NameHead Soccer
ReleaseD&D Dream

Another themed game dedicated to football. In Head Soccer, you must prepare well for the most exciting match perfect house an excellent player with all the best qualities knows how to hit his head cool. It is to her that he will score the most beautiful goals, beat any opponent and become the best player in the world in the future. Soon you will have to participate in the world football championship, so you must carefully prepare for it. Try to score more beautiful goals, show your best side, and hit the opponent’s goal from any point.

Shortly you will be able to challenge real professional opponents, win them, and score a couple of beautiful goals. Please invite your friends here, show them real class, and achieve the most excellent results. In the leaderboard, try to climb higher, show all your professional qualities, and prepare for the most important tournament of your life. You have to press the buttons to hit the ball quickly, hit the nines, and become the latest best player. Beat all the opponents on your way, gradually develop your character and win a significant victory for yourself.

Head Soccer MOD

Game use to be fun now it's like the new characters have insane powers that honestly it's made for them to win without any effort. The game sometimes glitches when I play. Brutally honest, South Korea has one of the worst powers it just doesn't even help it win a simple match, its own power makes it lose due to how it glitches when the ball bounces back towards it. You have to be somewhat of a pro to win with the lowest crazy country because it's hard to unlock decent, better countries like UK. I've seen a lot of complaints about the game not being beginner friendly but you get free characters for downloading different games which makes getting characters in arcade easy so after you get good characters you can start unlocking these harder characters and delete the other games(that's how I did it if anyone needs help) great game and I love the fact we're still getting new characters. Great game but the stutter, lag and frame drops ruin the experience. If one turns of the sound the frames will be smooth as butter, but the sound is off and its weird playing so. I think the code which fetches the game sound could be optimized, because as for now it makes the game very choppy.. Beo I can't even counter the skills of the player game is so damn unbalanced and a cash grab rip childhood game. Not gonna lie, the game is pretty nice if your name is Elon Musk...The only way you stand a chance between the AI players is by unlocking the best character which you can imagine is pretty hard to unlock unless your Elon of the most money hungry game I've ever played....

Head Soccer APK

Used to love this game but the new character keep getting more and more powerful making it not beginner friendly and unlocking new characters impossible without buying those op characters. nice game but the skins are so hard to take it and when I play a tournament the skin who in the other team is difficult but thank you to download this game I play store or all the game thank you so bye. This used to be a fantastic mobile game. But the new characters are ridiculously poweful. It sucks out the fun.. I have downloaded this game but this not working the error is fail download I want to play this game pls do something.

Head Soccer APK

Please fix your game. BOTH save load options don't work. iCloud just gives "fail!" and Save Data (Server) also doesn't work. Very bad.. my childhood game and i love every single character unique in this game. I hope there will be more new character added. Update Review: Thank you D&D Dream for added character of my country ( Malaysia ).. I love this game and I would give it a five star rating if I could buy it with out scamming me by not giving me my gift for ten dollars I paid for and it says I bought but it won't give it to me. That makes me want to delete the game.. Fuc this game, i MEAN IT how tf a bot can counter our impossible powershot and they can easily dash and fly with their stats.

Head Soccer APK

Worst game in existence, tournament and everything else is way too hard for a beginner, let alone an experienced player. The new characters just keep getting stronger which messes up the whole algorithm. Trash game, would highly advise against playing this garbage.. It's good if you wan't to play offline or just play. Also i like that they put soccer into characters with abilities it's super creative. I've been playing for 3 years and I don't regret it. Just as bad as I remember it. Perfection, in the worst possible way. Dashig left but your character saying "lol no" and dashing right. NPCs that can levitate, teleport and break basically every mechanic of the game. Attacks that have to defense. Useless, pointless ball designs that constantly get stuck on top of the goal. Stick to a soccer ball if you don't have the ability to make others work. This is head soccer.. This isn't the same game it used to be a few years ago, the new characters abilities are a guaranteed goal since it throws so much clutter a your screen it's impossible to counter.

Used to play this a long time ago but unfortunately it has turned into a p2p game. You have to reach ridiculous targets to continue playing the arcade mode- or any other mode as well. Really disappointed as it was such a good game when it first came out. This game is horrible, some characters have unstoppable powers, in which this game becomes only about powers and not actual play, there's no actual fun gameplay if one character gets atleast 5 power moves in ONE minute match. 1/10. Used to be a fun little game until developer made impossible challenges and over the top designs. Over 2 hours for one mode? What.... Good time killer, but I've found an issue with a certain character, after I install the boxing game it unlocks it, but after some time it gets locked again and again, even if I save the data of the game with e-mail it still gets locked over and over again.

This game was so easy when I was a kid, I used to be addicted on this game. So I redownloaded, but, this game was such downgrade today, back in my day they were so easy and op characters used to be easy to beat. But now. It's impossible to defeat just one non op character, please make it like the old version again. I used to love the old version. It's much more fun.. impossible to get new characters, impossible to win in tournaments what happened to the game I loved.... it's not the same anymore... . I used to love this game when i was a kid so i redownloaded, but the movement is really bad, the buttons are too close together, the ball STILL gets stuck inside the character (ever since 2013) the new characters are too op, baxk in 2013 i could beat all the characters with south korea, but now, its way to hard to even try, all the new game modes and the tournament are an rng shitshow, tjey have crazy op hats, and they are expensive af, the whole game and characters after uruguay need a rework.. Played this when it first came out, came back and it's borderline unplayable. Half of the characters have unblockable abilities. It's near impossible to get one of those characters unless you already have one, it's just not what it used to be.

it doesnt let me play unless I give it access to photos audio and more, no reason it should do that.. used to play this back in 2018 and over the years frequently came back to play it bc of how fun it is but this year... what? it looks so low res, badly suits my phone's screen, the menus very ugly... what happened?. Bro honestly I have all 4 of the games n I swear I'm satisfied wit all four they should make more frfr. The balance in this used to be just perfect (south Korea - south Africa) but then the special abilities get more difficult to avoid. and eventually the power shots have attacks before they make contact with the ball. The later abilities rely more on pop culture references. and some power shots ... (Just ike this comment) go on for way too long. And the challenges to unlock the new characters are stupid too. Long story short: game no longer balanced My Final words: HENOS!!!.

This game is almost impossible to play as a new player. I played this game in the beginning and I loved it. I had to get rid of it, and tried re-downloading recently and it's absolutely impossible to build up my character skills against newer over-strong opponents. The game is awsome just needs 2 things ... higher resolution is very necessary... and a couple of new gamemodes would be nice too. This game has been my favorite game, I have had it for over 6 years now and I have had my fair share of bugs but they have fixed them, even now a days it is still a good game I would highly recommend it.. Love this game for a long time. New characters come in every update, which is great. Characters unlocking requirement is very challenging, which is pretty good. But i am rating this 4 star because of the BUGS. Like there is a lot of bugs in this game which is pretty annoying. If the bugs were fixed, it would be very good..

low framerate and too many new characters that literally crashes your phone while playing. the devs forgot how to make a simple character up until pluto is released.. Came back to this game out of nostalgia but its unplayable now, the powers of the new characters are impossible to counter or block which in turn makes it impossible for you to win unless you pay for the broken costumes and in turn make the game too easy. Also a minor annoyance is the new characters have nothing to do with the country they play for, why is Taiwan Link from Zelda and Morocco Harley Quinn? Just makes 0 sense. There are two parts in this review: 5 star review part: I have been playing this game since 2014. It has always been my favourite game. There is absolutely nothing wrong in the graphics or items. I recommend you to download this game. 1 star review part: As I said before, there is almost nothing wrong in this game. I would only like to complain about two characters: Kenya and Suriname. Both of their ground attacks are absoulety disgusting. I hope D&D Dream can fix these characters. Please.. I have been playing this game since 2014. The best video game ever, it's really exciting, there is a lot of good challenging to open the characters, and the most exciting thing is that there is new characters in new updates I rate this game 100%. 2023.

There are too many bugs and the latest characters' abilities are impossible to intercept. The ball constantly gets stuck inside of the characters; the ball sometimes goes through the characters if it is moving too fast; the player's character will dash right if they jump and attempt to dash left; the kick action does not reach the ball before the character, making it effectively useless; if pressing just below the jump or kick buttons, the game does not recognize that it has been pressed. Overall enjoyable, but we earn points too slowly & it's not fun saving up for upgrades, costumes etc. Edit after 2 years: game got consistently worse every update . Good but graphics need an improvement. Also most of the newer characters need to be nerfed. They killed the balance of this game. Also the lags get worse every time a new character is added. Los poderes de los avatares son cada vez ms imposibles de detener. Lstima de juego que en sus inicios era de los mejores.

Super disappointing to see the progression of this game over the years. The power abilities have become so outlandishing and pay to win. Truly sad to see how the game is being ruined.. I love the game but the new characters are just too op when comparing to the old ones their powers are way too complicated and almost impossible to defend the old and simple powers where waaaay better for the game. I played this game for years. Having it reinstalled, it's impossible to unlock new useful characters since the newest ones are too powerful. Also, tell me why in the tournament, as the Korean, I get to play against characters after Pluto and the Indian is there any balance?. This game is complete trash. If you played Head Basketball first then you played you will see a big difference in the graphics I'm telling you..

Nostalgic it's all about that. Gameplay is good but the difference between the first and last character is rly rly big. The game has grown ridiculously unbalanced that every new character just overpowers the previous entries. Instead of updating the old characters to level with them, it becomes unfair. No point revisiting or replaying unless you have made huge progress during the early years.. this game is amazing, but I just can't use the app. every time I try to use it, it crashes immediately. please help, I really loved this game.. Unplayable on Samsung A13. Used to be one of my favourite mobile games from my childhood. It asked permission to access my photos, videos and media for some reason on startup. I denied it and it crashed my phone for 5 minutes..

Used to be fun , added too much it's not even a game anymore its just flashing lights and sounds lol. War mal ein echt geiles Spiel aber inzwischen sind sie dabei sich immer weiter selbst zu bertreffen..jeder neue Charakter muss strker sein..das heit dass die alten Charaktere kaum noch sammelbar sind weil es teilweise quasi unmglich ist die Attacken von neuen Charakteren zu blocken und so ohne gegentore irgendwo rauszugehen..dazu kommen die pets etc.. super ptw geworden und nur noch geldmache leider. Der zweite Stern kommt durch die Erinnerung an damals.. I'm sorry but most of your characters are too powerful. It makes it almost impossible to win a tournament, league cup or any other of your game styles. I enjoyed your game when it was still a skill-based game. Now it's just a pay-to-play game in disguise..

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