NameBasketball Stars

In “STARS OF BASKETBALL” you have to pick up the ball and surprise the world! Basketball Stars – all those who love sports games will like it. Now, basketball on your mobile device. Now, you can dribble, throw it into the ring, earn points and win. All this – with one touch of the screen. Take the ball and surprise the world. You can show all your skills on the basketball court.

Demonstrate the techniques and feints that you own and get around your opponent. Basketball Stars has incredibly realistic graphics. It’s like you’re really on the basketball court, playing with real players. Several modes are available for the game: fights with players and training sessions.

Feel like a basketball star. Win super matches and get incredible rewards. Among the awards will be new balls and sportswear – all this increases sports performance. Each new victory in Basketball Stars will bring you glory stars that will raise you to the podium. Dress up your character in the latest basketball fashion. Over 400 outfits are available for this. The game is completely free, but requires an internet connection. Download Basketball Stars and start conquering the world of basketball right now.

Basketball Stars MOD

Why everytime when i play in the middle of the match (server) it's showing connecting.. irritating... I'm playing with good speed wifi ,still this problem.pls solve. It is the best game ever I played because it's so fun that Im even pro than the people who has more level than me.. THIS GAME IS A GLITCH GAME I PLAY ON TOKYO AND I WON BUT I HAVE NO MONEY ON COUNTRY AND WORLD RANK. What happened to this game? A few days ago I can still play this game on my Android phone. Now I cannot open the game because I have read that this app can only be played on iPhone or ipod. This is not fair. Not good at all. I'm so disappointed.. Can't even move at all, opponent frozen my moves so they can keep winning, creator of this game need to grow up and fix this or remove this app off Google play..

Basketball Stars APK

It's ok but I'm not in to basketball but it's very entertaining to me but it's pretty freaking sweet and I like it.. used to love the game but I'll swipe it exactly to the line and then I'll miss, most my shots are perfectly to the line and I miss every single one. it is really fun and you get to compete with other people and then there's a finals and if you beat that then you get a really good prize and I really think you should try it it's 5 out of 5 for me. This game has too many hiccups which makes it lag a lot. There are times, one would almost win a game, then it start showing connection, even when the network is good. Sometimes,you will be finding it difficult to shoot the ball, while your opponent is shooting, that leaves you no hope winning the game. And again! My winning points hasn't been reflection on my team since 2 days ago! Saying I have reached the daily leaderboard matches limit. This is so annoying..

Basketball Stars APK

Very nice game when I play it it feels like the amazing day in history please kindly play this game . Used to love it and gave it a 2nd try after past problems. So gave a 2rd try and problems are worse. Freezes when I try to play and makes me lose matches that I didn't.... Really goodgame but There's alot of cheaters special mention guest id's when playing with them my game really slows down my game starts lagging and surprisingly with low ball level they beat us with scoring much than more.. Cannot play game more than 3000 Because it really slowed fps and lagging it really feel too bad.. it would be cool if I didn't have to have Facebook to change my username and add a pic heck I have to use my email so what's wrong with that name and pic.

Basketball Stars APK

game is very good. but when the opposit person does not connect due to internet connection or leaves the game, it gets stuck FOREVER on the initial screen. When you give people the lucky ball you only give one person that you don't give both at the same and that's why I gave you bad feedback because it's not fair when other people get the lucky ball in the other person not fair. the network connection error occurs automatically when we are matching or sometimes in the middle of the game which leads to loose the money and it is too much irritating. Very fun and a excellent way to kill time and have fun and there's always something going on I simply love this game.

I like it because I like it you get more like could you get clothes shoes watches drip everyday and you get to go against each other and practice like when you actually you need to actually play basketball and you need to play basketball you can practice on this game and you can do a lot of stuff on you gave it to to make you feel better and make you play you and you can get a lot of you can get a lot of bats VIP that and you can watch apps to get another bag in the games you can play to get.

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