NameReal Boxing 2
SizeVaries with device
ReleaseVivid Games S.A.

Real Boxing 2 – be a fighter and take part in a game based on the movie! Complete training under the guidance of boxing legend Rocky Balboa and get the championship title! Play as Creed and defend the honor of your name. Step into the ring as Adonis Johnson and lay claim to the boxing elite for your legacy.

Experience the real drive of fighting and winning in a fighting game. Challenge the strongest players from all over the world at any convenient time and in any game mode. Feel part of the exciting action. Knock out your opponents with classic and special attacks. Fight invincible bosses. Dare to engage in battle with a unique kind of opponent to take away their special equipment.

Develop your own fighting style. It will be difficult to win the title of a champion without improving strength, endurance, agility, and learning more effective techniques. Get access to many useful items. You have at your disposal unique equipment that improves the parameters of your fighter. Train with your friends. Find out who is the best boxer online.

Don’t forget the mini-games. Box Rocky Balboa for a chance to win great prizes in the daily lottery. Rate UNREAL ENGINE 4 technology. Become a participant in the most realistic fights thanks to excellent graphics. Important information: for best performance, the application is recommended to be installed on high-performance devices. Access to all game features depends on a permanent Internet connection.

Real Boxing 2 MOD

Fun & exciting game while waiting for the bus. On a Saturday laundry on my back. Ultraviolet rays like I'm posing for a shot In a magazine what the hell does it mean I'm a travelling man straight from the car I'm a thousand miles away from my number one fan My folks are getting tight won't let me out at night You can't avoid the complications When there's no reason at all When the right hand stikes we fly I'll drink my beer I'll wipe my tears Southbound in the sky. Shady! This game has some shady unreal actions. Functions will not activate at key moments. Subpar boxers get the upper hand when you're close to completing a task. Won a tournament days ago I still haven't received the winnings. Don't waste your money!. This game is what boxing shouldn't be this game is trash pay to win literally is pay to win too many ads you gotta pay diamonds or watch video just get up from the knock out you have to pay to get up is literally greedy mentality behind the game if ya want make your boxer to do progress then you have to pay for good good gears This game is really bad for a boxing game. Never come across a game with so many adverts and they're very long and sometimes multiple adverts, uninstall after an hour, go play ufc 2 now thats an amazing game. Developers always say its a free game thats why the adverts. But this many...sure!. Online fighting matchups are ridiculously mismatched. Everything's rigged so you're just under talented to even up on skills so you'll spend money to buy gold. Money grab! Enough is never enough...smdh. Will uninstall asap..

Real Boxing 2 APK

This game would be fire if it the lag didn't interfere the gameplay it randomly freezes whenever I play for 10 or 12 mins. Amazing but there are too many ads and there needs to be a exhibition mode where you can play as other boxers and if you win or lose they don't count as a lose or a win but overall pretty all right. Worse game I've ever played. It's worse then going to jail. The opponents keep blocking and my characters punches do 0 damage. If I could could give 0 stars I would!!. Love the concept hate the constant ads.the developers greed ruins the game making this promising game garbage.deleting right now well here it is a few months later and it's still an aggressive ad platform with 2nd chance blown the few moments of game play feels as old and worn out as the graphics used. so it's not fun at all. Deleting third chance..

Real Boxing 2 APK

Really love this game absolutely amazing. Hope they make a couple of adjustments though. Like when you win they not only put the round you won in but they also put the time that you won in or how long the fight was for. And I hope they put belts in it as well and you can qualify and fight for the belt and then win it and be champ and then have other fighters fight you for the belt. But not only that you get to see the belt on your character and in the entrance and when you win it or defend it.. As for me This game is the best in terms of fight or combat. So realistic and nice. Just try it if you are that fan of fighting. I give it 4 stars because nothing in the world is perfect. But this game is perfect for boxers.. Great overall experience and quality. A great overall boxing perspective. No knock off the real deal so mnay game modes and Controls that are used in boxing. It's a cool game , I recently purchased a subscription to see if the perks were worth getting, and it was decent until my subscription and money were gone after and the perks after a day I reached out to see what can be done no response..

Real Boxing 2 APK

If you knowyour ads are frustrating anybody I think you need to turn them down a little, but it sounds like you guys don't care and just focused on your ads. Fabulous game, probably one of, if not the best boxing game one can ever play, love the controls, the graphics, the career mode is fantastic, it's the real deal, could've been a 4/5 star rating but it has too many annoying ads. It is a good game i do not like the ads and i happens mid game and it is very annoying. It is pretty good game.. The game is above average, when you're actually playing. However, it also has an above average quantity and frequency of ads. Devs, you'd be better off selling cosmetic items or other variety of content for this game than with this ad model. It's the most enjoyable game of its type hands down. Unfortunately, inconsiderate ad practices are the one thing no amount of quality can offset imo..

Ads, ads and... Wait for it... Ads about paying to stop ads. Oh and more ads about ads. Can't really get anywhere in the game without sinking money into it.. Dont play this game, the ads on here are crazy they pop up every fights and you're forced to watch them even if u get k.o and want to get back up, each ad 30 seconds its irritating we cant skip the ads, worst game, Don't download this game.

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