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If you’re a fan of soccer games, then you actually cannot go fallacious right here. The gameplay is intense, the graphics are on par with consoles, and there are stay updates of participant stats that mirror their present place within the world leaderboard. This recreation has all the things the die-hard soccer fan might want for. Construct your group and end with different gamers worldwide to win the match and convey fame and glory to your group and followers.

With eFootball PES 2024, you’ll benefit from every participant’s distinctive expertise and playstyle. All due to enhancements in ball management and the best way you handle your gamers. Constructing the particular group has not been as essential as in eFootball PES 2024. There’s additionally a brand new dribbling type developed with Spaniard Andres Iniesta. These new options are all associated with managing the ba, ll, and the thought is to make every participant extra distinctive and particular. This provides individuality to the participant and thus makes you feel they’re extra priceless.

eFootball 2024 MOD

Opponents came with poor connection aka one rang system and they play like high connection and also lag cheating and hacking and also using VPN for easily win the match in every online matches day by day they just ruin the game play and win easily. Immediately take action against them Konami this company has No value for genuine Users.....Most important thing is Konami won't give our favourite players and Iconic boosters and if they give some players they Nerf all the players.This is pure evil.. Too much network issue in division matches... somtimes match server roading in your screen when gameplay in on..hate it... It's a pretty good game graphics and players body language are so realistic and fine gampaly. Thier events. We need lot of events to play and also give some great rewards for the users it will increase downloading the game.. Pls give, spec option like free fire to see our friends playing, it, nice, eg: give a option of spec and type thcode to see their match. I go for 4star review I love this game. But this game is not give us coins.please konami I request you for many coins.

eFootball 2024 APK

I don't know if my gameplay is bad, if the opponent is playing very well, or if the game itself is problematic. I've been having a very negative experience recently, especially after the recent update :(. Fix the unresponsive control. Often when i pushed the button or move the joystick, player just stop or not moving.. I feel like this game trying to make us pay more and more the only thing they care about is money. Good graphics but poor gaming, poor defense poor goalkeeping pass inaccuracy actually the game is total unrealistic compares to 2023 also is more favorable to the AI in refereeing who also plays totally unreal football. Playing against online users is like a joke some players cheat with antenna network to get results so try to consider high internet and the one plays with internet must lost the match.

eFootball 2024 APK

Hello developers why not ban or give penalty like 5 days to stop playing or months for player use tampering network to make opponents laggy when attack or defend I meet a lot player use this trick can you make something or just banned the account I'm totally frustrated to meet opponents like this . The game is becoming trash day after day for many reasons . Scripts , server lagging , stupid faults happened during game , second thing the game in 2024 is only for the rish people plus then that lack of coins in the on-line events. Please Konami give me the epic David Beckham.Hope you see this In this mail id which I'm posting the review. No free packs for poster only by coins and little coins were given to us . We are in Ramadan there must be new events not as the previous.

eFootball 2024 APK

Why did you take away the fun of the game? Only those who pay will enjoy. We miss the old PES. Poor services and most importantly still repeating the same 2 or 3 exteamly boring events.. you can't grind coins or collect different cards as f2p.. they'll give you all the same card and that's it... no new rewards or objectives or packs ... the same game for 3 4 months with no new events or improvements .. and oh there's a efootball points market with no updates since forever no kits no players NOTHING!! I CAN STILL SAY MORE but that's enough It's a disappointing game.. The game is awesome but I can't sing my account in other devices and that's bad I grind so much but after I had new phone I can't share my data make it simple broooooo. 10 days on a row I can't make a single pass, I use pirlo 102 modric 99 Nakamura messi 105 gerson with 95 pass and schools and I can't do a single pass not even short pass the players look drunk when they pass and I can't block the opponent passes with any player in my team except the back 3 DMF and both the CBs and I can't block any through passes from the sides every time I try to move the players to block a pass they slow down and take a nutmeg automatically. I can't stand it ,I play from 2017.

The game has become very bad, especially in events, luck, and the scarcity of player cards and packages. I will have to stop playing this ridiculous game.. E football game nice gem is reprieve is game that not reprieve is game of reprieve games on the switch. I like this game but I gave 3 stars because when I playing I noticed players can't do skills it very difficult to do player skill Can't dribble with skill. You guys should do something about that and when joystick is changed fixed sometimes it miss like error. So please make it easier to dribble with skills . And give more coin because some people are poor.Thank you very much.. shoud be crowned as most pathetic game of the century. Everyone should boycott this dump game. deserve zero star in ratings. Game server is running by idiots. Terrible match making. Takes almost half an hour to start a match. This game should be banned..

Online match very poor quality & hang this device, In this game, I am demanding the update of custom like vs matches I have a request for you I won't tell anyone about it please konami help me make an iconic idI need a lot of iconic players plz plz plzzzz . Worst game for scripting on of my biggest mistake was to download this game do not download it scripting will destroy you. Bad reward bad events zero motivation to keep playing the game u need more events +good rewards for playing not just buying make more stuff for f2p ppl. Updates are going from bad to worse, no new additions, no new packages, no free legends, the game has become very bad..

Script. no events bad game very bad game unfair game bad server very bad server. If there is a rating less than a star, it is not worth it. The game currently is horrendous. No control over the players. Players are lazy to run. Ai matches are so tough to beat honestly. Please improve.. The new my league feature is honestly good but WHAT F-ING BUISNESS DOES EVERTON HAVE BEATING ME 4:0 Key fixtures are absolutely rigged, 100 rated messi missing clear chances when onana is scoring bangers from outside the box against a 95 rated alisson This needs to be fixed cuz its absolutely infuriating, the legend difficulty level will never be as difficult if MY PLAYERS CAN COMPLETE SIMPLE PASSES!!!!!!! I love this game, dont ruin it for me. The graphics are nice making the game very interesting to play. It's realistic state makes it amazing. It is a game which everyone must play..

It is one of the worst time periods for the game PES, due to the lack of respect for the Islamic months and the lack of events for Ramadan and for Muslims. Most of the users of the game are Muslims, and the game has become a game for money, not played for fun and excitement. What is the best period for the game PES 2020? It is the best period.. If i get in higher division they script or something my shoot just got saved by keeper or bounce or the bar they are just rigid fcuk you efootball. Give the game more details like new stadiums, substitution animation and line up for matches. Input new adboards as well with score boards. Even weather. The game is going from bad to worse. There are no new events. It has become boring. The game just wants us to charge..

It's good but bad at the same time. There are no big or small events. The game is just money Pay you win. The worst version of the game Konami, you have come to love money more than playing the game for users. When you stop this type of blackmail to buy coins, we will not play this corrupt game of yours. We want a game, not trade.. My league mode is awful. I was expecting a better experience with this game mode. I would also like an improvement in the AI, cos I don't understand how I keep losing to team way lower than me a lot.

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