NameAylee Learns English for Kids
SizeVaries with device

A colorful learning adventure. Aylee Learns English for Kids offers us a rich and completely immersive learning experience.

This game is designed by real language learning professionals, so it will help your kids to learn a lot of new things. The child will be able to learn, learn a lot of new things, experience exciting mini-games, and enjoy the colorful game. Here you will find verbal challenges and feedback from the characters, and you will also be able to quickly recognize any words.

Speak correctly, control your hero, start with simple words and move on to sentences over time. Here is a dictionary of more than 5000 words, phrases, and everything else. Updates are released every week, which makes the game much more interesting. Reading, listening, and more allows your child to master any skill moving forward.

Aylee Learns English for Kids MOD

My 7 years old boy is usually not a big fan of studying the old school way, so this app was perfect for him : he was learning english while he thinks he is playing a fun video game.The short videos illustrating the words make him laugh so much and he remembers them later on. And it was such a joy for me to see him and his older sister sitting next to each other with Plingo, "playing" and connecting instead of fighting :-D This app is so smart, because it put the focus on the real factor.. I once had an acquaintance, his name was Reno from Malang. He's a good kid, his effort is also great. We know through the TanTan apk. Continuing the chat, we called even to vc's. We always give you news, pap when you want to eat, go to school, sleep and many more and we never meet. Honestly, HTS is more fun than dating. As long as I'm close to him, I'm not close to other men anymore. We never told each other about our feelings, only talked to each other. Now, we've lost contact, help me, just dm. The first pages (game) so nice really. But I can't open the other. Please how to open the next game (educaion). my life didn't have purpose until I discovered this game. thank you from the bottom of my heart. Jesus loves you. amen merry Christmas . Great app to learn English for kids.I recommend it to every kid who wants to learn English easily without much effort..

Aylee Learns English for Kids APK

In my opinion, the best educational game for kids. It helped us to boost my son's English vocabulary. Game design and content is user friendly and allows to understand what to do even if you are 3 years old. Interesting fact my kids would like to play it again and again. It means there is a strong motivation and the game is not boring. Highly recommended .

Download ( V1.15.0 )

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