NameGolf Master 3D
ReleaseDoodle Mobile Ltd.

A chic golf simulator with a three-dimensional picture and simple controls. A mobile game project in which gamers are invited to participate in an interesting golf match against strong opponents. The game is made in the format of a golf simulator with a very realistic picture and simple controls. If you like this type of simulator, then we recommend downloading Golf Master 3D for Android. In the game, you have to play real professional golf with advanced artificial intelligence. Opponents are strong and seasoned, and they know how to play, so it won’t be easy for you. But on the other hand, it’s much more interesting than if you beat them easily. The developers of the project tried to work out literally every detail of the game.

There is a well-developed development system, a huge amount of equipment, and even picturesque landscapes. In addition, for a change, the authors have introduced many tournaments and competitions, winning which you will receive solid prize money. But the most important feature of the game is the network mode, where you have to compete in skill with real players. You can play against friends, or you can play against people you don’t know. The game has a built-in training mode in which you will learn the basics of control and master the mechanics. Download Golf Master 3D for Android and start playing.

Golf Master 3D MOD

Just started, but very cool game, ads are not forced to watch. Best of all the golf games I've played.. Like the game ok , but , paid 50k on a tournament , after finishing 2nd would not let me advance to next round , contact them about it , no reply .. Game is great. The tournaments match you up with people way better than you they need to match on the same level. Pro players shouldn't be playing against beginners. Needs fixin. One of the most decent pay to play games. They don't stress you out to purchase anything, and you move up on skills. The extra good balls are a little pricey, but that comes with most games these days. Graphics are great levels are great. That's why they get a high rating from me.. A great time waster, only 4 ads daily (optional). Very competitive all along the way, if you have good coordination & timing you'll like this game..

Golf Master 3D APK

Some shots made by opponents seem to be AI. ALWAYS BY OPPONENTS WHO HAVE NO USER NAME AND ARE PLAYING AS GUESTS. HOLES IN ONE, EAGLES ON SECOND SHOTS THAT DEFY BELIEF. Just to force you to spend real money. I don't know the algorithm but I went months at 5 million and went to zero dollars and had to buy. Not sure I will keep playing anymore.. Except for a few ingame glitches here and there I have to admit the game's much more enjoyable recently.Only thing I hope for now is that the developer and his team might make the timer time a little bit longer.Also make the guideline tip a different color.Its hard to see white on the light blue circle ring.. This game is rigged, let's you get hole in ones and wins easy to start with, then when your having to pay 400 plus to enter you can't hit a good shot to save your life uninstalled, I will find something a bit fairer to play thanks but no thanks. Had to remove 2 stars. Guys guys, the game was awesome and enjoyable but hey!!! The controls are now awful and the whole game is now more cartoonish.. revert guys..

Golf Master 3D APK

Good game, but your sponsor, TEMU, is Communist Chinese owned in Shanghai, China. As over 90% of your ads are still from a Chinese owned company, I have to say to China and to your game, F' OFF. UNINSTALL is now.. Would like to be able to aim my shot without the aid of that moving arrow. Hard keep my aim and the arrow at the same time. Some games aren't like this, and I like them better. Why am I starting every match.. yet I get useless club upgrades. A level -2000 has better clubs than I. The graphics of the game is good but when the computer gets an O.B. it doesn't cost it a swing and that's not the rules in golf.

Golf Master 3D APK

The game is good I wish if it can be improved in a way that you play and Winn money open account deposit money with mobile accounts MTN AIRTEL and ZAMTEL just like the way we do with other games such as penalty kicking you cheep in and you and Winn your opponent you get cash.. Very third class game app. If you lose, your rank will decrease. What nonsense. I am unstalling. Exprence is not matter in this game. Win or lose, rank always increasing time to time, but in this app, in vain.. Just getting into it, but it seems like it is going to be a really decent golf app and I've played numerous. I purchased this intro pack that helps you to be able to upgrade your clubs as you go and was a screaming good deal like 7 bucks and you're set for a long time. I just love your fudging game more point per game more incentives to achieve I don't want nowt for nowt I happen to be in the top ten but but if you go all in its the new season before you can compete oh with chatting with co players you need your words you would find the CV amount of people who are just wanting to chat and play no problems will draw maybe double you're incoming support.

One. Sad part is you don't have a pratice game. Two. your distance for the put differs. Three. it is data consuming. Four. Upgrades of clubs is not consistent example if playing on luxury (Tier 8) you still get (Tier 1) beginners club. Five.The most downfall is - You can't buy diamonds and balls with coins.. When p!aying at the lower dollar fees I have no problem putting but when I get to $400 and$1500 it always goes past the perfect mark and I 'm doing the samre tecnique I use at the $20 the same wheh you shot always seems to thr extra to mess up your shot. Very nasty....I played par 5 court and I score eagle ..... Shows .... Eagle .... But after some moment shows that my ball not score eagle...and match draw...that is not exceptable......sorry for this review. Please make more changes to the game. Because many times the driver starts automatically and the shot is good without being perfect. There is no control in the case of Driver in the hands of the game player. Bad very poor quality game, Most of the time the winning game is lost. Because automatically the ball is released.

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