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As youngsters, we wrestle with our siblings and emulate the particular strikes we saw from our favorite stars. These are some enjoyable occasions you’d like to convey again, proper? In Wrestling Empire, you might have the flexibility to create your star to rule the wrestling world! Create probably the most thrilling battles in opposition to the professionals.

Wrestling Empire MOD

Best wrestling game on the market. Mdickie has had this space owned for a while but keeps pace with this game making it to where not only can you be a wrestler but now you can also be a booker without losing all your progress being a wrestler now too. This alone to me gives it 5 stars but this game has so much more depth compared to his passed games (which are all 5 stars games too). Thanks for all the childhood memories and even gameplay to this day. Mdickie is the GOAT. No other games like it. Hands down the best wrestling game for mobile in my opinion at least but mdickie WHERE IS OLD SCHOOL FOR MOBILE PLZ REPLY AND WRESTLING EMPIRE IS AWESOME. I gave it a 4 star rating because i like it but please they should work on the graphics and the sound effect and the way they talk we should be able to hear it and please the wrestlers should have family and cars and houses atleast because the wrestlers in the game should have something to buy apart from food please these things should be added in the next update and they should add new moves like make the spear better and knock out punch and other new moves and clothing and also jewelries. I play this game i like it's very much but you have to change the settings in wrestler you take real the rock real thanks you have to download this game. I love my experience with this,but every time I move to another promotion, I have to relinquish the title that I held from the last promotion. Try to change that. But everything else, just perfect..

Wrestling Empire APK

this game is the best game i played on mobile for wrestling . Creater of this game please add police to the game it will be awsome. Nice wrestling game without the taste of wwe. But i love the kind of play. I would recomment iconic stars like undertaker brock lesnar gets an entrance costume and get changed when in time of fight . That coupd be a nice one .. I love the game but the commentertors don't talk and am Eric silva and I went for bookings career when I came back to play the l was been changed to another person and I restored changes so please let me know what happened. Wow awesome game. Definitely the best md game. I would like it if they brought back the option to choose song from ur files for the theme song and also if u could make the plane actually take u to places. Also add a feature where my character can wear two belts and still grab items. It would also be nice if u could make our character have a personal life.Also make an online mode so that u and ur friend can play by typing a specific code.

Wrestling Empire APK

This is the best mdickie game. I like the way it is arranged. I've been playing it for years. I've also been downloading it when my other phones have spoilt. But I have to give it four stars because mdickie need to improve their graphics.. Very good game.But like id there was a replay or somethingvlike that it would be a ,5star.though it is a very good game and i recomend it if someone is searching for a good wrestling game. This is the best wrestling game i have ever played but my problem with the game is why they don't have a live event like summer slam, Backlash and more. Great game thank you. But I just wished the wrestling character like the rock or John Cena was in where you can fight them and that stuff but overall good game it's really great game.

Wrestling Empire APK

This game is now nonsense it is very slow !!!!! I mean slow!!!! Work on that I still like the old wrestling game more that this because the characters moves fast not like this snail please work on it then I'll give you guys 5. Please let this game have WrestleMania emilation chamber WrestleMania backlash crown jewel raw smackdown extreme rules and money in the bank. Would've giving it five star but the game needs some features like things to spend your money on like buy houses car.because what's the use of money when u can't spend for the vendor for buying food u should be able to chose what u want to buy instead of it coming out automatically the game would be perfect and the popularity should increase normal and not take time to increase and they should have voices and they need to add some guid on how to reverse a move it's hard to reverse at times. Nice game! This is the best game ever, i love roaming. bullying characters and doin a wrestling fight XD. This game is fun the only reason why i rate it. I just want to ask why the update is taking too long to be released... Why?.

It would be zero stars if I could rate how I truly feel about it. The game does everything it can to cheat. Uninstalled. . The best game ever if i Play the game and reach extribution they give me like 36m thanks for listening bye. The game is amazing but can you add more championships and an undisputed champion then divide the divisions in to 2 with a men's and women's division. In the database please make unlimited options no 1 to 10 and add longest title reigns in the database. The referee needs to be more inconspicuous they usually stand in front of the camera, making it difficult to play with comfort. Or they sometimes roll out of the ring and spectate the match from outside. They need to stand at a distance from the wrestlers and should ave no interaction at all with props in hardcore match..

I like the game very much. It need some new moves like stormbreaker, 619, twist of fate, and other submission moves.. I DON'T GIVE US FIVE STAR THAT GAME BECAUSE SOMETHING IS MISSING IN THIS GAME LIKE ROMAN REIGNS CHARACTER WITH ALL HIS MOVES, PLEASE ADD SOLO SIKOA IN THIS GAME HER SAMOAN SPIKE IS ALSO ADDED IN THIS GAME . YOU ADDED THE WHOLE BLOODLINE IN THIS GAME .YOU ALSO ADD STORY MODE ON THIS GAME AND ALSO ADD MANY MORE CHARACTERS IN THIS GAME . IN STORY MODE YOU ADD NEW TITLE INTRODUCTION, NEW PLAYER INTRODUCTION, NEW DRAFT PICK AND WRESTLERS CHAMPIONSHIP REIGN CELEBRATION FULL SCENE.LIKE ROMAN1000 DAYS. It is so so good i played it in years when im was kinder and now im grade 5 it so much prettier tahn i thought. The game is good but we need to have choice with when we talk with our team mangers and no clearly indipend fight that we want.

Good, lost of fun. My only wish is that there were more wrestling moves and real world finishers to give characters. Add more moves please. I should have rated it 5 but l wish I can Purchase u know buildings,cars,plane, besides what are the money for....I wish I they were cars and bike in the game, the airport why can't I wish another country.... Lastly why are they not relationship like girlfriends. Alright what's the point of free roam if we don't get to free roam... Sleeping wakes us up 1 hour before our match instead of in the morning or at least around 5 hours after the time we slept. I don't get to do anything. I get Forced to go to sleep, then forced to fight my match and forced to go to sleep again. Absolutely no free roam. This game is the best. But i am actually trying to download it and it is not working so please producers of the game try aand make it work please it is the best wrestling game i have ever downloaded i don't want to miss it.

I really like this game but add some new moves like ,pop pop Spear , 619 , superman punch , Samoan spike , ko punch and we can store finisher and whenever we want we can give our finisher that's why I am giving 2 star.. 1>The basic move of half a character is the same. 2>Impact's sound is absolutely useless. 3> No matter how much you hit with the weapon, the opponent does not care. 4> If you attack the opponent, he stands up immediately.. This is d best wrestling game I've ever play , but can you guys pls make them talk with sounds too. This is so good game but all the sqwral are not in a gi in a good game and smarty and son is the only way of my name and smarty and forth Lo de de la de la de la Cruz ka and son of my life game but I phone lon in the only one day is so much better to the only one and smarty and forth Lo green is the best of you I have to be damege by the only way of my life game but you I have a good time and consideration of my life game is so much like you are so good to the sqwral of you I have to be a gi in.

The game is awesome, great and wonderful to play. Just that my only problem is the game is slow when you are in the ring but fast backstage. Hope that they can do something next update. Hello Mat dickie can u add more hair styles like long hair but the side is buzz cut and add more rosters and make the fans popularity up to 2000 plz . Please my company is in debt wrestling revolution how do I get out and I love the game so much so I give 5 . Great game, the graphics are cool and I just love roaming and exploring the city , but the reason why I gave it 4 stars is that 1: there supposed to have there own voices 2: Where are the cars man there no cars? 3: when ur randomly roaming and out of the bloom someone attacks u for no good reason 4: and why is our hotel so small where supposed to have a house 5: where supposed to be able to take a shower man and brush our teeth 6: the game speed is soooooooo slow. So that all so duh.

Please add more location, cars and other vehicles, please add the feature to change clothes inside the bathroom and under shower. And if you can then add the Airoplane slam (over the shoulder swing slam) used mostly by Dara Singh and mounted punches on a tall guy when he is in standing position available.. THE GAME IS SO NICE TO THE EXTEND THAT I HAVE FELL INLOVE WITH THE GAME I HAVE GOTTEN SO MUCH MONEY AM AROUND 2,456,568 $. I love it but there's a glitch maybe it's just my phone but the characters move in more of an 8-bit motion then normal and it makes the game unplayable sometimes. Sorry to like interrupt u or something if ur busy, but what if u had an online mode in Wrestling Empire like everything would be the same as playing career mode, but u play career mode online with actual ppl like yknow how u go backstage and explore and alot of ppl walk around what if instead of it being offline them characters are all online ppl walkin around and ur normal matches would be against online ppl and u could form teams and u could play with friends and stuff.

Make the movement and graphics look more like wrestling Revolution 3D then add maybe bluetooth or internet connection for online and offline multiplayer, we need more titles though i love the fact you finally brought a women's title and more scripts and probably some title intro like "The Game Ripper Ace" etc..... Good game overall.

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