NameGolf Orbit
ReleaseQuiet Games.

Within the game of Golf Orbit, your {golfing} abilities will likely be examined as you’ll hit the ball as onerous as you may to attain each time. Right here, you may get pleasure from the enjoyable sport of golf, where you may hit the ball in the very best place with good timing.

To hit the ball as onerous as you may, you need to hit it when the arrow is inexperienced. You may play in many ranges on this sport and even improve your stats, equivalent to power; velocity bounces, and bonuses. There’s a vast number of sports activities and video games that can show you how to feel the need to play sports activities. In Golf Orbit, you may play golf in a lightweight and enjoyable approach. Right here, you may hit the ball as onerous as possible to attain.

Golf Orbit MOD

I have an ad blocker set up so I can't say anything for the excessive ads which I don't doubt there are, but even beyond that the game isn't very good. Early on it's kind of fun but once you start getting to the second and third planet, it feels more rewarding to just shut the game down and wait for the offline rewards, which I feel like is antithetical to what video games are supposed to be about.. Good game but far too many Ads as everyone is saying. I've been playing mobile apps for 10+ years now and I've never seen a game with so many Ads and thirst for money. Fix your money hunger.. It shows lots of ads and when I try to hit the ball it's always getting stuck even when I'm good it still does it.. Game so hard i keep getting on water even if i have no internet i get so much freaking ads freak this game make this nerf. Decent fun when you're on the toilet. Wanted to see about paying to get rid of ads thinking it would be, like, $2 like most games. No no no. Try $9.49... per week. Insane..

Golf Orbit APK

Everyone wants so much money for cheap games. Tons of ads, not worth 6 bucks a month, or whatever it was.. This game is fun sure but it's littered with ads and if you don't want them you have to pay a WEEKLY BILL that is $9.00! It's just a cashgrab and I do not reccomend. Id give this one star but i actually enjoyed the game for the first 2 minutes Would be actually pretty fun if I didn't get ads every other turn and the amount of money you get makes it take ages to pay for upgrades. Even the "perfect" shots just completely stop when they touch water even when you see it go flying out of the hazard it just end the turn. Very frustrating game and ridiculous pricing to make it adless... it's a mobile game not a AAA title so stop acting like money hungry dirtbags.. The devs should take all the money they make off this game with the garbage ads and invest in a noose for themselves.

Golf Orbit APK

I'm rating it a 1 because it keeps forcing me to rate it even though I declined to rate. It asks me every hit. Great game otherwise.. Let me paint you a picture. "Wanna watch a ad to get triple your reward?" Nope im good. "Well heres a unskippable ad that's actually three ads" oh, well do I get triple the reward? "Nope, you gotta watch a ad for this" oh, then whats this? "Three ads!". Far too many ads really early on in the game, was a banner at the top saying remove ads for free which took me to a slots Vegas game. Seems to be forcing you to pay 8.99 subscription to play without constant adverts.. Ads keep popping after every swing. I like the game, but the frequency of those ads is making it hard to enjoy the actual game..

Golf Orbit APK

Double ads for rewards and if an ad can't load the game freezes. Remove ads sure for 20 bucks. The game isn't good enough for all the ads that pop up. Delete.. So far it's cool. Try to refrain from asking for a rating. At least 1 full minute of uninterrupted play. I like that you have two 2 second ads. Clever keep them tapping. Sometimes the puzzle IS finding the x ! Would have probably rated higher if I had at least a few swipes.. since i started playing i never had any problems with itbut i'm afraid it'll get boring after i unlocked everything. I played for less than 5 minutes and had 2 ads and the game close on me 3 times, plus they asked me to rate the game before i even made the first shot, i do not recomend downloading this game..

Am not rating this game because I can't believe I just wasted my data to download this game only to fined out you will pay before you play very bad. Absolutely predatory VIP plan chsrges $7 a week for no ads. And if you dont pay you're going to see about 5 ads per minute. Not worth the time, this app is just a scam with some game built in.. Too many ads the only way to turn them off is a subscription service on-top of constant banner ads. If you have banner ads don't force fullscreen ads. Allow us to just buy no ads for $3-5 and just give perks for the sub otherwise it's just too intrusive and greedy. Probably the worst game i have played. Its only purpose its for u to watch ads and thats it . The developers dont give a single care about what u like or think they only want for u to watch the ads so they can get some money. Absolute trash game..

Cost way too much for too little. This is pretty much a random flash game you could have found in the early 2000s. A neat concept with maybe 3hrs worth of content. And that would be fine, if the game didn't have ads EVERYWHERE, and for EVERTHING. And one star because whom ever made this game said 3 hrs of content is 6.49 A WEEK for no ads. Or 25.96 a month or 311.52 a year to get no ads for 3hrs worth of content. Don't mind spending a couple of bucks to help out creators, but that is too much. Useless game there's no particular point in playing this game. When u make a shot and the ball lands somewhere u think the shot will reusme from that spot but no it starts from the beginning point again!! Worst golf game i ever played.. A surprisingly fun game!! But entirely too many ads. Ad banner on top during game play. Ad breaks every couple levels. Deleted this pretty quickly. It is amazing i like it where you have to beat your high score and it's super addictive thanks to the developers for creating this amazing game.

Way too many ads And a big constant ad on the top of the screen!! Basketball orbit doesn't have them!.

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