NameFishing Superstars
ReleaseCom2uS Holdings Corporation

An exciting game with colorful design and simple gameplay. A game for mobile devices in which the user has to catch fish. But it should be noted right away that this is not a classic fishing simulator, although the mechanics are used from the simulator. The developers have made a kind of action game out of the classic simulator, in which fishing is not as easy as it might seem. Download Fishing Superstars for Android and immerse yourself in exciting gameplay. The process of the game is divided into several parts. Each part is a kind of mini-game.

First, you need to throw the oud into the water. To do this, you need to wave your phone. And the faster you do this, the further the cast will be. Then follow the float, and when it starts to move, pull the phone towards you. The fish is hooked and the next mini-game begins, namely the process of fishing the fish. And this is the most difficult process. It is extremely important to do everything carefully so as not to give the fish the slightest chance. The success indicator will signal you how the process is going. True, even if you do everything right, it is not a fact that you will be able to pull the fish out. If you are interested in such games, then we recommend downloading Fishing Superstars for Android.

Fishing Superstars MOD

This is one of the best fishing games that I've played in a while great job guys I love it. 10 years playing so amazing, but now had always connection issue,, another games is no lagged and connection issue,, whats your problem? Server down?. Love this game!!! Great work guys!!! Been playing for 11 years and I still love this game. My favorite game of all time!!!!! Thank you for this game!. It forced close when I tried to login on my old account, I've been playing for 10 years and stopped for 2 years I just got back in the game and this is my welcome greeting a crash, it won't let me play the game anymore when I tried to play it force closes.. Ervin of the united state wemon of the united state ervin Nathan Charles Gaffney SC right act of Google dealievieper of post Master art of DMV id SSI Cherokee USD vs united state.

Fishing Superstars APK

Fun game, the graphics are a bit realistic and i like how they do like 8 bits thing and a bit long to log in but sometimes i get laggy but its ok.. 2017: Pay2win. Can only be enjoyable as solo play. Boss fish, legendary fishes, guild boss are only for hard spenders. Update 2023: Even more pay2win. After 9 years f2p playing and grinding dont have a single item that would stand to compete in multiplayer activities. To get a single gear of highest grade (out of 10) need perhaps 2-3k euros + couple grands to upgrade to max level. Not talking that monthly released more OP stuff. Daily offers to get "above average" upgrade materials cost 100eu.. Upgrading ur rod Legendary rod from +20 to +25 is the most annoying kek thing in the game now, needed to go through many resources collecting and RNG or spend $49.99. Still struggling for my first leg rod awakening. Used to be a great game, now totally ruined by the owning company. Lacking in testing, planning, know, all the things that are essential. Played for 10 years.... far too long for a game to exist..

Fishing Superstars APK

Why one star because your game won't let me put in a nickname.everyone says name already taken. Really change it if you really want me to play because I don't know if your game is as my good or not. Game won't start. Just a black screen. Plus i come from a referral that never game me ig currency prize for installing this as they promised.. My long lasting game, I hope come2us keep this game alive, it's still best game since my android 4.0 until today, remarkably healing game, nice bgm and landscape view.. 720p grafics in 2022, this game needs a rework, heavy pushing offers, and have pretty bad drop rates. Lagging and slow to load. A shame because the game itself is really fun, and probably the most engaging gameplay in a fishing game. 2022, step up..

Fishing Superstars APK

i wanna be fishig but for real this game is nice, lots of popups (not ads) when you open the game and all the flashing thimgs get a bit overwhelming sometimes but its a good game, i dont get too into it with all the features, i just like catching fish. definitely playable without rlc purchases which is nice, and you get quite a few good items when you start out. definitely recommend if you just want virtual fishing. If anybody is trying to over-combine their rod and it keeps crashing the game this is what I did to get past the bug go into your inventory and instead of Doing it in your rods menu, Instead go to your combined crystals and hit use and it will work Just click on the rod you want to overcome by and it will work.. Anybody that spends $99 or more on any game is an idiot. I can see $5 to $10 bucks to kind of help the developers and get a small package but the review before mine is complaining that he spent $99 seven times to get inventory slots? While I clearly agree that it should be very clear and you should probably get your money back because it wasn't, I also think when you spend this kind of money on a damn game that doesn't give you nearly the returns you should, you get what you deserve.. It's ok. Please bring back Dark Avenger Pleasseeee. Please bring back Dark Avenger. App can't even be searched anymore but it exists in my heart. Please bring back Dark Avenger. Please please and thank you..

there's currently a bug when you try to over-combine a rod the game crashes please fix it ASAP thanks in advance. Been on this game over 12 years but it's now not loading up the Facebook signin option. From 5 to 1 stars can't give any lower new update crashed the whole thing. After playing for years, since the beginning, and spending hundreds on this game, this latest update has rendered my facebook sign in unusable. When I go to click facebook login, it just flickers and then nothing. I thought I had linked my com2us log in as well but when i sign into that, it wants me to restart a brand new game. I am not losing hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours. Please fix this.. Played this game since it came out and have spent some money on the game here and there but Now all of a sudden I hav3 a problem with Facebook login errors!? Absolutely garbage now. ZERO STARS in my opinion. You guys need to fix this. I'm not the only person having this issue..

The game was super great when I first started playing it 10 yrs ago. I built up so high and spend alot of real money just to spend it cuz it doesn't matter what u do the higher the levels are the nearly impossible to catch the fish cuz they right off the rip the are so fast that u don't even get a change to try and catch them cuz they already took off and broke the line or ur meter is so red that it brakes anyways so what's the point to even keep spending real money nor keep playing cuz I'm maxe. been 6 yrs playing, takes time to adapt, so (too) much activity. if you casual gamer 3+ hrs/day, start from scratch and not spend money, just forget it. dont get me wrong, its fun game, easy to collect star (diamond) but you`ve to spend much more if you want to speed up progress. the grinding : 8 item costume, rod etc. bronze > silver > gold > Platinum > purple > epic > legendary you only able to buy with frustration as its requires too many requirements. After update my phone to android 12, the game not work anymore and make my phone freezed. Reinstall it and still crashing. I can not play FS on my pc via an emulator (bluestack, nox, ...). Errors code 00000032 security policy violation. But i do nothing, do not cheat, hack... how can i fix this errors? Thank you!.

Didn't get to play never got past the nickname apparently every nickname known to man is already being used lol. Solved Over-combine !!! since game version 5.9.38 when I click over combine for rod game close immediatly.JUST CHANGE LANGUAGE TO KOREA ONCE.. Never play a single game from com2us aka lamevil every single game is only bout pay and if u delete my review u will just prove it. What happen to this game .in ask me to update. Tap the update bring to play store. In play store promt me to team please handle the problem..

I've been playing this game for 8 years and the content of this game is just getting better and better. It also easier to get green stars now, I'm so glad this game is still here.. Really love this game, but seems to crash everytime I have a long battle... Really dissapointing. Also could do with a easier way to filter out inactive friends.. Idk why, my connection when using this app always unstable than using other apps.. Please make ur app more adapted with lower connection. Awful experience with customer support. I lost access to a 6 years old account. I had my progress ported over from Facebook to GamEvil Live. Tried reaching out support with countless tickets in the past 3 years and no answer so far..

Can't even start the game. How did I got a security policy violation even though I never played the game? I literally just downloaded the game on a brand new phone.. Love this game. Been playing off and on for 8 years, but I've been sinking 2 hours a day for the past few months. If you want the thrill of JRPG min/maxing, combined with an ARPG loot and stat fiesta, with a fishing mini game in between, then you'll love this! Easy to F2P, thrilling to pay money as well.. I didn't get my 3000 stars from the 3rd milestone Also it's so hard to get a good item on the draw.. dead game, but the devs are generous enough to give more currency for the player so they can finally be done with this game. my goal itself is a halloween costume and then i will be done with this game. the gameplay itself is pretty boring and gacha-like. i dont like it nor am i willing to spend money for faster progression, the in game purchases are so bad, dont buy it. gave me good memories though hence 2 stars || EDIT: looks like there's no way to obtain such costume, i guess this is goodbye.

good game but transactions are way too expensive 80 for a fishing rod that wont catch you fish in the higher levels. New android gen cant play in full screen.its annoying.mail the developer but no answer. Looks like they will not care about player anymore.They only update/fix whats the most important to them to keep the game running or up to date.. I wish the item in inventory can be sort out.. Its too messy and the information on how to get each item is not clear.. Come on fs team..this game is already 12 years old.. Should at least make those kind of information available.. I still in blind regarding so much item.. i.e epic costume upgrade gem.. I still dont know where to get that item. The only information on that item it is use to upgrade costume to epic.. Which is not a useful because the name of that item alone can tell that much.. Played this game and loved it when it 1st came out and always came back to it, now though when I downloaded it again I can't even get signed in and it shuts off!!.

I played this n 2017 and loved it. It's my favorite of all fishing games. Now it's added a lot more so I'm excited to c what happens.. can not showed in fullscreen mode on my gadget, the developer team should change or add screen resolution setting so that this game can adjust with new mobile phone generation. I always come back to this fishing game, with a newer phone I don't have to worry about memory space. Still my favorite fishing game, I never got into the simulators on console. Restart back to level 1 coz stuck at level 105 for 3 yrs. My opinion is nobody can play FS until to the i right folks??!!!!.

It is a great game but stopped playing at lvl.15. 2nd fishing site, needed to catch the final fish. Spent 20 minutes wrestling it, lost it. Did a replay using green stars. Threw the hook very close to shore. Hooked the same fish, but it would not calm down. So I deleted the game. Quite an awesome game with bonus and award. A lot of error occur like prompt up of time attack of competetion but competetion does not occur. The fish state Is uncounsious but the still can swim.the fish line still get lengthen by it self.(fast). Support team please check it out..

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