NameHead Basketball
ReleaseD&D Dream

Head Basketball is a sports game similar to basketball, but at the same time has its own rules. The fact is that you only need to score with your head. Luckily, the athletes here look like weird elves with big heads, so hitting the ball shouldn’t be a problem. 🙂 In a team of only one player, matches are played in a 1-on-1 format. As in a traditional game, the team that scores more goals wins. Also, one can pick out his ability to stun or disorient him from the features. Representatives of each country to choose from have their unique attack abilities. This toy will appeal to all those who love non-standard sports video games. You can play both in single-player mode and using multiplayer.

Head Basketball MOD

SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET A8 OUSSAMA TANGER IPAD APPLE AIR HEAD BASKETBALL 3.1.1 LUCKY PATCHER MONEY MOD APK GOOD HEAD SOCCER 6.12 LUCKY PATCHER MOD APK MARCO RADIO SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB.A BLACK POPPY KART EVIL ANGRY BUFF FIGHTING EYES RED KNIFE GUN ZOMBIE THE END FIGHTS LAUGHTER HAPPY CRYING SAD CRIES LAUGHING CRAZY CRY LAUGH FIGHT FOOTBALL GOALS SUNNY DAY ROAD LAUGHS POCOYO PATO ELLY BIRD SLEEPY NOW SUBWAY RUNNER SIREN HEAD ROUTE IPAD APPLE 32GB TABLET COLD HOT WATER SWEATING HULK SCREAMING LOVE AND. Its a good game but really dont like the placement of the controlls and i dont like how small the controls are to. After playing the game for years, suddenly, I lost all my progress in the game. My account was reset, and I can do nothing to fix it.. Game keeps on crashing on my device when I downloaded it yesterday it was playing great now all of the sudden it keeps putting me out please fix. Like this game but there is a big that makes it so I can't move or jump while the ball is in the air, like really high. Also the controls are a bit awkward so can you add an option to map the controls on the screen?.

Head Basketball APK

If i can rate it 0 i will fix the 2 points giver its actually so dumb when the npc gets 3 and i get 2 and lose. Its so stupid if i can ban this game and make it bankrupt, i will. u can't jump when the ball is too high in the air and a lot of times a 3 point score ends up being a 2 point score? im shooting across the field and it scores 2, doesn't add up. this is very annoying pls fix it, otherwise great game . Another update is fantastic! New characters and more variety of their power shots. Been experiencing bugs when the camera tilts upwards I occasionally can't move my character thus unintentionally lose points. There were moments when I scored 3 points instead it gave me 2 points.. To be honest I feel like the game makes you lose and it's so unfair also it's kinda just a bad game.

Head Basketball APK

Its mad fun the characters are creative but the only really problem i have is the cost of there outfits other than that very fun game.. I... Love... This... Game. I wish I could give this a 5 star. But there is this glitch with Harish where I shoot with my powershot, score, and then the timer stops, and softlocks the game, meaning I have to restart the app. This has cost me in tournaments, and head cups quite a couple of times. However... This doesn't always happen, infact it feels like a "soft lock roulette." The game itself is an absolute masterpiece (in my opinion) it is fun to play, it's vibrant, and... It's BALANCED!!!. Can't connect it to my Google Play Games account. It gives the following error: "Unfortunately, Google+ couldn't set up your profile. Try again later.".. This game trash with worst control design its barely hard to see what am i pressing at with worst transparent its been years with no better control design..

Head Basketball APK

The game is an easy 5 star.. if you fix the actual random indecisive physics engine. And if touches would actually register on the menu it feels like my screen is broken when it's actually just an unresponsive app. Great game! The art is very pleasing to look at and I enjoy the fact that they try to make the power of a country match its culture.. I like the game a lot but there are a few bugs that are common, such as some ability shots of characters missing the hoops. Also oftentimes will only get 2 points when doing the ground ability. If the ball goes too high and can oftentimes be seen at hayatos ability shots is that the buttons don't work at that height. But the glitch that bothers me the most is that sometimes when getting points or the game ends the game will let you move and the game stops. If you need more infos reach out to me.. This game is fun and all but there is this one glich in the game. When playing against Julie the time can sometimes freeze and I have to quiet sometimes am even in a tournament so that bug must be fixed to get five stars.

Awesome graphics and mechanics. This game is just as nostalgic as Head Soccer. It would be awesome to have the controls fixed like when the ball is out of the screen, I can't love. Would be awesome if you could add the character select button like in Head Soccer, for easier navigation.. Lol whyd you guys make it so when the ball goes offscreen or you're too high u can't interact w buttons ruined the game can't even counter that Japanese dude. This game is amazing! I played for 1 hour straight. It's just that the characters are pretty hard to get (Besides Hayato Japan). I got AF-94 today 2023 June 24th. I like this game its my favorite mobile game!. This game is great, it wouldve been a 5 star but I have this issue where if the ball gets out of screen, I'm not able to move or interact with my player, and because of this I end up losing points or even the game. Please fix this issue Edit: whenever I save my game progress to the cloud it always buffers, it doesn't go higher than 44% even when I have a good stable connection. Please fix this issue.

It's great I've never seen such a great game. 1 thing though THE ACID MUSHROOMS I hate them so bad. While to trying to get the ring I'd always face Dante I defeated him easily before BUT THOSE ACID MUSHROOMS MAKE THINGS WORSE I have spended so many points/coins to try again but countless losses later I've given up. I know it's supposed to make things harder but come on don't you think it's a bit too hard? Please do something about it, please? Overall great game!. This game tried to fix the many problems Head Soccer had; balancing. However, as much as the game did that, it wasn't all that efficient. The grindy ability to get equipment makes this also all the more tiring.. The game is less fun. If the field more long, it is more better. Developer should increase on grapics quality. Add more countries with special power by update.. Bu oyunu beendim futbol srm iin zel bir karakter kazandrd ama turkce dilinde mavi ekranda kald bu sorunun zlmesi gerekiyor..

There are way more glitches than there used to be a few years ago. Sometimes the clock freezes and the baskets don't count so I have to quit the match and start again. Also, sometimes it's possible to push the ball from below the basket so that it doesn't go in.. Cjdishvidjcoebicheochdohciehciehfiheofheofboenfoebfonefobeofbeobfoebforbfibfobconrobroncorncornconrocnroncornfornforbforb9rnlcrnkcndclnrkcbtlcnorncorbcobrocbrocbrobcorbcirbjcp of cojfe chorjpc bbipc jcrp crjp crbi prjp b i prcjb prcbj prfkb p ibf ribr irbcpurcrrkcefbirbfoebocbricborbforbfibrcibskxbircbirbcirbcirbcorbocbrocbribcirbcibrcifbcirbcibrcocbobrobcnfrocnroncornfoenforfjrocbtovntonvotnvotnvtovntonvotnvornvonrcls clsnclrnclencl elcnrclndclncdkbckbeckbeclnrlncornclrnclrncorncor Dkdjdkdd. Awesome game not many complaints, only two in fact. First: the glitch where the game just stops, you can move but no points are counted and the timer doesn't go down. Second: Dante, nerf Dante, death mode is a challenge but that isn't the issue, it's the fact that the only way to clean sheet this guy is to cheese it with Alom, who is also bugged. Other than that, great game.. I think ability use is very bad.... multiple times opponents using..and no way to stop that. Using ability means points for sure. U can not even jump to stop that...... also controls places must be adjustable on big devices very hard to manage..... please fix..... anyone checking reviews?.

It's not letting me get my old progress it always get stuck at 10% But other than that it's a great game I spent hours on it trying to get new characters and costumes. The game ia good overall and a fun pastime. But please fix the bug where you can't move your character when the camera pans up especially when your opponents do ability shots were the ball is thrown way up. A very good basketball game. I gave it 4 stars because the items are very expensive. You need like 10000 coins for just a mask. So maybe crank down the cost of accessories? Although, a pretty good game.. It's great but the one thing is the final boss for death is way too difficult to beat when the two mushrooms are the modifier and when you give up it takes a gem. Gotta change that mushroom.

I think it is very fun and enjoyable but gets annoying fast because there are a lot of glitches and bugs. It is very good but the problem is the clothes price instead maybe you can do 10000 coins will you please do that for me . Teamin is the most garbage character i ever played in my intire life you need to give him a buff he is so weak i try landing a shot but they always take it. I like this game very much but one more thing (GHANA) or should i say more characters,like head soccer.

Love this game! The gameplay is simple and can get really engaging. Though there are a couple of bugs that make it less fun. One of these bugs, if the ball is high in the air, you can't move at all until you can see your character. This makes it pretty difficult to block Japan's attack.. It is so cool and fun but i want it to be like you can buy the items for your body for each win you get. to many bug like can't jump when ball goes to high, cant use counter after playing dante ( i can swing but the ball just bounce off without counter effect ). I like the game but when i load my cloud save the screen goes completely blue and i cannot do anything even if i restart the game pls fix it.

Its trash in my opinion. The OVR is too low and you can't beat your opponent's. making it impossible to advance. Also the accessories are too expensive.. Amazing game but big bugs that hurt it a lot. Biggest is when the camera pans up to follow the ball it doesnt let me move or jump. Also the movement is sometimes buggy and at the beginning of a game jumping will stop my horizontal movement even though im still pressing the button. Ive also had issues playing against india, where sometimes the game will freeze up, the counter wont count, and points wont register. Other than these things it could easily be a 5 star game and ill change if fixed. The game is very fun but whenever I face Julia, like whenever I score or she dose it dose not count as a point and the timer does not go down idk how it happend or why it's happening other than that the game is fun would totally recommend it. I enyojed ur game but it's too hardnthey Catch the ball and usenthere ability it made me rage and I had tears ur game is too hard.

The game itself is fine, but there are so many bugs and glitches. For example: The opponent using their special ability twice in a row. This has costed me many championships and important games. Also, the physics are very weird and the opponent can hit some crazy automatic shots on you.. Fun, but frustrating. If you use your ability, the cpu can block it and use their ability even if it's not activated. I can't begin to explain how many times I've lost because of this..

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