NameThe Fishing Club 3D: Multiplayer Sport Angling
ReleaseRobot Riot UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

It’s time for some great fishing. The Fishing Club 3D: Multiplayer Sport Angling invites us to bait, cast a line and join an exciting adventure 3D fishing, with great graphics, multiplayer mode, and many interesting tasks.

Real anglers will appreciate this game, they will be able to enjoy cool fishing and catch the most valuable fish. Here you can find great fun for everyone, amazing graphics, a friendly community, club tournaments, and speed competitions. A huge number of beautiful fish that you can catch and earn bonuses on them. Fish in the coolest places, and chat with friends and other players from all over the world. Head to the Caribbean and catch marlin, tuna, sailfish, and much other big fish here. Explore the territories of Africa, fight other players for victory, and get great prizes.

The Fishing Club 3D: Multiplayer Sport Angling MOD

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The Fishing Club 3D: Multiplayer Sport Angling APK

This game used to be fun but I've noticed the fish seem like they are huge but when caught they're nit as big as what they used to be in which the other players get the advantage in winning. Another thing I don't believe the other players are real players. Theyre bots programmed to beat you so you can spend hundreds of dollars like I have. And the prices went way up so enjoy spending your money on a s**tty game. Deleting and telling everyone else on there to do the same. Had to be money hungry.. I like it. Battles are epic if played on mobile platform. Graphics are great, and even better on PC platform, but for some reason fish battles not as taxing. Only gripe is lack of a real means to earn goldfish. Makes it a pay-to-play game, which is a major put-off.... Good game great graphics But need more goldfish to progress in the game. How do you get more goldfish without spending real money?. This game isn't fun and the people that made this rip off of another fishing game should feel dumb. I wish I can give this negative stars.

The Fishing Club 3D: Multiplayer Sport Angling APK

your game is fun ,has a broad spectrum of fish ,gear baits , its possible to do well without having to be a cash player lol,enjoying it, I now only play this, fishing barron, & Pro fishing, you have to choose whats compatible with you ,check fishing barron out the Wels catfish gives a good fight lol, keep ya posted CpT Wishywashyamigo. Cracking little game takes abit to upgrade and hit the bigger fish at first , but that just goes towards the challenge. They've mostly stopped doing anything with this game. If on mobile, be careful how you attach it to fb, bc it can't be undone if you attach it to the wrong one (gaming profile vs main). Good game love the graphics only problem I have is when watching a video to get a bonus it cheats you out of bonus money saying you gotta watch the full video when I do..

The Fishing Club 3D: Multiplayer Sport Angling APK

All of a sudden it will not work on my android. says internal error, game will restart. never had this happen before. ugh. I used to love this game but cant play anymore. The app crashes before it starts and says check ur wifi not happy. Worst fishing game ever played! Stupid message windows keep popping up!and not to mention the super slow down loads. I have the best router money can buy and dont stop freezing and how long it took to download the game also.. 3 thumbs down. the gae itself is good, but the requirement to be online to play really limits my ability and time to play it, I want this game to be playable without connection.

Great game, almost real. Love the graphics and the different places you can go and fish. Keep up the good work. Thank you.. I've been playing this game for the last week or so haven't had any problems with it until today it will not load. It crashes fix it. Use to love this game. Kept me busy but I see they haven'ts fix any of the issues.. Well I love the game but when I install it it says version cant download it it wants me to update it but cant find update anywhere dont no what to do any suggestions I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall but get same message to update.

Used to work now it's saying unsupported get an update from app store, but no update available, uninstalled and reinstalled and won't load. Gutted as I love the game.. Looks good but ask for very private information can get credit card info and track your perched elsewhere I'll pass go to fishing clash. Love this game spend hours on it and dont usually like the chat on other games but this one every one is friendly and chat often altogether would highly recommend. this game dose not load anymore, i have to uninstal it and re install it everytime to play pluse my first acount was reset on me and i had to sign my club over to someone els inorder for the club to win anything, and the graphics are awfull you caint see anything in the water anymore and theres no setting to change it, not a very good game anymore with all the main problems just to play.

the chat box does not work 50% of the time. We can't keep up with our club members if the chat box does not work properly . other than that. the game is great... once that issue is fixed. I will then give this game a five star ..... still can't log on keeps freezing i have uninstalled and reinstalled several times wasn't bad till this tired of games that don't fix their games.

Download ( V2.6.8 )

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