till now..and next land area is level 99 so I guess lv.l 34 is the true end of the game for now. Might check back in 3 months, but I'm done for now.

Anna’s Merge Adventure APK

The game keeps freezing and kicks me out. When I go to watch ads it doesn't give me the item,but just starts the game over.. I've played almost all the merge games, and this is the BEST one of all. Don't believe me downloaded it and try!. Keep having trouble with toy story keeps starting over waisted so much h time on this game to keep starting g this one area over. The graphics and sound effects are nice. It's never glitchy and it's fun to play. The reason I gave such a low score is for two reasons: (1) You need a Facebook account to backup your progress---there should be an alternative. (2) They force you to play the game the way they want you to play it. Example: After a while, you get a message saying "We've collected enough wood." You can no longer produce trees to harvest wood, so you can't work on upgrading your first build (The Seaside Cottage)..

I'm seriously liking this game. I like the fact there is much longer time to finish events, and you can get loads of stuff watching ads rather than paying for them. Downgraded to 3 stars as the events are recycled over and over again, it's the same 2 or maybe 3 themes, gets boring really quick. New subscriber here....I like this game because it seems possible to do with my ADHD and not feeling overwhelmed, which is exactly why I play them! Ha. Looking forward to finishing level 5!. I wish it wasn't tutorial mode,I know how to play and the arrows pointing to the play just aggravates me.. I really enjoy many merge games however this has become my favorite. It's the stupidest reason too. When each building is built to its limit to add to the final platform, this game is the only one which set construction building to look as if you are building the final platform instead of leaving stupid spots that need filled. I like seeing it form in each step instead of empty spots that need filled. It is much more enjoyable to see. Thank you. BTW, opened everything looking for more. Love it!.

I loved this game until it won't let me in and says that I need to sign into Google. I am denied access. I have tried everything and it will not let me in at all.. Wonderful game but today is the second day that the game glitches I can't get my rewards because there stuck on the peace of land that I have to buy but other than that I love the game.. I barely reached level 4 and then you block me fishing for compliments.... really I haven't even had time to decide if I like the game!!. I don't like this new update it is always saying no ads for today. When I watch an ad it won't play all the way and I got to back out the game altogether and start over. It was a let better before the lasted update. I just got on the game again and it's telling me no more ads for today and I only did 5 ads and now I can't even do the thing we're you watch an ad and then get two things free and watch an ad again because we only get 5 free ads now. This update sucks..

I can't get it to pull up it has an orange screen and want open for me to play I have checked for updates and rebooted my phone it's been since yesterday at 3 I been able to play I really love the game and would hate to start over. When i see the ad end for free gift just black screen... i need close all game open the gane but still cant see my gift .. plz fix it.... Started off well enough but soon became boring and tedious. Those balloons after merges are annoying, way too many for my liking. Decided to uninstall for those reasons.. Can you please get rid of that logo on top of the screens as an adventure advertisement please I can't collect any of my Wards please get rid of that little love on top of the screen thank you.

Not good!! Game won't even load, throws me straight off!! Only just downloaded it. The game is downloaded but as soon as the game should start I get kicked off.. Like the game alot. But whilst watching video clips to get extra resources the game freezes and there is no where to exit the clip when it finishes.. Very Good game here it is better than the other merge games. I just wanted to know..are you planning return of the Endless Rewards soon? even though it only have a few hours left to go. It really help and also it keeps me playing. Keep on doing it..Good jobs developing this game.. I won't rate this game 5 stars because no game is perfect. However, I will say this is my favorite game. I've played dozens of merge games and this one is the best so far. Play and progress go pretty quickly. You don't have to wait weeks to complete a castle or main building. Level progress requirements are reasonable. There's a lot of videos for rewards available if you choose to watch them. The board is big enough so everything isn't crammed together or chaotic. Recommended!.

It is a fun game. However, there are glitches that need to fix. Some of the pieces get stuck and cannot move them as if they are frozen. Also if I move a chest out of the way it disappears and I have to press on the screen more than once to get it back. Also will you please remove the reminders of merge 5 and also the one that say too many trees stop mining. There wasn't too many trees. And please add an exit button..

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