NameCricket League

A sports game with multiplayer mode and quick matches against real players. Cricket League is a multiplayer sports game for Android devices with cricket mechanics in which you must participate in short competitions against real players.

In this simulator, you must try to become one of the best cricket players by competing with other real players. Excellent quick cricket-style matches are waiting for you, which will not take you much time, but at the same time, will give you a lot of fun. Matches last for several minutes. The game has reasonably easy-to-learn mechanics and controls, which will not cause problems even for beginners. Learning to play is easy, but winning is not so easy. You can play against other players, against your friends or relatives. In the game, you can create teams from friends and participate in leagues where you can win the championship and become the best team.

Cricket League MOD

the game sometimes stops after a boundary!! it does not freezes like it just doesn't continue to the next ball. the camera stays on the boundary and I see moving flags. waited for 10 minutes, eventually had to quit the game which ended up loosing valuable coins. I want my coins back!!!. Twice now when i open the game my progress has been reset,going to delete it now,spend to much time to get this far in the game,not sure if it is because i dont want log in with my FB account. There are many hackers in game , they have high capabilities and my Player MK Singh was on stage 42 but don't know why he is demoted to 25 ... Please upgrade him immediately .. 200% hackers are wearing pakistaani gersy , may be they are using hacked of paid or there own app .. this game is a motivated game. i am not sure but this game i playid. When i am verry happy. beacouse this ia a multiplaiyer games. :>. Worst game ever doesn't make any sense I'll never play this game again but still I like miniclip so 5 star.

Cricket League APK

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Cricket League APK

Download ( V1.13.1 )

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