NameFlip Master
ReleaseMotionVolt Games Ltd

In the Flip Master game, the main character is a wonderful gymnast who gets on a trampoline and plans to do an interesting combination of tricks. It is enough for the user to touch the screen of his mobile device once so that the hero starts jumping on the trampoline and twisting all kinds of somersaults and screws. You can download Flip Master for Android and admire the complex elements right now.

A large number of different characters are available, which can be dressed up to your taste and, in a sometimes silly way, released on a trampoline. It’s time to show off your gymnastic skills. You can jump on different trampolines, which are installed in the backyard of the character, in the center of the circus, and in the football stadium.

It is necessary to set new records and receive good rewards and additional bonuses for this. The physics are so realistic that if the character fails to perform the trick properly, the user’s hands tremble with worry for him.

The game features more than 10 tricks, several dozen costumes, as well as a calm musical accompaniment, and additional settings. Therefore, you should download Flip Master for Android and try to make an unimaginable series of new tracks.

Flip Master MOD

This Game Is Really Balanced, But my opinion is that the landing is basically Luck-Based. Sometimes I glitch when I Land on my feet, It just says "Hit" when I landed perfectly. Just Saying that its kinda rigged. :D. to many ads, and the only way to get new skins is to buy them or to get them from spins. not much to do but I love it the flips and the clothes look fabulous and cool download flip master now!. It is a good game for casual people and since it's offline if you turn of your wifi and your cellular data you can have no ads. So I think this game is awesome! Because the graphics are superior. It's definitely not glitchy and I would definitely recommend this game for toddlers, kids, and even adults. I think this is the best game that I have ever tried. There's one more that I recommend which is Diving master..... It also has superior game, I also really really really really really really really really really really really really really really recommend that one too. Thanks for you time reading this! River Peeters.

Flip Master APK

it's overall a amazing game but I know it's not y'all's fault but it's way to much time on ads. This game is actually good when I was 8 years old I could not even know how to upgrade your first charecter and at first I always play around not doing the actual thing in the game which is flipping your self... and I always landed on the house or on the car because I love to make your chareter ragdoll everytime!!but! now it is super fun!! LOVE THIS GAME!!!. Such a fun game! Spaced out ads, great for when your bored, and you don't even have to pay to play this awesome game, great job to whomever made this game . This game was dope when I was t 3 years old and still is I love it and it doesn't matter if the ads appear at last we can still play this game 5 stars.....

Flip Master APK

Number one game to play when you are going somewhere far to past the time or vs your friends to see how many flips you can do I recommend this game. This game is so good. When i was little and i didnt know how to play this game i used to always jump on the trampoline and land on the car. This game has many different flips and maps you can use also. Overall i rate this game 5 stars.. One mistake if you land on your belly it's annoying and frustrating and the new tricks you only get about 50 points. This game is so fun you can jump so high But also there's too many Ads That keep popping up I wish you can just have no Ads.

Flip Master APK

I got 2 more blue balls left and I keep on getting red make the red balls disappear would be amazing.. What a game installed this on December of last year and I have enjoyed the games very much . No words to explain this .. I can do so much tricks and flips it really relaxes me and calling me down and it takes all attention . Such a good game! I 100% recommend to play this game it has amazing features and overall it's such a good game..

Remember playing this game a couple years ago and it was really fun, just getting back into it and really looking forward to playing it, Highly recommend playing it but I've rated it 4* because at the start there are so many ads from what I remember but overall amazing game, Keep up the hard work. This is a very beautiful game this is a damn Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump I very like it game. it's a good game for kid to play and kid will have a lit of fun and you can do Filp In the game.. This game is so fun I play it all the time and it's about skill this is my favorite game.

Download ( V2.8.10 )

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