NameBowling Club
Release707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games

It’s time to visit an actual bowling alley. Come to Bowling Club™- Bowling Game. Your friend called you and invited you to the local bowling club. But as it turned out later, this is not a simple club that you have known for a long time. Real professionals have settled here and challenge you to a duel. It’s time for you to test your abilities in this exciting game, to show everything you are capable of. Soon it would be best to become a professional in your field, offer an incredible game, and solve the tasks. Look at all the splendor of this club, test all your abilities and become a bowling star.

Play your first one-on-one match, play in real-time and win your duel: the most incredible tournaments, multiplayer games to win a million coins in the end. You can hold an international championship, meet players from other countries and defeat your opponent. Here, you can chat with your friends, develop a winning strategy, and earn an excellent rating. There are a considerable number of bowling alleys worldwide, crazy achievements, and a great bonus system. A simple control system that you will definitely like.

Bowling Club MOD

Fun Game, once you learn how to get better pins and balls you are on your way , I am near 2500 points, I need to be continuously on winning back to back, to get there.. Worst experience I do not like getting ripped off!!!!...STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCUMBAGS..THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT GIVE YOU "WHAT YOU PAY FOR" ONCE YOU PAY? YOU CAN'T EVEN LOG INTO FACEBOOK, THEY DO NOT LET YOU. SO KEEP YOUR MONEY PLEASE..... TAKE MY WORD ON WHAT I'M TELLING YOU!.. I usually don't rate games but this one is starting to piss me off. After the last update, I went from 2400 to 2000 and a matter of a few games. The balls go right through the pins and it says you missed. I do the same shots all the time and all of a sudden they don't work. Please fix the game and I will update my review. Well I'm upgrading my review. Now my total score went down to around 2200 when it was 2450 after I logged out and back into the game. Update, unable to connect to FaceTime. Blowing Club I Hate You Guys So Much IM NOT GOING TO PLAY THIS GAME ANYMORE JUST BECAUSE IM KEEP LOSING MONEY NUMBERS SCAMMED PEOPLE AND MORE SO JUST STOP DOING THIS TO ME IS NOT FUN IM A GIRL WHO CAN'T WALK SO GOODBYE FOREVER. It's time to uninstall this game, it's has to many glitches that costs you a lot of points, your continuously being matched up against somebody way below your level in points, if you win against them you gain very little points if they win against you they gain a lot of points. Unfairest system I've seen in a game if you tell support they have a machine that says we'll look into it but they don't, I don't recommend this game to anyone anymore, what a shame it could have been a great game..

Bowling Club APK

The developer loves to steal your money but won't maintain the app on Facebook, so you can't move from one device to another and retain your progress and things you've purchased.. I was enjoying this game until I got a new phone and can no longer get back into my Facebook account. I checked their Facebook page, the game devs seem not to care and they ignore all user pleas. Some people left messages 7 yrs ago. This is a great game if you don't mind losing all your progress, & it's absolutely wonderful if you like playing under a guest account forever. One star rating for this app. I would have given it a five star rating if only I could get back into my actual account.. "" STAY AWAY"" I just bought a monthly subscription with them and they did not give me my subscription yet they took my money stay away from this app they're going to rip you off don't pay for it.... There's lots of bugs. App fails quite often, and unless you're willing to drop a lot of money to upgrade the balls you can't win..

Bowling Club APK

Fix your game! The first time I experienced bugs was a few years ago and these bugs still happen now with inclusion of a new one. The hug was that regardless of what pin you had (heavy, medium or light), at one point in the game they would become a solid brick wall to which any ball becomes useless against. The new bug is that there's no such thing as a perfect game because if you get a strike, you are guaranteed to have your ball ghost through the pins making it a miss. So fix your game!. This is the easiest game and I love the colorful balls and pins. They are pretty easy to get too.. I only rated this app a 1 because I couldn't rate a -10. The app freezes up, you don't always get your reward at the end of an add. This is because the just closes. I could go on but I just don't want to waste my time.. Was great now I can't even play! On 1 phone, when I go to open the app it just closes and takes me back 2 my home screen; on my other phone it won't upload! It just freezes up & NOTHING WORKS! Sm1 ruined a really good game!.

Bowling Club APK

I've read most of the reviews and some of the way that you have to go about upgrading more frequent and bigger but I am happy with the few. I can't even open the game anymore. It almost immediately force closes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Please fix; please update!. I don't know what's wrong with the app, but I can't even open the game anymore. It won't get past the loading page and then just force closes. PLEASE FIX!!!. I gave this app five stars because it truly is a wonderful game and unlike the previous bowling app I tried, this one actually rewards you well and you're playing against REAL people rather than AI opponents..

I'm sure the game may be fun but I wouldn't know because it doesn't work I open it to play and it freezes and crashes seconds later, what a joke. Server is not good at times. Just dont understand why i can win 5 in a roll then lose 5 in a roll.. Good but shutting off when u claim rewards and right start of game it just quit it just I myself is exiting the game app but I'm not. I liked this game at first but then it would time out on my turn and I would lose because of that don't waste your time.

This game crashes even when it's the only app running. Gameplay is fun otherwise, but unfortunately you don't have much time to play before it crashes again. Game can be played on Facebook so you don't need this app. Uninstalling.. It likes to freeze up on me. That sucks because it's a pretty good game. well now it's up on me again. it's a pretty cool game. when you can play. I miss Bowling , since I have had To have ...3.....back surgeries ...and No can BOWL anymore, ..I was the 5 Pin Queen years ago , Not anymore , our Leaque Team Actually Won 1 rst place 1 yr. Then the very next year , Last place. But we ALWAYS HAD A BLAST , SO I GUESS THIS ONE WORKS FOR MY THUMBKIN THROW. Game is ok but is so blatantly obvious that it decides when you win and when you don't. Great app if you want to watch ads though..

Twice in one game the ball was bang on target but went THROUGH the pins like a ghost ruining a perfect game and allowing the other player to win, absolutely shocking as other player was rubbish, Uninstalled. Just a mobile game only win or defeated is fair and square please not get angry i also the same and always think positive and behaved. THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME!!!!!! BEING HANDICAPPED NOW AND NOT ABLE TO BOWL IN A LEAGUE ANYMORE, THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, FOR INVENTING THIS GAME!!!! LOVIN' IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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