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Archaeologist Ancient Egypt

An interesting adventure in ancient Egypt. Archaeologist – Ancient Egypt have you ever heard about the myth of the goddess Isis? If not, then nothing terrible happened, because with the help of this game you can find out absolutely all the details of this interesting story. Any player likes to look for hidden rooms, work as a real archaeologist and look for incredible secrets of the past.

Artifacts, treasures, and much more that this project offers us. It is at the moment when all the parts are found that it is necessary to take them to the laboratory in order to clean and continue research. The game is perfectly complemented by well-thought-out details and beautiful graphics that just look great on the screen. There are also many animations for the youngest children, as well as numerous stories about the life of Ancient Egypt.

You simply must experience this game, learn a lot of new things, conduct excavations, and also restore ancient finds. This entertainment will come in handy for absolutely all players, as well as young children who have something to learn. You will have to constantly dig, look for secret rooms, and also get the most valuable artifacts. Here you will find 8 different excavation settings.

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