NameFIFA 모바일
ReleaseNEXON Company

A few of your favorite gamers are within the area of FIFA Cellular. You can play as all the perfect and iconic legends of the season. These embody Mess, Zidane, Maradona, Pele, and Maldini. There are lots of extras to select from.

As well as there are weekly bonuses and challenges to check all gamers. Pose and problem your folks in real-time online multiplayer to rank larger and grow to be perfect. FIFA is always higher when you have another person to play with. And FIFA Cellular permits all the enjoyable and unique console motion on the small display.

Before going into an excessive amount of elements about these abilities, a few of you might not know what the strikes are. Principally, every participant has two different transfer abilities. These talents might be applied throughout gameplay to throw severe, highly effective strikes on the sphere. This may be synthetic, disorienting, overpowering, or knocking out your opponent.


Complete and utter pay 2 win. Can't even try to play the game unless you spend a million bucks. Matchmaking is horrible aswell. I have an overall 120 team and I've been placed against overall 180 teams on multiple occasions. The new update is very awful. Everything is not better then before. I thinks every players is feeling like that. Plz fix it real quick.. The game is amazing! But the reason I give 4 star is the language is not English and English soon report this nexon company. This game is awesome but this game is korean language but I want English language please ea sports reply my question. This game is amazing but the reason I give 4 star is it's not in English language so add English language as soon as possible.


there is problem with crashes and then there is the p2w again if you pay you'll literally win every single match. This game is fun when its fun but if you pay some money you can win every single match, no joke every single one. And the level up margins are soooo unfair, encouraging you to pay more money. Classic EA now i usually dont write reviews but DAMN this game is so unfair. Would recommend if you are going to only paly with friends but if not, dont bother. Unless you are a whale and plan to spend like hundreds if not thousands of dollars.(also the gatcha system is unfair as hell).

Download ( V12.1.02 )

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