NamePro League Soccer
ReleaseRasu Games

Gather your football team and beat everyone in a row. Now you can take part in all world championships with your team. Gather the best players, show real class in this sport, and get all sorts of rewards. This is a real 3D football that will now appear on your mobile device, and you can play it every day.

You must play Pro League Soccer, and your life will change immediately. You can find yourself in the most excellent arenas in the world, hear the screams of the fans and join the battle with the most vigorous opponents. This is a fantastic game and a great adventure that is fun to play.

You can visit the most beautiful places in the world where they love and play football. Test your skills as an excellent manager, challenge yourself with the strongest teams in the world, and become the star of world football. Create your style, and challenge the most influential players worldwide. This exciting mobile application will take up all your free time. Build your best squad in the world, win various tournaments, and be the best club in recent times.

Pro League Soccer MOD

This gaje is really fun but it would be very good if you could buy or sell players in the club mode. What happened to the controls of this app?..they're no longer turning with smooth flexibility and movement. It's as if like the players are on fixed running and turning. Only north, south, east and west direction whenever players run. Please help?. Please, update the saudi league ; We want to play with mahrez with al ahli, cristiano ronaldo with al-nassr and benzema with al-ittihad.. No online game skills on it's own some times when we don't even touch the next to the line they say it's out plz fix up. Nice game though, but I don't know why it restarts always. The whole game resets always.....I'm loosing interest in the game .

Pro League Soccer APK

It's a truely Good game overall but please add a national team coz lots of people are craving it. Please add the ability to buy players in season mode lol.. Best Game but next season own should be better please 1 rate it 4 and again there should be a trophy celebration and lifting their names are not spelt well. - I honestly like this game alot. Because it reminds me of my little brother. I used to delete when I find it in my device. But I gave try even today I still play it .. It is a nice game but needs an upgrade; like stadium, commentators, change in the name of clubs like London fc to Chelsea, correction on player's name and LAN wifi to connect with friends,also transfer market (to buy players),for me my rating is three star thank you can't wait for upgrade..

Pro League Soccer APK

They can even do better if they fix bugs and improve graphics so add multiplayer friendlys plz it will really make the game better and more fun and add your the leagues plz. Professional mode is just disgusting there is nothing to appreciate this game needs to improve our teammates block own passes professional mode is just a waste. The new update made the game bad. I can't do long passes because it will be stolen anyway, and I can't long pass in front far away from them because they become 9 ft tall who can get the ball from air. The opponents got superreflexes like they could be running with you, then suddenly steal the ball, we can't go past them because they could literally get the ball anytime, plus i couldn't pass because they could slide and magnet the balls into their feet. I don't think it became more realistic.. I loved this game when I first saw it and also my friend told me about it.but my problem is that we can't save our for others to see and we also need commentary and can you spell the teams names correctly. .

Pro League Soccer APK

Very bad game you are not mentioned us to send the matter and the video in ta aug aug aug goal of hlo sir I have a game with my friends in ta do you know the video in ta aug goal of this year to send me a jabo to you sraboni sraboni and the matter is my favourite thing in ta do the ei to send me a game with you and the matter is not mentioned us about your valuable time and everything will happen in ta do not me a jabo to send the video 85ttrttdtyy grtifgj I am not mentioned us about tUfff. Great game to play when your bored or offline, my only problem is that they should probably add more camera angles, celebrations, more leagues such as Saudi league etc, and they should also add KAORU MITOMA in the game, he's the best Brighton player I don't know why he isn't in the game tbh, I also recommend that we could edit the Player's appearance because sometimes the player looks a bit off on what he's supposed to look like and so we can have free control of the characters etc.. The game is good enough and satisfying But you guys need to make the hard level really hard I can't be scoring 8 goals against the best teams yet it's the hardest level. I don't like the way Saudi pro league is not included in the game and also some England football team their players are not complete pls find something to do about it thanks slot it's a pleasure.

Man this game is the best of its kind i've ever played. The control is mad and the teams and players are updated. The only issue is the characters pls creator try to make them look matured.. Actually the game is that bad i actually enjoyed the game and trust me once you download it you won't regret it. The experience is good but u need to add on online matches and commentary also as other games r doing but is a nice game. Please add multi player option, my friend has been running his mouth, I wanna teach him a lesson via the game.

The game e great and wonderful but the problem it cracks when I play I don't know if the problem is from my phone or the game. Hey love the way you have improved the game. But it is just disappointing of how in the last update the control button are rather diminished in size. This has made the game very to control cause I can't touch properly on the shoot button without hitting the pass button. This is very annoying therefore I'm Unistalling the app until you fix the button issue! Thank you.. no way to recover the Ball time is not enough player's have no space between them same for the Ball how you are going to get the ball when there is no control for it ?. Please update fulham squad, make sprint and skills/press it's own buttons. Update brighton squad, like you did with Newcastle, and please update the names of the Leicester city players and antwerp players, than giving them random names smh.

This is a amazing game really good the graphics are also good same too for the controls but I think they allow players to sign players I am getting frustrated using the same players so if they can add that I think this will be up they in the best. There's more to do like bringing intercontinental club competition like UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND EUROPA LEAGUE. But for now it's outstanding. I will be straight forward this game is fantastic but their are still more things to add to make more realistic like 1 Transfers 2 celebrations 3 select players for free kicks penalty kicks. Best game in the whole world but there is just one problem Can you please let there be transfer of players and that you can buy players in the game and maybe make the team names right not that old names of them Please If you can add that to the game Then 5 stars for you.

I will give it a 4 star rating because it pretty good and only need to improve by doing one thing add a retirement system in which players retire in club mode Also if possible no need tho but still if possible add a super team feature like what we do in fifa mobile.PLEASE REPLY. Work on celebration from players and improve the defensive control more especially when there is a corner. Please add narrator with the above mentioned I must say the game is enjoyable it just need to improve, thank you. The game is very cool but it has a problem I give it 3 stars because whenever you are leading they will fake a corner for your opponent to score . Gamenya bagus sih, cuman kenapa kiper lawan itu pasti bagus?! Sedangkan kiper aku pasti jelek bjir, woilah cik gak adil lah cok.

Nice game love the new update but pls try update some teams like Fulham, Brighton and some few others the game is really nice. Love this game the only complications I have is no commentary and transfer windows is not in this game please find way out to make this game sweeter. Pls add real logos and real kits in these game plz it would be become a popular game ever. Thank you.. This is a very interesting game it so fun to play and the graphics are out of this world,but I wish the opponents were more challengingall in all it is a great football, I love it.

This game contains loads of bugs and all matches are rigged against you. If you increase the difficultly it makes your players awful at tackling, dribbling and getting touches of the ball, whereas the opponent can intercept the ball while standing behind you and have magnetic shoes where they tackle and take the ball, whereas if you tackle the ball moves infront of them so they still have possession. This game has a lot of potential, it also needs a lot of work.. Poor graphics and weak game set up. I also have a problem with the bugs, really need to be fixed and also I don't understand how players don't get injured and feel any form of fatigue. The area of substitution need to be addressed because players get sub even during play when the ball is not out. Also I will prefer the addition of career mode to make transfers feasible..

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