Bike Life APK Mod (Unlimited Money) 1.3.3

Last update February 12, 2024

NameBike Life
ReleaseBad Idea Studio

Racing sports arcade game with interesting gameplay. Bike Life! – a sports racing arcade game for Android, in which you have to learn how to balance well on one wheel, systematically moving forward.

In the game, you will take control of a biker on a bicycle and go on a race on one wheel. Everything would be fine, but the race passes along a busy road, along which cars drive. You need to successfully maneuver between other cars, systematically moving forward. Adding complexity is that you will maneuver on one wheel.

It is necessary to continue driving as long as possible without falling on the second wheel. As soon as you stand on two wheels, the game will end. To prevent this from happening, press on opposite sides of the display while balancing on one wheel. One finger is enough to control. With each level, the speed of the bike will increase, which will add complexity and interest.

Bike Life MOD

Controls are really dumb should just hold it down When i go right i fall when i go left it fall. ok so 1st thing the biker is so dumb like a car is like right front you and when i was driving and i was going right then WHAT HAPPEN it was i died so im rating this game a 1 -tis true. FM md DHL NBA so NBA doDJ my TN chill NBC all NBA all me Ruben gonna help DHL FM to Hf hmm md hmm FFS an GM kg GM meet bell md DHL kg DJ kg DJ DJ HD sk hand Snak DNA email FM 2nd DJ HD FM kg GM Mr smash number 2nd sk 2nd DJ them kg than kg so KFC am md sky to keen J isn't do is DHL kg DJ my UCLA do myIggy USB 2nd DJ HD DVD ah Hf shark my kg DJ my and jjjuh the Hjj all week DJ DJ DJ FYI do so wild ask MS DJ Kaleb burnt knobby screws girl GM. To much moving one wrong tap your done ao cutt to the point its trash My tiktok zayyboi567 or zayyboii567? Byeeee. This is very nice game but there is one problem this is boring game then I will give you 5 Star.

Bike Life APK

It's really fun and it takes away my stress and I like doing tricks on a bike so that's why I love this Game. Really fun game. But I just wish that the levels were harder. And the tires changed the level of grip. What Diane sad is true so pls have guns minigun,rpgs,minimum,, pls or I'll remove the game with my friends add more and I'll give 5star with diane and my accounts and make the car go more faster its annoying. This is very good the graphics are the best and I have %0 lag I love how I can't find any other like this masterpiece (except for roblox).

Bike Life APK

This is a pretty decent game but the only thing I hate about is the ads they like 30 sec long.

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